Point Prometheus Walkthrough: Level 13 of Bioshock for the PC

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Point Prometheus

As the Bathysphere stops you’ll see Fontaine. Head through the next couple of rooms and you’ll see him again as he activates some security bots.

When the door opens, hack or destroy them and chase Fontaine into the main hall where he will escape through a door on the right. You now have to pretend to be a Big Daddy so a Little Sister will open the door for you. Follow Tenenbaum’s instructions. You’ll find a Suit Control System on a Big Daddy corpse here, head right and go through either door, kill the splicers and security bots then go through the door marked Little Wonders

Little Wonders

There are two machine gun turrets through the windows to your right as you enter, deal with them and then climb through the window and through the next door. There’s a circular hall, grab pick ups from the rooms watching out for the odd splicer. In a room off to the right there’s a security camera and then the Safecracker 2 tonic and at the back of the room the Big Daddy Pheromone Sample, once you find them kill the Big Daddy who is patrolling around. Go back to the circular hall and follow it round to the stairs which will take you to the balcony.


As you come round to the left, you’ll find another Big Daddy Pheromone Sample. Pick up an audio log next to it on the third desk. As you proceed, you’ll find another sample. Now, you have the three you need.

Head back to the main hall and go through the door on the right of the Circus of Values machine. There is a security camera immediately inside. Hack or disable it and proceed left to hack a rocket turret. Take the door that says Optimized Eugenics.

Optimized Eugenics

There is a camera straight ahead and a Big Daddy wandering around. Take them both out.

Go into the room on the right labelled Live Subject Testing. Go up the stairs and through the door on your right.

Grab the Alarm Expert 2 tonic and use the Voice Modification Machine. As you leave the room, watch out for three Splicers playing dead. There are a few other rooms you can explore for extra pick ups but none are required, each room has turrets. When you are ready, follow the arrow to the door marked Failsafe Armored Escorts and take either entrance.

Failsafe Armored Escorts

Hack the sentry bots on the floor and go down the hall and through the door that says Candidate Conversion. There’s a machine gun turret off to the left and a rocket turret to the right.

When they’re dealt with, go to the back of the room to find an audio log which will tell you about the boots. Go through the next door, past the oil slick, over the railing and up the stairs to find the Big Daddy body suits.

Grab one and go through the door marked Candidate Induction. You can grab a helmet in here, watch out for spider splicers though, you can use the water on the floor to electrocute them. Exit the room, turn right and go to the main hall then take the door marked Mendel Memorial Library.

Mendel Memorial Library

There is a security camera to your right as you enter and a machine gun turret in the hallway to the left of the camera. Head into the next room and grab the boots and the Damage Research 2 tonic, watch out for more spider splicers in here. Once it is clear exit and turn left down the stairs. You now look, smell and sound like a Big Daddy, hit the vent at the bottom of the stairs with your wrench and a Little Sister will come out, follow her as she opens the door for you and go through.

Proving Grounds

The whole point of this stage is to act as a Big Daddy would and protect the Little Sisters. If one dies, you can bang on the nearest vent and a new one will escort you. Follow the Little Sister through a door.

Ignore the fight below and follow her through the next door. Protect her from splicers in this corridor and hack the security camera above the Test Subject sign, fight off more splicers and then follow her again.

At the end of the hall hack the sentry bot, follow the Little Sister through and hack the security camera on the left and the flamethrower turret further down the hall, go back and protect the Little Sister who will be extracting Adam from the Test Subject 2. Follow her onwards and turn right at the flamethrower turret. Go ahead and hack the machine gun turret then she’ll open another door for you.


Ignore the Big Daddy and go ahead to hack the machine gun turret up on the right. As you approach the Gene Bank, watch out for a rocket turret to the left and go and hack it. As you come through the next door, there is a security camera immediately to your left.

Head through the hallway filled with water and watch out for splicers popping up. Try to stay in front of the Little Sister. Head up the stairs and turn right to kill more splicers and find Test Subject 3. There’s a machine gun turret opposite the sign and a security camera beyond it.

You can also use the Health Station here. Protect the Little Sister from splicers as she extracts Adam then follow her down the hall. As you turn right at the end a Big Daddy will burst through the wall, take him out and follow her through the door. Take the next door on your right and when the Little Sister disappears stock up for the final battle before entering the elevator to exit this level.


As you exit the elevator for your final showdown, you’ll see Fontaine in a machine ahead of you. He has four vials of Adam you can see on the HUD which need to be taken away. Run up the stairs and use the needle the Little Sister gave you to wipe out the first vial, Fontaine will burst free and swat you away.

Side step his plasmid attacks and pour everything you have into him, if you get too close he will punch you. Eventually he’ll teleport back into the machine and you can run up and stick him with the needle again to take away another vial.

He’ll pop out of the machine for another round of fighting. This time some sentry bots will join the fight and he’ll use different plasmids. You can lure him into the water at the back of the room and use your Electro Bolt if you run low on ammo. Once again when his health fails he’ll teleport into the machine and you can take away another vial with the needle.

As he springs back out for the final attack watch out for splicers attacking. Use everything you have, there are also oil slicks you can ignite. This time when he goes back to the machine, stick him with the needle to trigger the final cut scene and you have completed the game.

Well done!

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