Bioshock Walkthrough: Neptune's Bounty Level 3 of Bioshock for the PC

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Neptune’s Bounty - Lower Wharf

Follow the arrow and grab the pick ups scattered around as you make your way to the Lower Wharf. When you enter, you’ll see a Big Daddy and a Little Sister walking along in front of you, stay where you are and watch the fight unfold as the Big Daddy takes out the Splicers above.

You can either try to go under the dock platform and hack the turrets to help you or stay on the platform and use your Telekinesis plasmid to throw explosive canisters at him. This Big Daddy will fire back at you with a nasty rivet gun, so be ready to dodge behind cover.

Once he’s down, rescue or kill the Little Sister. If you’ve been saving the sisters, Tenenbaum will tell you there is a reward at the next Gatherer’s Garden. Grab the Medical Expert tonic in the centre of the room and take out any Splicers that spawn in before going through the door on the right labelled Fontaine Fisheries. Take out the Splicers that attack and zap and hack the rocket turret which is on the pile of junk to your right. You’ll also find the Gatherer’s Garden here with a Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid which is your reward for saving three Little Sisters. Go through the door behind the rocket turret.

Fontaine Fisheries

Grab the pick ups scattered around in here and bang on the door with your wrench. Peach Wilkins will ask you to go and get the research camera, when he does the female Spider Splicer behind you will drop down and attack. Fight her until she runs away, Wilkins will send a sentry to help and then grab the Grenade Launcher from the conveyor belt to the right of the door. Follow the arrow back through the Lower Wharf and through a gate that is now open. Kill the Splicers that attack and continue to the Upper Wharf.

Fontaine Fisheries

You’ll run into a Big Daddy and Little Sister. Take out the Big Daddy and deal with the Sister. There’s a rocket turret a bit further on that you can hack and use to help if you want. Smash the lock and go through the gate, just past the vending machine there’s a security camera and then another one a bit further on, destroy the first one and hack the second. Head up the stairs and you’ll find the Wharfmaster’s Office.

Wharfmaster’s Office

The office is filled with turrets and security cameras so proceed with extreme caution. Enter the room and take out the machine gun turret dead ahead then turn right, zap and hack the rocket turret in the corner. Then hack another rocket turret and a security camera back in the central corridor. You can crouch to enter the vent and access a barricaded office for pick ups. Once you’re done come back out and smash the lock to proceed through the gate where you’ll find another vent. Go through, grab pick ups and proceed down the hall on the right towards the next room.

Interrogation Chambers

Grab the camera off the desk and Wilkins will tell you he wants pictures of the Spider Splicers. There should be one on the glass in the room that you are in so take a shot of him before exiting. Sadly you can’t take three shots of the same one so go back down the hall and there will be an explosion. Kill the flaming Splicer and walk up to the hole created by the explosion grab the Security Bullseye plasmid and use it on the Splicer below before jumping down and hacking the camera. Go through the door and grab pick ups before following signs for Jet Postal. Hack the security camera that pops up on your right and take out the Splicers then head through the next door.

Jet Postal

Take out the Splicers and grab the pick ups and then head into the next room where there’s another Spider Splicer, take a picture of her. You can kill her first and then take a picture of the corpse if you prefer. Take out the security camera on your left and collect the pick ups then head back to the hallway. Go through the door and into Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern.

Fighting McDonagh’s Tavern

You should find more Splicers and another Spider Splicer to photograph. You can go up the stairs and enter the room at the far end of the hall which will trigger a Spider Splicer behind you. There are various adjacent rooms with pick ups and you can move some crates to access a hidden crawlspace just watch out for the turret inside. There are also a few more Splicers dotted around. Now that you have all the photos follow the arrow back to the Lower Wharf, watch out for the odd Splicer along the way.

Fontaine Fisheries

Back at Peach Wilkins door knock and he’ll let you in. Drop your weapons as instructed and use the Gene Bank before melting the ice for a Focused Hacker tonic. As soon as you continue into the next room Peach and some of his Splicer buddies will attack you. There is a security camera round to the right. Use your plasmids to take out the Splicers and fire the bombs that Peach throws back at him with your Telekinesis plasmid. There’s also an oil slick on the floor that you can ignite.

Any enemies on fire will run for the pool of water so you can zap them with Electro Bolt. Once they are dead, hack or destroy the security camera on the right and watch out for the machine gun turret at the back of the room. You can melt the ice blocking the various vaults with the Incinerate plasmid and you’ll find some pick ups. Head back the way you came in and grab your weapons then go down stairs.

Fontaine Fisheries

Use the weapon upgrade machine but choose carefully - after you use it the machine will shut down permanently. The vault on the left has a couple of Splicers in it and a safe you can hack. Melt the ice on the vault to the right and enter for a ghost scene. Melt the ice on the far wall and proceed through the hole to complete this level.

Smuggler’s Hideout - Flooded Cave

You start the level in a flooded cave; proceed through to the first cavern where you’ll find a Vita Chamber. Go through the water to the left of the chamber and follow the passage round, go through the chamber beyond and turn left to walk up a slight incline into a storage cave. At the back of the cave behind some crates there is a machine gun turret, destroy it or zap it and hack it and grab the pick ups nearby including an audio log. Proceed down through the adjacent tunnel towards the Submarine Bay.

Fontaine Fisheries

Work your way along through the wreckage. Atlas will ask you to hit a switch so make your way towards it. Smash the padlock on the gate when you reach it and turn left to find the control panel. When you activate the control panel you’ll be locked in the booth.

You’ll see Atlas down below as he scurries through the door and works on a panel oblivious to the threat above. There is nothing you can do here so just watch what happens. After the attack, you’ll find the door to your left has opened.

Grab the explosive cylinder and turn left into the corridor using it to blast away a Splicer. There is a medical station on your left and then a Splicer to your left and one straight ahead. You can set the area to the left on fire. As you come down a series of wooden walkways you’ll be attacked by another two Splicers as you turn left towards the submarine.

On your right you’ll pass a locked gate, smash the padlock to go inside and grab some extra pick ups, an audio log and some cash. You’ll also find another exploding cylinder which you can pick up with Telekinesis and fire at the next Splicer back in the corridor. When you reach the submarine, it will explode dramatically. Search for pick ups scattered around here on corpses and then continue to follow the arrow. It will lead you to the bulkhead door and you have completed this level.

Fontaine Fisheries

Follow the corridor round over the crates, grabbing the pick ups along the way until you reach a padlocked door. Smash the padlock and enter the Tea Garden. The first door you come to has a torch on the left which is lit, if you use Incinerate to light the right one the door will open and you can collect some goodies. Head over the bridge, grab the pick ups scattered around and you’ll trigger a ghost scene. Continue following the arrow and take the door on the right, get your research camera ready and you’ll be able to snap a shot of a Houdini Splicer. Head straight up the corridor and grab the pick ups, you’ll see the Houdini Splicer above you now so chase him, search the area for more pick ups before taking the stairs up. He’ll keep teleporting away so continue chasing and kill him when you reach the room at the top.

Search for pick ups including an audio diary. There is a hidden secret area to your right and as you come out another Splicer to kill. As you come through the next door there’s a bridge and another Splicer ahead, watch out for a Splicer up to your right on a balcony as you cross. There’s a machine gun turret to your right as you enter the next room and another two Splicers wandering around. When you’ve dealt with them use the health station and grab the pick ups. There’s another secret entrance behind the gun turret which leads up the balcony you saw from the bridge. There is also a malfunctioning switch to zap and another hidden area which you can search for more pick ups. Go through the hidden crouch area using the other door and you’ll see a Thug Splicer, use his body to deactivate the laser tripwires and proceed. Kill another couple of Splicers and go through the door to Arcadia Glens. If you keep taking pictures of the Splicers you’ll be rewarded with tonics.

Fontaine Fisheries

You’ll see a Splicer getting killed as you enter; head right for a U-Invent station and then go back the other way. As you come into the next area there is a Big Daddy and a Little Sister, let him take care of the Splicers in this area and head past to the right where you’ll find a Gatherer’s Garden. A bit further on round the corridor there’s a security camera to your left to take out. Now kill the Big Daddy and choose what to do with the Little Sister.

Arcadia Part 2 - Waterfall Grotto

If you want to grab some more goodies then head to the Waterfall Grotto. Take out the laser tripwires using Telekinesis and quickly hack or destroy the turret at the bottom of the stairs. There’s another turret to the right with a security camera and yet another turret further along. There is also a turret in the secret area. You’ll be coming back here later but for now head to Rolling Hills.

Fontaine Fisheries

Head down into Rolling Hills and hack the rocket turret behind the middle tree. There may be some Splicers around as well and a Big Daddy will turn up. Wait for him to call the Little Sister and then kill him and then save or kill her. Head along the passage the Big Daddy emerged from and as you approach the Metro the door will lock and you’ll have to divert to the Research Laboratory. Watch out for the security camera above the door and then enter. You’ll meet Professor Langford inside and she’ll send you back to grab some Rosa Gallica. As you backtrack you’ll run into a group of Splicers fighting, finish them off and grab the Security Evasion tonic. Follow the arrow back to the Waterfall Grotto and grab the Rosa Gallica from beside the spinning water wheel and then head back to Professor Langford.

Fontaine Fisheries

Search the laboratories for pick ups including a Hacking Expert tonic and then enter Langford’s office. As you approach the office it will fill with gas. When it finally opens, enter. Use the number on the glass (9457) to open a safe hidden behind a picture of a flower on her office wall. You’ll find the key to the Farmer’s Market inside and an audio diary. You’ll also find an audio diary on Langford’s body and chemical thrower on the table. You now need to invent the Lazarus Vector. You’ll need 7 units of distilled water and 7 enzyme samples.

It’s time to go to the Farmer’s Market. Be careful as you exit the office because the security system will now be hostile, there’s a turret and a security camera in the first room and then another turret. Hack as much as you can and follow the arrow to Tree Farm. Before you go through the door you can use the Weapon Upgrade station off to the right. There are a few Splicers as you go through the door, kill them and follow the sign for the Farmer’s Market to complete the level.

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