Walkthrough of Farmer's Market, Level 6 of Bioshock for the PC

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Farmer’s Market

As you enter the level, search the first corpse you find to pick up your first Enzyme sample and pick up the audio log before proceeding through the door.

Follow the tunnel round and enter the Farmer’s Market. You’ll see a Houdini Splicer who will probably be killed by the rocket turret off to the right. Go and hack the turret and then head back past the Cheese Shop where you’ll find a security camera round to the right, near the ceiling.

You can use the oil slick to burn a Splicer and then take out the turret in the Meat shop before grabbing all the pick ups. Through the next door you’ll run into a Big Daddy and Little Sister. Let the Big Daddy kill the Splicer before taking him out. There are explosive cylinders you can use to make the fight go easier. Watch out for a security camera in the shop ahead and more Splicers as you search for pick ups, there are some hidden areas here too.


Go through the door and use the health station on your left then go down the stairs on the right where a group of Thug Splicers will attack you. You’ll find a tonic and some other pick ups and another two Splicers will spawn in as you explore this area. There are various pick ups and more Splicers to kill as you explore the rooms off this main courtyard and you should find some distilled water as well. Once you’ve cleared the area follow the arrow back up the stairs and take the door next to the Silverwing Apiary sign grabbing the water and audio log on the floor before you enter.

Silverwing Apiary

Run round the glass tunnel and take out the Splicer before entering the door on the left. You’ll see a Splicer being killed by bees. Kill the insects that come after you.

Use the Gatherer’s Garden on the left and grab the audio log off the desk. Be careful not to touch the bee hives in here or you’ll be attacked. Go through the door behind the desk and there are two smoke controls. When you turn them on the room fills with smoke and you can investigate the beehives to grab enzyme samples without the bees attacking you. Be careful though because the smoke machine will turn off eventually and you’ll need to retrigger it. Also each time you investigate a beehive a Splicer will enter and attack you. Once you have 7 Enzyme samples you can head back the way you came and follow the arrow to the Winery through the glass tunnel turning left at the oil slick.

Farmer’s Market 2 - Worley Winery

Make a left. As you enter, you’ll see a health station and then a security camera on your right with a turret behind it.

Deal with them and search for pick ups. You should find two units of distilled water in the safe and another on the ground. There’s also an audio log on one of the tables off to the right.

When you’re ready, follow the arrow to some stairs and you’ll see another unit of distilled water balanced on the rafters above. Watch out for the electrified tripwire as you descend. Search around the last few units of distilled water you need, kill the Splicers and proceed to the U-Invent machine to make a Lazarus Vector. Now backtrack to the Farmer’s Market entrance and you are done with this level.

Return to Arcadia

As you enter, Ryan will set a group of security bots on you. You can just run for it if you like, hack one of them to help you, or just destroy them with the electro plasmid and wrench or the shotgun. Once the bots are dealt with and the alarm stops you need to go back to the Research Laboratory. You might encounter a couple of Splicers along the way.

Research Laboratory

Head into the office where Professor Langford died and insert the Lazarus Vector into the control panel near the window. As you head back towards the exit to the labs, Ryan sends a wave of Splicers after you.

You need to hit the switch next to the desk at the entrance to buy yourself some time and temporarily seal the area. Check the tube where you dropped your weapons in the level earlier to re-arm yourself. The enemies will come in waves and inevitably break through the reinforced door. If you hacked the security in here earlier, that will help.

The Lazarus Vector will continue to update and you need to keep fighting off the Splicers until it is ready. When it is ready run back into the office and hit the switch on the control panel, the Lazarus Vector will be released. Follow the arrow out and into the Rapture Metro and enter the Bathysphere to complete this level.

Fort Frolic - Rapture Metro

Head to the Hephaestus Bathysphere as instructed but when you reach it the Bathysphere will shoot off and Sander Cohen will contact you. As you go back into the previous room watch out for electrified wire traps and Spider Splicers on the ceiling. Clear the room carefully and head for the Atrium. Climb the central staircase and grab the audio log before entering the door for Fleet Hall.

Fleet Hall

Follow the arrow to the bar and hack the security camera above it. Now enter the elevator on the left, watch out for Splicers as you call it, and proceed to the theater. Let the performance unfold and then photograph the pianist as instructed. You can search around for pick ups including an Alarm Expert tonic on one of the balconies just keep an eye out for Houdini Splicers.

Watch out for turrets as you exit the theater and return to the Atrium. Head down to the sculptures at the foot of the stairs and place the photo in the frame as instructed, you’ll now be awarded a crossbow and told to hunt down Martin Finnegan. Go back up the stairs turn right at Fleet Hall, use the Gatherer’s Garden you pass and head into the Poseidon Plaza on your left.

Frozen Corridor

Collect the frozen audio log and head into the next room ignoring the frozen enemies. You’ll freeze, but don’t worry. When your control returns, Finnegan will be at the end of the hall on your left.

He’s pretending to be frozen. Kill him and photograph the body before looting his corpse for a Frozen Field tonic.

Head back to the Atrium and place his photo in one of the empty frames. A Big Daddy and Little Sister will enter, as usual let the Big Daddy take out the Splicers before you attack him and save or destroy the Little Sister. Now return to the Frozen Corridor and melt the ice in the room where you killed Finnegan to reveal a door.

Poseidon Plaza

Watch out for loads of Spider Splicers on the ceiling as you enter. Try not to break the display glass or you’ll be attacked by sentry bots. Take the staircase up to Rapture Records and go inside then take the stairs down to the floor below. There will be an explosion as you approach the ticking body so don’t get too close.

As Spider Splicers attack you’ll see your target, Silas Cobb, running out of a door on the level above. Crawl through the vent to the left of the window and head back up to find Silas. Use your Telekinesis plasmid to throw his bombs back and kill him. Take a photograph of his corpse and then go back down enter the area called Sinclair Spirits, hit the switch behind the counter to open a room and find a weapon upgrade station, watch out for the Spider Splicer that appears.

You can also take the stairs down to find another tonic but you’ll have to kill more Spider Splicers if you do. Whenever you are done with this area return to the Atrium and place the photo of Cobb in an empty frame. You’ll be attacked by some Splicers, kill them all and you’ll get another reward from Cohen. Hector Rodriguez is the next target and you’ll find him in Eve’s Garden.

Eve’s Garden

As you enter go through the door on your left and down the stairs. Jump on to the stage to trigger a ghost scene and proceed down the passage at the back go through the door at the end and grab the audio log and pick ups then return to the stage. You’ll see Rodriguez at the bar, kill him and take a picture of his corpse before returning to the Atrium and placing it into an empty frame. This will trigger the finale of this level.


Cohen will come down the stairs and open a glass case for you, grab the Medical Expert 2 tonic inside. Kill Cohen and any other Splicers that appear and search his corpse for a key, you can now open the other glass case. You can also go back to Fleet Hall and take the stairs up to Cohen’s room for an audio diary and another tonic. When you are finished follow the arrow back to the Bathysphere and enter to complete this level.

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