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Grab the pick ups in the Metro and head up the stairs and through the door. Atlas wants you to go after Ryan, follow the arrow as directed and part of the way along the glass tunnel. Where it opens out, you’ll bump into a couple of Splicers.

Take the right passage and enter the next door towards Ryan’s office. Go through the corridor and into the next room to take out a Splicer on your right.

Go up the stairs on the left and hack a turret to your right. In the left corner, you’ll find an audio log next to the Circus of Values machine. Grab the nearby pickups and follow the arrow up the corridor.

Keep following the signs for Ryan’s office. Grab the pick ups along the way, including an audio log by the Vita Chamber and the grenade launcher in the table in the middle of this room. Go up the stairs and take out the security camera above the next door.

Central Control

Head through the door and turn left into a long corridor with corpses hanging on either side. Search the area and the corpses for pick ups. One of the corpses has an audio log which will instruct you. Go past the statue of Ryan and pull the circuit breaker lever. When you do quickly turn around and watch the door on the left as Splicers break their way through, take them out and go through the door. Go through the water past a Big Daddy corpse and enter the Hephaestus Core.

Hephaestus Core

Take the door on the left and you’ll see a Big Daddy and Little Sister. Let him kill the Splicer and then waste him and decide what to do with the leftover Little Sister. Grab an audio log from beside the Vita Chamber and then destroy the security camera below, which you can see from the railing opposite the Vita Chamber.

Head down the stairs and mop up the pick ups and use the stations if you want to, there are a few Splicers dotted around. When you are ready follow the arrow and enter the Heat Loss Monitoring room.

Heat Loss Monitoring

As you enter the machinery room the lights will flicker and go off.

Towards the end of the room you’ll see some Splicers pretending to be corpses. Head through the next door and turn right, take out the Big Daddy when you see him and save the Little Sister. There are various pick ups in the room, including some hidden under the stairs, watch out for more Splicers playing dead.

Follow the arrow down some stairs and grab the audio log and tonic off the desk on your left when you reach the bottom. Go back up the stairs and walk up to the electrified water.

If you walk along the left platform, a ghost scene will play. Make sure you hack the control panel on the left to turn off the electricity before entering the water to collect more pick ups. When you are done follow the arrow back to the Hephaestus Core and take the stairs to the right and go through the door to the Workshops.

Hephaestus Part 2 - The Workshops

Kill the Splicers, grab the pick ups and hack the turret through in the room to your right and check out the Australia Day Poster (the date is a code you can use later) then follow the Big Daddy down the stairs. When the Little Sister emerges, kill the Big Daddy and choose what to do with her.

Try to remember where the Big Daddy bodies are because you’ll be coming back to them later. Go down the stairs. At the bottom there are two machine gun turrets off to your left. To the left of them is a secret hatch. Crouch and enter it to retrieve an audio log and then follow the arrow to find a chemical thrower and another audio log on a corpse.

Go round the back of the shelving and enter the small hatch. Collect the tonic and the audio log and you’ll be told what you need to collect to complete the bomb, two cases of Ionic Gel, a Nitro-glycerine charge and four R34 wire clusters.

Go and collect the R34 wire clusters from the Big Daddy corpses. On the top floor of the workshop you’ll find the Ionic Gel on a desk at the back of the room. Back in the Core you’ll find another Ionic Gel down the ramp sitting on one of the control panels. Get the rest of the R34 wire clusters you need and head back to The Workshops.

The locked door between the two machine gun turrets can be opened with code 0126 (Australia Day), take out the electrified wire traps and push the small red button on the desk to get the Nitro-glycerine, watch out for the turret that drops down behind you blocking the door. Follow the arrow back to the small room with the bomb, stick the components inside and take it to Geothermal Control.

Geothermal Control

Take either door and zap and hack the machine gun turrets inside. Atlas will instruct you for details.

Walk up to the Magma Release Valve between the turrets and turn it. Turn around - after you turn the valve, Splicers will enter from behind and you may have to stop to take them out.

Place proximity mines if you have any left at the door and the hacked gun turrets should hold them off. When you’ve finished, turn around and take the elevator down and grab the Shorten Alarms 2 tonic before going back into the Hephaestus Core.

Approach the core and activate the switch on the right to raise the platform then place the bomb on the platform as instructed. Go back to the Ryan statue and flip the circuit breaker lever killing any Splicers you encounter along the way. Follow the arrow to exit the level.

Rapture Control Central

Proceed down the hall into a large room where Andrew Ryan will rant at you and then activate the self destruct sequence. You have to kill Ryan to prevent everything from blowing up. There’s an audio diary on the table near the Vita Chamber, go to the right of the room and take the stairs before entering the vent at the top. Drop into the next room and grab the two audio logs before going through the door on your right where you’ll trigger a cut scene.

Once it’s over run through the door on your right and keep going until you reach a room with a model of Rapture. Insert the key to override the self destruct and then follow the Little Sister into the vent to exit this level.

Olympus Heights

You’ll wake up in a secret room and Tenenbaum will explain your plight and give you some new objectives. Follow the arrow until a Little Sister tells you to follow her, she’ll show you the way out. Ignore Fontaine and follow the water to the back of the room where you’ll find a wheel on the right hand side, grab it and go back and insert it into the socket by the gate, turn it to open the gate.

In the next room kill two Splicers and follow the arrow round to the right where there is a sentry gun, then a Big Daddy and Little Sister followed by another sentry gun and some Splicers. As you approach Mercury Suites there are security cameras on your left and then on your right.

Mercury Suites

There will be splicers in here, take out the security camera to the left of the elevator and use the weapons upgrade station. Follow the arrow into Dr. Suchong’s apartment and head round to the left through the water until you reach the office. Grab the audio log and Clever Inventor tonic. Backtrack out of the apartment and hack the rocket sentry in the courtyard outside. Head up to the third floor and find the audio log which will give you code 5744. Now enter Dr. Tenebaum’s apartment killing a splicer on the way, go to the end of the hallway and into the library, kill the splicer here and you’ll get new instructions. Follow the arrow downstairs and knock the lock off a door to reach the second floor, head down to the first floor and input the code in the elevator (5744).

Fontaine’s Apartment

Time for a fight, there is a security camera ahead, Splicers all around and a machine gun sentry behind the rock in the middle. Once the room is cleared head through the door and then climb the stairs bearing left to reach the bedroom. Take the door on the left of the fireplace, watch out for the electric tripwire and grab Electric Flesh 2 tonic and the antidote you are seeking (Lot 192). Return to the elevator and take it back to the courtyard. Backtrack through the tunnel you entered and turn left to take the passage to Apollo Square, there is a final security camera above the last door.

Apollo’s Square

Head through the hall and grab the audio log near the Circus of Values machine on your left. You’ll find a Big Daddy and Little Sister and a group of splicers, when the Big Daddy has taken them out kill him. Take out any remaining splicers in the room with the gallows and head left through the passage to Artemis Suites. There’s a machine gun sentry on the first platform and a security camera at the end of the platform. Kill the two splicers and proceed along the tunnel.

Artemis Suites

There’s a security camera just inside and a splicer up above to your left. Take the stairs up and go through the first door on your left. There’s an electric tripwire straight ahead, a security camera down the hall to the left and a machine gun turret in the room behind the wall.

Go past the tripwire and through the door into the bathroom, in the middle stall you’ll find a splicer playing dead, kill him and grab the Medical Expert 2 tonic. Head back out and into Suchong’s office and grab the audio log, in the kitchen you’ll find another antidote (Lot 192) and Tenebaum will chime in with further instructions. As you come back into the clinic watch out for splicers and a rocket turret. Go back to the room with the gallows and kill the new splicers then head through the passage to Hestia Chambers.

Hestia Chambers

As you come down the tunnel watch out for a security camera on the left and then some Splicers and a sentry bot will come out of the Metro entrance. You can go into Fontaine’s House for the Poor if you want extra pick ups and audio logs. As you enter there’s a rocket turret above and some Splicers will attack.

The best goodies are on the top floor and there are audio logs and a Focused Hacker 2 tonic downstairs. When you’re done, go to the Metro and enter the elevator at the bottom of the ramp as you come watch out for Splicers, one is playing dead, then enter the Bathysphere to complete this level.

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