Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Ryan Amusements

Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Ryan Amusements
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Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Ryan Amusements Start

When the level begins, Sinclair will explain that the way forward on the train is iced over and that you need to find a plasmid called Incinerate. So, leave the train and loot the area before following the objective arrow at the top of the screen. Make sure you grab the first audio log after going up the second set of stairs and hack the vending machine, before going into the big room. There should be a Splicer in here and when he dies, loot the area.

Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Ryan Amusements - Acquiring the Machine Gun

Then, follow the arrow to the ticket room and once inside, you’ll find a Power to the People machine that allows you to upgrade weapons. Don’t use it straight away and continue on. Hack the door control on the opposite side of the smashed window and go through the door. Grab the ticket from here and go back past the upgrade machine and kill the Splicer in front of a glass casing containing a weapon. Grab the weapon then, a Machine Gun, and go to the upgrade machine. Make a decision now on what you want to upgrade. Head back to the area outside of the ticket room and kill the Splicers.

Next, use the ticket on the object that’s lit up.

Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Finding the Little Sister in Ryan Amusements

Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: The first encounter with a Big Daddy and Little Sister.

After using the ticket, move ahead and grab the Gene Tonic, Sports Boost. Next, feel free to explore the big room and listen to the audio tour by pressing X when the red buttons are highlighted. Don’t forget to grab the audio diary under the seats as well. Before going to find the Little Sister, I’d recommend exploring first. So, head to the Hall of the Future area first. Go up the stairs and hack the turret. Loot the corpses and go down the stairs, taking the door to the right. Collect everything here and remember the area because you’ll need to come back here when you’ve acquired ADAM.

Head back and go into the Gift Shop. Kill the enemies here. Loot everything and kill the Splicers that may turn up after doing so. Before heading back to the main room, head to the restrooms and you should shock the door control to get some Heavy Rivets for the Big Daddy you’ll need to fight, amongst other things.

Go back to the big room then and take the middle door to El Dorado (you’ll see it if you open your map). Here, you’ll want to lay Trap Rivets down, prefably on the walls. Hack the bot as well. My favorite way to tackle the Big Daddy is to lure him onto the Trap Rivets and use the Heavy Rivets plus the drill when he’s electrocuted.

Ryan Amusements Walkthrough: Gathering ADAM

Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: Entrance to the Journey to the Surface area in Ryan Amusements.

When he falls, loot everything and then adopt the Little Sister. Hold down the square button and follow the trail. When you reach the corpse, create a defensive perimeter as Splicers will come from all over the place once you set her down. Once ready, set her down and defend her. After she’s finished, pick her up and loot everything. Go through the door that the Splicers opened.

Once you’ve gone through the door, be careful when going down the stairs because of the Splicers. Search the area thoroughly and head to the ‘Journey to the Surface’ area. Be careful when going up the slope though, because an object will come tumbling down and damage you. Once up top, hold down the square button and follow the trail.

Once you’ve found the room with the corpse in that you need to harvest for ADAM, hack the security turret and then trap the place as you did earlier. Once satisfied with your defenses, put the girl down by the corpse and defend her.

Ryan Amusements Walkthrough: Rescuing the Little Sister and Heading Back for Incinerate

Once defended, loot the area and pick her up. Now then, you’ll be told to take her to the Workshop. Don’t do that and instead open your map. Head to the northern most area to the right (on the same floor). This’ll take you to a weapon upgrade machine. Use it and then hold down square to find out where you need to take the Little Sister.

Follow the trail and once there, you have a choice to make. Harvest her or rescue her. The choice you make with the Little Sisters can affect things, so for the purpose of the walkthrough, I’ll be rescuing them. It’s up to you though. You’ll get less ADAM if you rescue them, but you will get gifts off the Little Sisters at certain points, like Gene Tonics. Regardless, after deciding what to do, you’ll need to head back towards the beginning (specifically The Hall of the Future) but be warned that Splicers will attack you in the Workshop as you leave.

Instead of taking the same route you took to get here though, go back to where the weapon upgrade machine was and proceed along that path. At the end, open the maintenance doors and proceed, taking you back to the ‘Journey to the Surface’ area. Here, take the stairs going down and go through the door with the green light that was previously locked, for a Gene Tonic. Now head to the future area, where the Gatherer’s Garden so that you an purchase the required Plasmid.

Walkthrough for Ryan Amusements: Killing the Big Sister and Escaping

Walkthrough for Ryan Amusements in Bioshock 2: Corpse of the Big Sister.

From here, only purchase the Incinerate plasmid. You’ll see why in a moment. After that, head back to the icy area you just passed and use the new plasmid on it. Go to the Gatherer’s Garden here and you’ll find available upgrades that you didn’t have access to at the other machine. Choose what you want and then head back to the tram area. You’ll have to fight the Big Sister though. In order to beat her, just use Electro Bolt and use Heavy Rivets while also using the Drill weapon.

After she falls, loot her corpse and head to the tram. Once there, burn away the ice. Overide the security then and the door for the tram will open. Splicers will attack, so just kill them and then enter the tram after making sure you’ve looted everything worthwhile. The level will be complete then.

Bioshock 2: Pauper’s Drop Walkthrough - Gaining the Shotgun

Pauper’s Drop walkthrough: Beginning of the level.

When the tram stops, step out and loot the area, before hacking the switch where the Pauper’s Drop sign is. Continue on and kill the Splicers that are praying. You’ll come to an area known as The Fishbowl, with the first building you see being the Diner. From here, head to the right of the Diner and hack the camera. You should also come across a Big Daddy and Little Sister here. You should also see a Splicer who’s controlling a security drone around the corner. Hack the bot and go upstairs to the Diner’s roof and hack a turret.

Go back down and find the entrance to the Diner (near the stairs to the Diner’s roof). Inside, you’ll find a Shotgun. When you take it, Splicers will attack. Now take out the Big Daddy after dealing with them. For maximum ADAM, adopt the Little Sister and set her down on the corpses to harvest them when you come across them. One of the corpses is in the immediate area. So, go there and defend her. Then pick her up.

Now, follow the objective arrow. When the Brute Splicer blocks your path, loot the area and head back to the Diner area. Go down the stairs where the Gatherer’s Garden is and you’ll encounter a Brute Splicer. Anti-Personel rounds are effective against it. Kill him and any Splicers that appear. You’ll also find the next corpse to harvest here. So, defend the Little Sister. Pick her up and hold down square. Follow the trail to the vent. While you’re free to harvest or rescue, the walkthrough assumes you’re rescuing her. Head back to the Downtown area.

Pauper’s Drop Walkthrough: Finding the Camera

Go to the door with the keypad and in case you don’t know it, the code’s 0047. Be wary of the Splicer on the stairs. Also, hack the camera. The direction you want to head in from here is to the north of the first aid station. While moving in this direction, you’ll find a weapon upgrade station and a tonic, Shorten Alarms. Once you come to a hole in the ground just after spotting some Splicers praying again, drop down.

Take the camera from here. This camera is important because it’ll allow you to deal more damage to Splicers and receive upgrades. All you need to do is select it and press R2, then kill the enemy. You’ll get points depending on how you kill them. Now then, find the door that’s locked with a Splicer outside. To get it open, use the camera on the Splicer.here.

Pauper’s Drop Walkthrough: Researching the Brute Splicer

Pauper’s Drop Walkthrough for Bioshock 2: The Brute Splicer you need to research.

From here, head to the Skid Row section of the level. The correct door has a sign up above it indicating the area. Plus you’ll find it by following the objective arrow. Here, you’ll find a Big Daddy and a Little Sister. Ignore them for now and head straight on. Hack the camera and when you come towards the corridor/room’s end, be wary of the rocket firing security turret in the room with the explosive canisters. Hack it. You can go up the stairs here as well around the corner for a Fire Storm tonic. Regardless, once you’ve explored, go past the room with the security turret following the objective arrow. You’ll find the Brute Splicer here. Use your camera, then kill him.

Before heading back and killing the Big Daddy, explore here first for a Hypnotize plasmid.There’s also a weapon upgrade machine here.

Walkthrough for Pauper’s Drop: Finding Grace

Walkthrough for Pauper’s Drop: The stairs leading to hotel where Grace is.

After you’ve headed back to Skidrow, make sure the Big Daddy has a Little Sister with him before killing it. If you did kill the Big Daddy though without a Little Sister being present, you’ll have to search for another Big Daddy and wait for him to get one of the girls from the vents. Once killed, adopt the Little Sister. After that, follow the trail to the nearby corpse. There should be one in the Skid Row area and one in the Downtown area. Regardless, defend her while she harvests both corpses and then take her to the Vent. Before rescuing her though, prepare for the Big Sister. After rescuing the Little Sister and killing the Big Sister, follow the objective arrow to the wreckage in front of the hotel’s entrance.

Once you reach the wreckage, hold down R2 and press circle. Kill the Splicers and head up the stairs. Head straight down the dark corridor, killing any Splicers that appear. At the earliest opportunity, head to the right and proceed forwards. When you run into a Splicer, follow it into a room with one hanging down from the ceiling. It’s a trap, so kill them. Next, go back to the corridor you followed the Splicer down and go through the hole in the wall before going to the right. You’ll find a weapon upgrade machine here. Backtrack and go to where there’s like a blue light. Grab the Gene Tonic here and hack the camera. Head up the ramp after killing the Splicers. Simply head straight down this path and take a left at the end. Kill the Brute and then follow the objective arrow while hacking the camera on the way.

Walkthrough for Pauper’s Drop: Leaving Grace and Heading Back to the Tram

Walkthrough for Pauper’s Drop: The switch behind the torn poster.

Once in the room with a teddy bear and audio diary on the bed, use the switch behind a torn poster. After that, go through the opening that was created and examine the window at the end. When you enter the room, you have a choice to make after taking the key. For the purpose of keeping this walkthrough accurate, I chose to spare Grace. The reason this is mentioned is certain things can be altered depending on what you do.

After taking the key, leave the area and head back to the hotel’s entrance. Once you reach the stairs at the hotel’s entrance, you’ll be ambushed and the positive effects of not killing Grace will immediately be felt as she sends bots to help you. Fend off the Splicers.

Head back to the Diner area and kill any Splicers. Before heading back to the tram, collect any loot etc. and spend your ADAM if you wish. Once done, head back to the tram. Once there, insert the over-ride key in the control box to open the gates. All you need to do now is enter the tram and start it to complete the level.

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