Guide to Enemies in Bioshock 2 on the PC

Guide to Enemies in Bioshock 2 on the PC
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Bioshock 2 Baddies

Bioshock 2 is an exciting FPS game which challenges players to take on the role of a Big Daddy and unravel a story set 10 years after the original game. As you progress through the levels you’ll encounter a wide variety of enemies and each has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. For more on the game check out our Bioshock 2 review. In this Bioshock 2 Enemy Guide we run through a complete list of the baddies you’ll face and include some hints and tips on how to despatch them and survive.

Security in Bioshock 2

The security measures in the city of Rapture are still functioning and this means if you get spotted you’ll be attacked. They are easy to overcome compared with some of the other foes you’ll meet but they can also be turned into useful allies if you hack them.

If a Security Camera spots you it will despatch Security Bots to kill you. The Bots fly around and fire at you with machine guns. Both the Cameras and the Bots can be destroyed with a blast of firepower but why waste ammo? You can always just hack them by getting close. Turrets are fixed machine guns, rocket launchers or flamethrowers on tripods and they’ll fire on sight but once again they can be hacked.

To keep yourself safe use the Hack Tool to make Security Cameras, Turrets and Security Bots into your allies. You can either use Distance Hack darts or the more expensive but instant Auto Hack darts. Once hacked they will fire on your enemies.

Splicers in Bioshock 2

Splicers come in five varieties and they are so named because they’ve taken the gene splicing craze too far and become warped and twisted versions of the people they once were. You’ll need to kill a lot of Splicers to complete Bioshock 2 and they’ll attack you on sight. Let’s take a look at the various types, their attacks and how to kill them.

Thuggish Splicer

These guys are like enemy foot soldiers and they move fast. They are deformed and typically appear in a messy state with a bludgeon weapon of some kind. They often mutter to themselves or tap their weapons on the floor so you can hear them coming.


These guys run straight at you as fast as possible and try to smash your head in with melee weapons. They are capable of using Health Stations to heal themselves.

How to Kill

At distance the Incinerate Plasmid is best because they’ll be near death before they can reach you. It is also worth using the Electro Bolt Plasmid to stun them and follow up with a weapon (although they later become immune to Electro Bolt). The Gatling Gun with the anti-personnel ammunition kills them fast and up close the Shotgun and the Drill are both great at despatching them.

Leadhead Splicer

Bioshock 2 Leadhead Splicer

These guys are fast, crafty and armed with ranged weapons. They are also deformed and bedraggled but often wear masks to conceal their dilapidated faces. They also have a habit of chattering away until they see you.


The early Leadhead Splicers you’ll encounter will probably just use pistols but later on you can expect to face shotguns, machine guns, and even grenades. They are fast and smart and they will take up positions behind cover and try to get a line of sight so they can gun you down. They can also use Health Stations.

How to Kill

At distance use anti-personnel ammunition in the Gatling Gun or the Incinerate Plasmid (or both). If you get up close, wait till they reload and charge them, then use the Shotgun or the Drill. The Telekinesis Plasmid is good too because you can use an object for cover before lining it up and firing it at them or fire back Grenades.

Houdini Splicer

These guys have a less conventional dress sense than the other Splicers and they teleport around and use Plasmids against you. They are crafty and often try to flank you with the teleport ability.


These guys pelt you with Fireballs and Iceballs and they teleport around trying to get behind you so be wary until they’re dead. They can also use Health Stations.

How to Kill

At distance hit them with the Incinerate Plasmid and if your aim is good use the Spear Gun. If they pop up close then use the Shotgun.

Spider Splicer

These freaky creatures can climb on the ceiling and they move fast. They look especially unnatural in terms of movement and they can attack from any angle so you have to be alert when they’re around.


They are quite crafty and they’ll drop down right on top of you if they can. They use hooks to attack so they have to get up close but they are also capable of leaping large distances right into your face. They can also use Health Stations.

How to Kill

If you can see one at a distance then use the Gatling Gun with anti-personnel ammunition. The problem is that they will suddenly leap at you so be ready to switch to the Drill for melee combat or use the Shotgun to blow them away.

Brute Splicer

Bioshock 2 Brute Splicer

These guys are powerful and their bulk lends them extra strength and health. Built on a diet of ADAM they have a number of devastating attacks and they really take some killing. They remind me of Mr Hyde and the comparison seems like a good one in terms of their violent behavior too.


At distance they will typically rip up bits of the environment and hurl them at you, when they get closer you have to watch out for a charge attack. They can also leap up levels with ease so being on a balcony above is no protection.

How to Kill

Try to keep them at a distance because the hurl attack is easy to dodge and you can use the Telekinesis Plasmid to catch and return fire. Aim for the head for maximum damage and use anti-personnel ammunition with the Gatling Gun or heavy rivets with the Rivet Gun. If they do get close then switch to the Shotgun or the Drill. You can also use a mixture of the Electro Bolt Plasmid to stun and attack or the Incinerate Plasmid to drain their health slowly.

Big Daddies in Bioshock 2

There are three varieties of Big Daddy in Bioshock 2. All of them are neutral unless you rile them and you inevitably will at times. They each have different weapons and styles of attack but the one thing they have in common is that they are very tough to kill. You can determine their moods by the colored lights that appear on them.

  • Green – They will protect you.
  • Yellow – They are neutral and will ignore you.
  • Red – They will kill you.

Always track your target and only attack them when the environment is beneficial for you, ideally attack from above so the Big Daddy will have to come up and get you. Since you can predict their route it is worth preparing it with some traps. Let’s take a look at the three types of Big Daddy, their typical attacks, and how to kill them.

Big Daddy - Rosie

You’ll find these guys protecting Little Sisters and if you want to adopt them for yourself you’ll have to get rid of the Rosie first. They won’t attack on sight but if you attack them they’ll respond with deadly force.


They’ll fire at you with the Rivet Gun and throw Proximity Mines at you. If they get close they have a basic melee shove attack.

How to Kill

Use the Rivet Gun with Heavy Rivets or the Spear Gun with Rocket Spears. Try to take cover because they are good at aiming and they’ll keep coming at you until you completely drain their sizeable health bar away. Use the Shotgun with Phosphorous Shot if you get up close. It is also worth using the Drill if you have upgraded it to pierce armor. Use the Incinerate Plasmid to drain extra health.

Big Daddy – Rumbler

Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Rumbler

These guys aren’t quite as big as the other two but they pack a serious punch in terms of weaponry which makes them very dangerous.


Rumblers will deploy Miniature Turrets which will fire at you and they will smack you with a stream of Heat-Seeking RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). If they get close they have a powerful punch attack as well.

How to Kill

The Telekinesis Plasmid is handy here because you use it against Miniature Turrets and RPGs. You’ll also find that Electro Bolt can stun the Rumbler and stall his Miniature Turret. Use the Rivet Gun with Heavy Rivets or the Spear Gun with Rocket Spears. Use the Shotgun with Phosphorous Shot if you get up close.

Big Daddy – Bouncer

These guys are a lot faster than Rosies and more agile which helps them get up close and personal. You can always spot them because they have a different helmet.


Bouncers like to get in your face and always charge for melee attacks. They have a giant Drill and they will slam and punch you with it.

How to Kill

Set up the route to you with Trap Spears and Trap Rivets because you can predict Bouncers will go for you. Use the Rivet Gun with Heavy Rivets or the Spear Gun with Rocket Spears. Try to keep your distance and use the Shotgun with Phosphorous Shot if you get up close. It is always worth using the Electro Bolt Plasmid to slow them down.

Big Sister

Bioshock 2 Big Sister

Every third Little Sister that you rescue or harvest will spawn an angry Big Sister intent on killing you. They are grown up Little Sisters clad in diving suits but unlike Big Daddies they are extremely fast and agile.


Big Sisters will jump around and charge you and stab you. They can also use Telekinesis to levitate multiple objects in the vicinity and hurl them at you. Their arsenal also includes fireballs which are fired in quick succession. They can regain health by stabbing Splicers and draining them.

How to Kill

Pick your location because you’ll generally know when a Big Sister is approaching. Make sure there are no Splicers around and ideally not much that can be thrown at you. The Electro Bolt Plasmid will give you time to get an attack in and you should use the Rivet Gun with Heavy Rivets or the Spear Gun with Rocket Spears. Use the Shotgun with Phosphorous Shot if you get up close or the upgraded Drill. If you get the chance then use the Hypnotize Plasmid on a Big Daddy and get him to help you kill the Big Sister, it will be a lot easier.

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