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    • An Introduction to BioShock 2's Multiplayer
      The sequel to the critically acclaimed BioShock features a new multiplayer mode that really stand out from other FPS titles. Set traps for your enemies, customize your weapons and becomea Big Daddy and destroy your enemies.
    • Guide to BioShock 2's Multiplayer Weapons
      BioShock 2’s new multiplayer mode features a wide variety of weapons, and this guide will help you get used to your arsenal with info on all the guns and their upgrades, along with tactical tips and other helpful pointers.
    • Bioshock 2 Weapons Guide
      Bioshock 2 is an engaging FPS game with plenty of combat. In this Bioshock 2 Weapons Guide we run through the arsenal at your disposal.
    • Guide to BioShock 2’s Multiplayer Plasmids
      BioShock 2’s new multiplayer mode mixes traditional gameplay with the unique features of the BioShock series. The use of plasmids in multiplayer is a particular standout, and this guide will help you get accustomed to them.
    • Bioshock 2 Review
      If you’re wondering whether to dive back into the depths to revisit Rapture then check out this Bioshock 2 review for an in depth look at the new game.
    • Bioshock Hints and Secrets: Your Free Xbox 360 Guide
      Bioshock’s dark plot and perplexing endings makes it one of the best first person shooters. Have a look at the best Bioshock secrets and hints for the Xbox 360 version to know more about the game and its characters.
    • Cheating in Bioshock 2: For the Weasel in You!
      Want unlimited health? Unlimited EVE? What’s the matter, Rumblers too hard? No need to cry like a big palooka, you’ve stumbled into the right place: read on for Bioshock 2 cheats, trainer-link and unlockables.
    • Bioshock 2 Story & Premise Guide
      The Bioshock 2 story builds upon its predecessor and possibly outstrips it for philosophical and emotional impact. Here, we take a closer look at the story and its premise leading into the events of the second Bioshock game developed by 2K Marin.
    • Bioshock 2 Endings Guide
      There are multiple endings in Bioshock 2 for the player to unlock. Each has a different emotional impact on the player and game world thereafter. In this article, we detail the endings that can be unlocked as well as how to get them during your playthrough.
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