Bioshock 2 - Multiplayer Strategies & Guide

Bioshock 2 - Multiplayer Strategies & Guide
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Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Strategies

When first announced, the addition of a multiplayer mode to the Bioshock 2 core single player campaign seemed completely superfluous and a tad unnecessary, given the thematic and narrative structure of the series as a whole. The criticism was just but slightly misguided, as the unique and sometimes refreshing multiplayer was a triumph, especially coupled with the immersive and enjoyable single player the game had to offer. It introduced some new and different mechanics and broke some of the tendencies and conventions of the modern online shooter. This article details some Bioshock 2 multiplayer strategies and tries to provide a guide to the new mode found in the game.

A Guide To The Basic Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Strategies

There are several basics Bioshock 2 multiplayer strategies and tips that can help newer players acclimatise to the different mechanics of the online portion of the game. For instance, researching killed opponents by hitting the A (X on PS3) button near their body gives you a 15% damage bonus on them until they’ve killed you in return. This is effective if you can constantly pick off and extend a kill streak against one or two individual opponents. Another example of this is the use of plasmids – something inherent to Bioshock’s gameplay. Instead of spamming bullets at foes, effective use of environmental cues and suitable plasmids can make the difference in small-scale skirmishes.

On the subject of plasmids, the game affords some restraint in dishing out plasmid abuse towards your foes. But this allows for some appreciable skill requirement when using them. Players should be wary of getting into head-to-head and trying to break out an electric shock or winter’s freeze. Instead, initialising battles or skirmishes with a stunning plasmid can give you a further positional, territorial and health advantage over an opponent going into the head-to-head. In short, catch a player unawares with a plasmid, then swarm on them with gun fire. Also, switching to plasmids during reloads can give you an added weapon or advantage instead of waiting fire.

Bioshock 2 - Multiplayer Tips & Guide

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Although not totally imperative, the scavenge hunt for red ADAM vials can yield rewards towards your next level, so seeking them out is at least somewhat beneficial. As far as level architecture goes, camping in vents during a little sister’s gathering can give you some cover from the impending wave of attackers, while also allowing for an escape route if needs be (although you might lose the match if you do this without a plan to get back there). Weapons aren’t necessarily balanced – when are they ever? – but for these vent situations, a shotgun/plasmid combination can be quite effective in dealing with the funneled intruders.

Gene Tonics can be used, as in single player, to alter your avatar in a manner befitting the persistent perks of Modern Warfare or the most recent Medal of Honor. The most important will vary depending on your play style but Master Researcher and Death Trap are two indispensable choices. The first is unlocked at level three and allows the player to spend less time researching foes and instead being able to fight quicker after a kill. The latter damages players who try to research your corpse, often with hilarious results. EVE Saver, Backstabber and Fast Feet may all provide further advantages if used wisely.