Bioshock 2 - Secret Achievements Guide

Bioshock 2 - Secret Achievements Guide
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Bioshock 2 - Secret Achievements Guide

It has become a trope during this generation of consoles to make certain story or difficult achievements initially secret from the player until they have been unlocked. One reason for this is to stop players spoiling – tangentially at least – the bosses or plot points that face them in the future. Another could be the large achievement hunting populace and their thirst for completion of specific or difficult to earn achievements, with the obscuring of them increasing the difficulty of obtaining them. A good meta-contextual use of the secret label can be found in The Secrets of Monkey Island re-release on Xbox 360 & PS3, where all achievements are secret and thematically fitting both the name and setting of the game itself.

Story Related Bioshock 2 Secret Achievements

Irrespective of the reasons for their existence this article looks into the Bioshock 2 secret achievements that players can unlock and provides a rough guide on how to go about getting them. In Bioshock 2, secret achievements account for 17 of the total 51 that can be attained (DLC for the game has added another 17 achievements and 400 points on top of this). A number of these achievements are attained through the story progression and therefore will be unlocked as players complete the game by default.

These eleven Bioshock 2 secret achievements are named as follows; Adopted a Little Sister, Daddy’s Home, Protector, Sinclair’s Solution, Confronted Grace, Defeated the Preacher, Nose for News, Found Lamb’s Hideout, Reunion, Heading to The Surface and Escape.

Comical or Satirical Bioshock 2 Secret Achievements

This leaves 6 additional achievements for you to work towards. The first of these, and perhaps the most self-referential, is the 9-Irony achievement. To unlock it, players will have to enter Ryan Amusement’s and find the talking Andrew Ryan tutorial near the beginning of the tour. Ryan is sat at a desk and his head can be taken off with a melee attack or plasmid. In order to unlock 9-Irony, players must use Telekinesis on the nearby golf club and release it towards Ryan’s head, decapitating the statue. An amusing self-aware piece of referential treatment, mimicking the way in which Ryan died during the events of Bioshock.

The use of Telekinesis is required for the Counterattack achievement also. Players will have to catch a projectile from either the Rumbler Big Daddy, a Thuggish Splicer or Rrocket Turret. Unbreakable is earned by surviving a Big Sister fight without dying or being revived in a Vita Chamber. This may be difficult on the harder settings but shouldn’t be too hard if effective plasmid/launcher combinations are used to take away their health fairly quickly. If problems persist, then playing through the game on easy until the first Big Sister encounter at the beginning of Ryan Amusement’s will likely net the achievement.

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This leaves two achievements revolving around hacking of security emplacements. The first, Distance Hacker, is unlocked after successfully hacking a door or camera from a distance, with the remote hack tool. The second, known as Look at You, Hacker, will unlock after players have accumulated 50 kills with automated/hacked turrets or security bots. Getting to the 50 kills mark can be obtained through a single playthrough and is often helped when the player is gathering ADAM with a little sister, as these crescendo events can kill a dozen or so splicers in one go.

The final unlock on this list of Bioshock 2 secret achievements is called Savior. It pertains to the moral choices the player has to make during the course of the game. These include the choice of whether to kill or save Grace Holloway, Stanley Poole and Gil Alexander. Saving them will net this achievement but only after another condition is met; saving every little sister found in the game. There are 12 little sisters throughout the game and when the start button is pressed, players can find out if they’ve saved the sisters currently in the level they’re on at that time.