Bioshock 2- Big Sister Guide & Information

Bioshock 2- Big Sister Guide & Information
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Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Information & Battle Guide

In Bioshock 2, Big Sisters are former ADAM hunting little sisters who have, after ten years between the events of the first game and the sequel, grown up into teenage women. Shuttled into armor suits reminiscent of Big Daddies, the Bioshock 2 Big Sister is a powerful and enigmatic foe, found throughout the single player narrative & gameplay of 2K Marin’s penetrating followup title. This article focuses on providing a guide to defeating these Big Sisters during the many encounters seen in-game as well information on their history and contextual importance in the Sofia Lamb dominated Rapture.

Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Appearances

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Although the Big Sister fights may become slightly formulaic, as they activate after the player clears an area/level of all Little Sisters, they still provide different obstacles and challenges based on surroundings. The familiar screech of a Big Sister will allow the player time to prepare for her impending attack. Given a modicum of time to prepare, players should utilise trap rivets, mini-turrets, mines or other placeable items against the enemy, while also looking for a suitable defensive position. Furthermore, stocking up on ammunition or looting any nearby bodies may be worthwhile before the fight.

After the third scream, the Sister will appear, ready to fight Subject Delta. It is vital to research the Bioshock 2 Big Sister, as the advantages and damage bonuses are integral later in the game. Additionally, effective use of plasmids and armor penetrating rounds is advised. Also, the use of hacked turrets or security bots can help in chipping away her health. The best plasmids to use are often ones that can stun or incapacitate the Big Sister. For instance, the Winter’s Breeze plasmid can effectively stop her, giving Delta a chance to spray bullets, rockets or other weaponry, with the potential to shatter the Big Sister if enough damage is dealt.

Bioshock 2 - Big Sister Contextual Explanation

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All heavier ammunition types can deal decent damage to the Big Sister, although the Spear Gun may be the most difficult to actually use – given the Sister’s penchant for wild and unorthodox movement. The Launcher can effectively temper the charge of a Sister, as its splash damage and rocket propelled nature take away plenty of health from her. Using the Decoy plasmid – preferably levels 2 or 3 – and placing it on traps already laid out around the area can distract the Big Sister while also damaging her. Other distractions include using the Insect Swarm plasmid or allying with a Big Daddy using Hypnotise.

The Bioshock 2 Big Sister is an important narrative construct. Not only does it answer the question of former little sister’s fates after the ten year spell between games, but it also successfully adds a new antagonistic element to the similar thematic setting and mechanical adventure. While killing splicers may grow tiresome during the events of the first Bioshock, let alone the second, the introduction of Big Sister’s into the ancillary attack force against Subject Delta varies the enemy type enough to engage throughout. In addition, the finale and subsequent meeting between Delta and his “daughter" Eleanor Lamb provides some great Little Sister/Big Sister gameplay.