Top 5 best playstation move games. The ones you shouldn't miss!

Top 5 best playstation move games. The ones you shouldn't miss!
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Sports Champions

The classic “motion controlled sports game”, similar to Wii sports. In this case though, the graphics are in high definition and the controls are incredibly precise, so it’s a nice improvement.

The game offers six sports, including:

-Table Tennis: a very fast paced and fun minigame which is pretty much played like the real life sport. Rotate your hand to make the ball spin with a nice effect and control the strength and accuracy of your shots to win the game

-Archery: one of the best ones. You must make all the necessary motions such as reaching for you arrow in your quiver and then placing it on the string. To shoot just draw your imaginary bow and release it! The game also features multiple solo and multiplayer challenges and when you play against the clock it gets really exciting

-Gladiator: in this minigame you must fight other challengers by using your sword and shield wisely. There are even “special moves” you can use to decimate the enemy!

Other minigames included in Sports Champions are: Volleyball, Disc Golf and Bocce.

Little Big Planet 2

The sequel of one of the most innovative games this generation.

This game is a platformer (like Mario Bros.) in which you must jump over multiple obstacles and enemies to compete each level. There are multiple power-ups to make the adventure more interesting such as a “Grapple beam”, a Jetpack, a special gun, and others.

But what makes this game so special is that you can create huge levels from a “white canvas”. Just create any object you want, decorate it, place enemies, hazards, etc and then when you are satisfied just publish the level so everybody can play it!

In Little Big Planet 1 the levels were mostly orientated to platforming, but in Little Big Planet 2 you will be able to create shooters, racing games and even RPGs! In Little Big Planet 2 it will be much easier to create amazing levels by using the Move controller, and that’s why its deserves a place among the best Playstation Move games.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Remember those days when you went yo the arcade and played a few matches of Time Crisis with your buddies? It was amazing because you actually used a “gun” to shoot and you could even use cover to survive the endless waves of enemies.

Now with the new Time Crisis for the PS3 you will be able to do it again. Full Move support completely changes this game and soon you’ll be shooting and head-shotting enemies with your friends, and everything in glorious HD.



Definitely the best among the (still scarce) playstation move games.

This Harry Potter inspired game allows players to control a wizard and use many different powers with a virtual wand, all by moving the Move controler with 1:1 precision.

The powers are very varied: casting Arcane shots with a flick of the controller, impressive Fire barriers by making the corresponding gesture, repairing bridges by moving the controller in circles…. and you can even drink a potion by putting the Move near your mouth like you were going to drink from it!

Killzone 3


While this game can be played with a normal controller (like Heavy Rain), you’ll definitely want to use the 1:1 controls of the Move to have the best experience in both games.

Killzone 3 will feature some of the best graphics of this generation, an exciting campaign, and, of course, an incredibly deep multiplayer mode with lots of new different classes (medics, engineers…) and also experience points so you can level up and unlock better weapons and classes.

It also has very interesting additions like the Jetpack, new vehicles and new high-tech gadgets.

These are the best playstation move games, but are you going to buy all of them? Share your opinion at the comment section below!