Fun Downloadable Games From the PSN

Fun Downloadable Games From the PSN
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The PSN’s Vast Range of Games

The PSN is a virtual marketplace to buy all things gaming. Not every first-rate game is made on a disc, there are some long and epic, short and sweet, and completely unique and fun downloadble games to purchase on the Playstation Network. These are some of best examples of downloadable gaming.

Pixel Junk Eden

Released in 2008, the third game in the Pixel Junk series is a masterful piece of art in which you control a small bug-like character called a Grimp. The Grimp must jump and tumble through a simple colored floating garden with color changing backdrops. You must collect pollen in order to build new flowers and find the Spectras within each stage. The game can be a bit stressful, but it is also relaxing in its own right with minimalist techno music created by Japanese artist, Baiyon.



The popular indie puzzle platformer that was first released for the Xbox Live is now present on the PSN. This interesting dark and atmospheric indie game captured the heart of the public because of its inventiveness. You play as a mere boy who is trapped in limbo while trying to find his sister.

The basic plot is not riveting, but the puzzles can be tough to figure out and areas of the game are captivating and chilling. This game is certainly made for those that want something different or wish to be reminded of old black and white horror films and the days of puzzle gaming in the 1980s and 90s.

LocoRoco Cocoreccho!


This is by no means a favorite to some gamers, unless they enjoy an innovative twist to the age-old game, Lemmings. The LocoRoco games are known to be cute and fun for all ages, and Cocoreccho is no different. You guide small circle critters, called LocoRoco, to the goal while dodging enemies.

You gain more points at the end of the game if you have found all the LocoRoco and help them reach their goal. There are also mini games that involve using a few LocoRoco to gain extra points. It is a bit frustrating, but with a little willpower, one can beat the quirky game in one sitting.

Fat Princess

Fat Princess

First appearing in 2009, Fat Princess is a popular multiplayer download game made by Titan Studios. You control a small army of village people who must save their princess from the opposite village, while holding their princess captive. You can feed the hostage cake to make her larger, thus making the other team have a difficult time bringing her back to their castle.

The game can be played with 32 players and has a variety of roles to play, such as knights, mages, pirates, archers, and even giants. The anniversary collection is now available on the PSN, which includes the original game with the DLC including new roles and maps to play in.

Pixel Junk Shooter

PixelJunk Shooter

Another game in the Pixel Junk series, Shooter is a fun modern game with an old school twist. You play inside a ship that shoots its way into the depths of caves, saving the survivors while doing so. There are areas of ice, magma and spouts of water that can be dangerous or sometimes used for aid.

The game features trip hop beats and sound blares that add a touch of modern style to the retro gameplay. The company released a sequel to the game in 2010, where the ship must now face the belly of a giant beast.



Made by Ubisoft, Outland is an action adventure platformer that has beautiful colors and fluid animations. You play as a man who experiences visions of the past and seeks out the help of a shaman for his woes. The shaman tells him that he has the blood of a warrior in the distant past, and that he must learn the skills of the sun and moon. Your task is to venture through the forest while using skills that alternate platforms between dark and light.

You also must defeat light enemies with your dark power and cross through fountains of electricity surges that shift between the sun and moon. The game has been compared to Super Metroid because of the controls and is an artistic work of genius that deserves some recognition.

The Playstation Store and Its Many Types of Games

Fun downloadable games appear quite often on the Playstation Network’s store, and they often have affordable prices compared to their disc counterparts. These games are not only attention-grabbing, but they have replay value with different kinds of gameplay that has been reworked into something new and exciting for gamers to get their hands on.


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