Best PlayStation 3 Games of 2009

Best PlayStation 3 Games of 2009
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After a slow start things seem to be taking off for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. There was the firmware update, the release of the PS3 slim and streaming video on demand support. PlayStation Home is growing ever larger and there will be a lot of new spaces from developers and advertisers popping up there in the coming months. We can also look forward to the release of Sony’s new motion controller. If you need any more reasons to buy a PS3 then check out this top ten list of the best games of 2009.

We’ll count down the best PlayStation 3 games of 2009 in reverse order.

10 - Assassin’s Creed II

The first game was a big disappointment with flawed gameplay and a muddled narrative. The sequel represents a major improvement in every way. This time around the action is set in 15th century Italy and once you get beyond the daft futuristic back story this is engaging stuff. There are loads more quests and they are much more interesting than the original game’s linear simplistic challenges were (though that’s not saying much). This is a highly polished game and the developers definitely learned from their mistakes.

9 – Braid


This time travelling puzzle-platformer sets you on a quest to rescue a princess. You’ll find you can manipulate time in various ways and you’ll visit parallel worlds as you puzzle your way through a range of challenges. This combines tried and tested gameplay with some inventive ideas and innovative gameplay. It is very simple on the surface with easy to master controls and 2D sprite art but the narrative is engaging, the art is charming and this is a unique and original experience. It was originally out on XBLA but PS3 owners shouldn’t miss the opportunity to play it now. It is short with limited replay value but the budget price reflects that and it deserves your attention.

8 - FIFA Soccer 10

FIFA Soccer 10 cover

The most polished football game of the year, FIFA Soccer 10 is the best single player football game on the PS3. The long running FIFA versus PES battle has been dominated by the Japanese series for over a decade now but it seems things have finally swung back in favour of FIFA. Universally positive reviews make this a must have game for fans of the beautiful game.

7 - Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 cover

The most successful, long running survival horror series made the jump to next gen visuals with this release. Resident Evil 5 is an exciting third-person shooter designed as a thrilling co-op experience. There’s a new virus and the zombies in this game are fast, they use weapons and they sometimes explode open to reveal the scary parasites within. There are also a variety of deadly super infected monsters and bosses. The gameplay is still awkward in places thanks to the controls and camera and the voice acting and story still come with a thick slice of cheese but the set pieces are great and the game offers up some truly memorable scares.

6 - Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV cover

The champion of fighting games hits the next generation consoles with Street Fighter IV. There are some new mechanics and characters but any old addicts of Street Fighter II will find picking this up and playing it much like slipping into an old comfortable pair of shoes. It is a testament to the perfection of Street Fighter II that no-one has managed to produce anything better in the genre. This is a highly polished title and great fun for a group gaming session.

5 - Killzone 2

Killzone 2 cover

The Helghast are back and fighting as part of the special force known as the Legion you’re tasked with stopping with them. This is an incredibly polished first-person shooter game which combines an excellent single player campaign with a well designed multiplayer option. It looks fantastic, the pacing is good, the gameplay is solid and you won’t find many better FPS options on the PS3. It doesn’t innovate but it does present highly polished FPS gameplay which pulls together all the best mechanics from the genre to produce a game you can dive straight into and enjoy.

4 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 cover

Possibly the most controversial game of the year and certainly the biggest selling there is no denying that Modern Warfare 2 is an excellent first-person shooter. The single player campaign is short but exciting and very cinematic. The Spec Ops offer some co-op missions and the multiplayer has plenty of modes. The game doesn’t really merit the fuss it kicked up, at the end of the day this is a highly polished and enjoyable FPS.

3 – Flower


This innovative and arty game will not to be everyone’s taste but you have to admire the execution. The idea is that you control the wind and guide and grow a swarm of petals to spread flowers. The visual and audio is excellent and the control method is unique and refreshing. Brought to you by the same developer that produced the super addictive fl0w game this is thoughtful, elegant and genuinely different. It is a budget download and it is very short but you’ll revisit the experience and it is so innovative that you simply have to try it.

2 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves cover

The best game of the year in terms of critical scores Uncharted 2: Among Thieves surprised everyone with its action packed single player campaign featuring beautiful set pieces, great gameplay and polish in every department. Playing as treasure hunter Nathan Drake you are sucked into a compelling narrative which makes for a stunning adventure. There’s also a co-op option and multiplayer to boot so this really is an essential title for PS3 owners and it’s exclusive to the console.

1 - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum cover

For me this title edges it for the top spot in the top ten PS3 games of 2009 countdown. Batman: Arkham Asylum is my PS3 game of the year. The first time any game has done the Batman legend justice this third-person action adventure is engrossing from start to finish. Featuring a great line-up of familiar Batman villains with the Joker pulling the strings and set in the infamous Arkham Asylum this is polished, fun and challenging. Without a doubt the best single player game of the year, there is combat action, puzzle solving and cinematic story telling with terrific visuals and great voice acting. This is another must have title for PS3 owners.


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