Cult Video Games – Part 1: Unique Video Games to Achieve Cult Status

Cult Video Games – Part 1

Countless video games are often overlooked by gamers. Either the marketing behind a title is poor, or the series is exclusive to Japan. Sometimes, even a unique video game’s look is enough to turn off gamers. But there are those who still choose to give such titles a chance, and every so often, a small following of gamers pushes such titles to cult status. Here are five of the top 10 games to gain a cult following.

Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes

With so many shoot ‘em ups out during the lifespan of the Genesis, it’s no wonder many gamers overlooked Gunstar Heroes, a side-scrolling shooter with the action of Contra and the quirkiness of the more modern Metal Slug series. Luckily, this obscure gem is available for download on the Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. Maybe now it will get the recognition it deserves.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good and Evil

Despite being a quality action-adventure title, Beyond Good & Evil didn’t sell very well and as a result gained a hardcore following of gamers who appreciated it for its varied gameplay, which mixed action-adventure elements with puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics. Photography gameplay was thrown into the mix as well, with the main character, Jade, being able to take pictures of evidence and animals. Despite receiving positive reviews, Beyond Good & Evil didn’t fare well commercially. If you happen to come across this little gem at your local used games store, be sure to pick it up.



Before stunning the world with No More Heroes, Suda51 was busy bringing the enticingly strange Killer7 to home consoles. With its neo noir-inspired visuals and gameplay that derived from the norm, Killer7 was an instant hit among fans of unique video games who were looking for something different. The game received mix reviews and it was the source of much debate. To this day, fans continue to talk about Killer7, and a sequel has been hinted at by Suda51.

Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame

Resident Evil and Silent Hill are often at the top of survival horror games lists. As a result of these two franchises taking up much of the spotlight, a lesser-known series is often overlooked. Fatal Frame has gained a fan following due to its terrifying storytelling and enthralling gameplay. Despite the first two titles being referred to as two of the scariest games ever created, Fatal Frame has never gained mainstream exposure.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Conker's Bad Fur Day

A dying system, a Mature rating, and terrible marketing. All of these factors contributed to the poor sales suffered by Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Originally set to be a cutesy platformer in the same vein as Banjo-Kazooie, Twelve Tales: Conker 64 was revamped and given a new attitude. The game featured swearing, alcohol use, explicit themes, and dark humor, all of which appealed to a more mature audience. The platforming in the game was creatively crafted, and the controls were tight and responsive. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 64 was on its last legs, and this—in addition to late night-only advertising—contributed to the game’s rather lackluster sales.

Top 10 Video Games to Achieve Cult Status – Part 1

With so many great games released every year, it’s easy to overlook a few titles here and there. It’s a shame, though, that some unique video games never reach the critical acclaim they deserve. Gunstar Heroes, Beyond Good & Evil, Killer7, Fatal Frame, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day are just five of the countless games to attain a loyal cult following. Check out part two of this series to see which other five games are among the most popular cult classics.