Top Ten Exercise Games for the Console Players – What is Exergaming?

Exergaming Defined

Exergaming is a mix of the two famous terms, "exercise" and "gaming" in console games. While most of us would scoff at the idea of console gaming doing anything but entertain (OK maybe sometimes educate, but that’s on a lark) the genre of exergaming has slowly but surely been taking over the world. What with the advent of the famous Dance, Dance, Revolution that litter almost every arcade, and home – to the creation of the Wii Fit, surely the exergaming genre has slowly but surely began its ascent into the hearts of the health conscious and the game savvy populace.

Since there are much of these exercise games in the market, its not that easy to create a Top Ten, but little do most of us know is that there are actually enough games to surmise a Top Ten Exergaming List. And here’s my take on that.

And so it has begun

10. Bodypad (Playstation Consoles)- Ok this isn’t really a console game per se, but it does fit into the get healthy concept. So it at least ranks the Top Ten. Bodypad was released in the year 2005. Its basically control pads, strapped to a player’s arms and feet and designed for the action genre fanatic who like to live out the fighting moves of their avatars. Think of it as you being Paul in the Tekken franchise, where instead of button mashing, you actually get to whip your arms around and fight.

9. Pump it Up Pro (Standalone)- Pump it Up Pro is a stand alone system designed for singular or group (up to 32 simultaneous user) fitness activities. Perfect for all ages, it’s designed to make aerobics as fun as it can with up to 150+ songs and 300+ dances.

The Bottom Half

8. Deca Sports (Nintendo Wii)- 10 Sports, 10 ways to sweat it off. Are you ready, exercise fanatic? Deca Sports takes you on the health binge of your lifetime. While not as popular ( or as effective as the Wii Series) it does stand to make you lose the pounds, so long as you apply yourself properly.

7. Eye Toy Kinetic (PS2) – While not as popular as other exercise games, Eye Toy Kinetic released for the PS2 console, however received favorable reviews with their insertion of the Eye Toy camera that monitors players as they shed off those pounds (hopefully) while playing. The games include Aero Motion and Combat, Mind and Body Zone, and The Toning Zone.

6. Active Life: Outdoor Challenge (Nintendo Wii)- introducing the Life Mat and in conjunction with the Wii Controls, Active Life: Outdoor Challenge introduces the player to other such exercise games that you wouldn’t dream to be possible in a handheld console game, like running and jumping.

The Top Half

5. All Star Cheer Squad (Nintendo Wii)- Who doesn’t dream of becoming a cheerleader in their own right? Waving your pom poms around and busting out some cheerleading moves. Well this game, released for the Wii Console is the dreamer’s ultimate dream. Step up to the balance board and fulfill your dream of becoming the head cheerleader and winning that trophy!

4. Jillian Michael’s Fitness Ultimatum 2009 (Nintendo Wii)– The first ever exergame endorsed by a celebrity! Wow! OK that’s not really why it’s made the top 5 but Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser franchise will help you sweat off those pounds as you immerse yourself in her fitness regime.

3. Wii Fit (Nintendo Wii)– Who hasn’t heard of Wii Fit really? Wii Fit boasts of helping players lose the pounds while simultaneously having fun. With their balance board, set up to make sure that you’re on your way to losing them pounds! Unfortunately, its not as fun as we want it to be, and the idea of having to unlock the games as you go on might turn off some players. But hey, that’s the price of getting fit!

The Best of the Best

2. Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii)– Boasting of 5 different sports that will clearly help you lose the unnecessary pounds, Wii Sports has revolutionized the world of exergaming. Using motion censor capabilities, Wii Sports actually lets you move along as you play – but be careful. Players who aren’t as fit as they should be, will complain of the sore muscles, the aching feet and yet the "Wii elbow" from playing too much tennis and boxing. But what’s a little pain in your ultimate goal of becoming the fittest you, you can be? No wonder it takes the number 2 spot in this list’s top ten.

1. Dance, Dance, Revolution (PS2 / Standalone) – nothing still beats this classing (and constantly updating) game! The DDR genre popularized the concept of exergaming, bringing it to the eye of the public. Dedicated players, and even those regular players attest to losing pounds as they sweat it out to the popular dance mixes. Not only that, you get to be able to bust out some cool moves on the dance floor with this baby. Dance Dance Revolution has the popular arcade mix, with 5 difficulty levels that make it accessible to players of all ages. The diet mode actually keeps track of how long you play, and how many calories you’ve burned so far. And while its not as wide ranged as the other exergames, its a sure hit to everyone and has been so for years on end. The DDR takes the crown in this article’s Top 10 List of Exercise Games out there.