Baldur's Gate II Walkthrough: Trademeet and Druid Grove

Baldur's Gate II Walkthrough: Trademeet and Druid Grove
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Animals in Trademeet

In order to get to Trademeet, you’ll need to talk to Flydian at the City Gates. He’ll tell you that he’s looking for adventurers to take care of a mysterious animal problem.

Head out to Trademeet and speak to the Militia Captain, then go to the Mayor’s House and speak to High Merchant Lord Logan Coprith. He’ll tell you that the local Druids are to blame and send you to Cernd, a captured Druid who’s been investigating the problem. Cernd will offer to join your party and help you get to the bottom of things; if you decline, he’ll direct you to the Druid Grove and meet you there.

To solve the animal problem in Trademeet, you must challenge Faldorn, the leader of the Druid Grove. Only a Druid in your party can challenge Faldorn, and that Druid loses all his or her equipment and must fight only with a staff, spells and shapeshifting. If Jaheira defeats Faldorn, she’ll receive the Staff of Thunder & Lightning as a reward. If your character is a Druid, you can take over the Druid Grove as your stronghold.

Dao Djinni

When you return to Trademeet victorious, you’ll receive a great reward: 18,000 XP, 2,000 gold, and statues erected in your honor at the town fountain. Then the High Merchant will direct you to the Guildmistress for another quest: deal with the Dao Djinni, who have taken over the town’s trade until someone hunts down and kills a Rakshasa named Ihtafeer. You can find the Dao Djinn Khan Zahraa in the blue tent outside the city walls.

Talk to the Shadow Thief to the east to learn that Rakshasa has disguised herself as an old lady selling potions in the Druid Grove. You can buy from her before you pick up this quest (unless you have Jan in your party, in which case he’ll recognize her right away), but once you’ve talked to the Djinni she’ll reveal her true form. This is a difficult fight, so you might want to wait until you’ve gained a few levels first.

Once you’ve defeated the Rakshasa, grab a Periapt of Poison and a Cleric’s Staff +3 from the loot. Return to the Djinni to receive 10,000 XP and an excellent sword, the Scimitar +2, Rashad’s Talon. Return to the Guildmistress for 7,500 gold, a bunch of gems, and the Shield of Harmony +2.

The Skin Dancer


If you’ve solved the quest regarding the mysterious murders in the Bridge district, Jenia will approach you in Trademeet and ask you to speak with her son, Tris. When you talk to Tris at his house, he will reveal that he and his girlfriend, Raissa, were attacked a few days ago by a skinless man, and only he was able to get away.

Head to the southwest gate, where the skinless man was last seen. There you’ll meet Darsidian Moor, who claims he’s after this creature, the Skin Dancer. Agree to help him, then meet him near the orange pavilion at the east side of Trademeet.

When you do, he’ll claim he was attacked and ask you to kill Rejiek, the murderer. If you talk to Rejiek instead, you’ll learn that it’s actually Raissa; Rejiek stole her skin. Kill Darsidian and Rejiek, then cast a Lesser Restoration spell on Raissa to heal her. You’ll earn 30,000 XP, plus one reputation point when you return to give Jenia the good news.

The Mantle of Waukeen

After you’ve solved the Djinni quest, both Lady Lilith Lurraxol and Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar will approach you to ask for your help. It turns out that they’re involved in a family feud, and each want you to retrieve the Mantle of Waukeen from the Trademeet Crypts to prove it was their ancestor who founded the city. Agree to help either one of them to receive the key to the crypt. The High Merchant will warn you against helping them, however, because it will lead to bloodshed for the city.

The crypt is guarded by two Skeletons and two Skeleton Warriors, so it should be an easy fight. For the noble solution, return the Mantle of Waukeen to the High Merchant for 8,000 XP, 250 gold and one reputation point. You can give the Mantle to one of the nobles, but there’s really no advantage, since you’ll get a scolding for creating chaos rather than the XP and reputation award.

Other Things of Note in Trademeet

Before you leave Trademeet, there are a few more things you should check out.

  • After you finish the Druid Grove quest, you’ll find an annoying man, Neeber, by the fountain. If you endure his inane speech, you’ll get 1,000 XP and 5 Bullets +2.
  • Talk to Wilfred the Red in the brothel tent, located to the west. He’ll tell you a grand tale of defeating a red dragon; if you accuse him of lying, he’ll give you 1,000 gold and 1,000 XP.

Trademeet is also the location of a character-based quest. If you have Mazzy in your party, you’ll eventually get a quest to help her sister, who was poisoned by a bad love potion. Talk to the merchant, Wallace, in the southern part of town; he’ll direct you to the priest Barl. Head to the Temple of Waukeen and talk to the senior priest. When you check out Barl’s room, you’ll learn that he’s secretly a worshipper of Talona, Goddess of Poison. Kill him and take the potion Mazzy picks up back to her sister to cure her.

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