Baldur's Gate II Walkthrough: Ust'Natha

Baldur's Gate II Walkthrough: Ust'Natha
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Solaufein & Phaere

To complete the main quest in order to leave the Underdark, you must first contact Solaufein in the Male Fighter’s Society. Solaufein needs your help to rescue Phaere, daughter of the Matron Mother. Meet Solaufein at the entrance to the Mind Flayer dungeon, in the southeast of the Underdark, and defeat the Mind Flayers. On the way you’ll meet a party of thugs, whom you can defeat to gain the halberd Dragon’s Breath +4.

Return to Ust’Natha and meet Phaere at the entrance to the city, then again in the tavern. (Male characters can flirt with her here, although it will ruin any existing romance.) She’ll arrange to meet you at the entrance to the city again; there, she’ll instruct you to kill a Beholder who’s smuggling Adamantite into the city. You can find the Beholder on a platform to the southeast. Defeat it, then meet Phaere back at the tavern.

Good or Evil Path

Ust’Natha Tavern

The next few quests have several solutions, depending on your alignment. Phaere will send you and Solaufein to attack a Svirfneblin patrol in order to keep them in fear of the Drow. You can complete the quest as requested and bring back the dead Svirfneblin leader’s helmet. Alternatively, you can convince Solaufein that you can handle the assignment alone, then ask the Svirfneblin to hand over his helmet.

Either way, bring the helmet back to Phaere, then meet her in the Female Fighter’s Society within one hour. She’ll ask you to kill Solaufein and deliver his Piwafi Cloak as proof. You can kill Solaufein, but that will limit your options later in the plot. Your best bet is to let him live; he will give you his Piwafi Cloak to bring back to Phaere.

Give Phaere the cloak. If you’re male, she will want to sleep with you. There is a dialogue option to get out of it peacefully, but only if you have high Intelligence or Charisma. Otherwise, you can sleep with her and screw up your romance, or refuse and let her turn the whole city against you.

Summoning a Demon

Matron Mother

Head to the Temple of Lolth to meet the Matron Mother. She needs the blood of a “noble race” to summon a demon, which Phaere had been trying to find when you rescued her. You have three options:

  • The Kuo-Toa Prince in the Kuo-Toa dungeon (to the east in the Underdark) You can weaken him by placing tainted tadpoles from the central room into the water. In addition to his blood, he drops the Bracers of Blinding Strike.
  • The Elder Orb in the Beholder dungeon (to the southwest in the Underdark). He drops an eyestalk, the blade of the Equalizer, and the Amulet of Spell Warding.
  • The Elder Brain in the Mind Flayer dungeon (near the Beholder dungeon).

Bring the blood back to the Matron Mother, then meet Phaere in her room. She will tell you of her plan to overthrow the Matron Mother and ask you to replace Adalon’s eggs, which are necessary for the summoning ritual, with fakes. If you let Solaufein live, he will meet you at the temple entrance and give you another set of fake eggs to give to Phaere.

Use an invisibility spell or potion to sneak past the guards and switch the eggs, then bring the real eggs (or the second set of fakes) back to Phaere.

Return to the temple for the summoning ritual. If you gave both Phaere and the Matron Mother fake eggs, the demon will kill them both and then go away. You can then leave the city and return the eggs to Adalon. In exchange, she will give you Necaradan’s Crossbow +3 and open an exit to the surface.

If you didn’t give Phaere the fake eggs, you won’t have the eggs to return to Adalon, and will have to kill her instead. You’ll get her blood, which is necessary to create the evil armor Human Flesh +5, and a scroll which allows you to leave.

Side Quests in Ust’Natha

Lich Tower

If your disguise gets revealed or you upset Phaere, the city will turn hostile. At this point, you can force your way into the temple to steal the eggs, then kill everyone in the city to escape. It’s not a good idea to turn the city hostile, however, because you’ll miss some interesting side quests.

Telepathic Fish - At some point, a dwarf will bring you a message from his master: a telepathic fish (Aboleth) in a tank near the entrance to Ust’Natha. The fish will threaten to reveal your disguise if you don’t kill Qilue, located near the Female Figher’s Society. You can either kill her and bring back her brain, or threaten to expose the fish’s treachery if it exposes you.

Arena Fights - You can arrange arena fights in the tavern with both beasts and Drow. This is a good way to gain some experience and impress the Drow.

Drow Slaver - After you’ve spoken to the Matron Mother, talk to the slaver in the northeast of Ust’Natha and offer to buy the slaves. For the biggest experience reward, buy both them and their equipment (2,000 gold) so they’ll have a better chance of escaping alive.

Lich Tower - At some point, a thief will offer you a magical rope to bypass the wards on the Lich Tower, located towards the southeast. When you go through the door, you’ll end up in a pocket dimension and get a quest to recover some gems. Defeat the Lich and loot the house; once you pick up the gems, you’ll be transported back to the pocket dimension for your reward. If you picked up the Jae’llat Wardstone, you can loot the House of Jae’llat.