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Baldurs Gate: Cheats for the PC

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Stuck in the game? Need more gold or a more powerful character? Then you needn’t look further than this article, which lists some popular Baldurs gate cheats.

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    Baldurs Gate Cheats

    Baldur's Gate Box If you find yourself frustrated by aspects of Baldurs gate, for instance unable to progress in a certain situation or unable to find a particular item, you have various ways of overcoming these situations by cheating.

    This article lists some Baldurs gate cheats which are initiated by modifying the configuration file, pressing a key while in-game and more. After having modified the “ini" file you can then bring up the console while you are playing. Continue reading for a list of Baldurs gate cheats and how to bring up the console.

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    Bringing Up the Console for Cheat Codes

    First navigate to your Baldurs gate directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\Black Isle\Baldur's Gate) and locate the file “Baldur.ini." A file with the “ini" extension is typically a configuration file which contains legible settings used by the game; this then means it can easily be edited like a text document.

    Open the file by clicking on it, and then find the section “Game Options." Underneath it type “Cheats=1," thus setting the cheat flag to on. Now you are able to use the console in-game by pressing CNTRL and TAB.

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    Cheat Codes

    Baldur's Gate Screen You can type these item numbers in the console to do a number of things, such as conjure up an item, raise your stats or cast a spell. Some useful ones:

    Cheats:Midas(); You can keep adding 500 gold to your stash

    BOOK04 Raises your Strength by 1 point

    BOOK05 Raises your Dexterity by 1 point

    BOOK03 Raises your Constitution by 1 point

    BOOK06 Raises your Intelligence by 1 point

    BOOK08 Raises your Wisdom by 1 point

    BOOK07 Raises your Charisma by 1 point

    SW1H02 A Bastard Sword +1

    MAGE02 Cast Barkskin on yourself

    CLCK01 Cloak of Protection +1

    SCRL87 Detect Invisible foes

    SCRL1H Cast the haste effect

    CLCK15/16/17 Robes of the Good, Neutral or Evil Archmagi

    Many more are listed at chaptercheats if you need things such as arrows or other items in the game.

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    Cheat Keys

    You can also initiate Baldurs gate cheats by a single key-press, which makes it much easier.

    [Ctrl] + C You can advance to the next chapter in the game without having completed the previous one

    [Ctrl] + R Heal your chosen character or yourself

    [Ctrl] + J Teleport to a location you can see on-screen

    [Ctrl] + Y Kill any character visible to you on-screen

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    You can activate a spell via the console to reap its benefits or suffer its devastation, so be careful what you wish for. The game contains a large number of spells which aren’t all included in the list, but here are some of the useful spell-tags:

    SPWI103 Burning Hands, of the school of Evocation

    SPWI503 Cone of Cold, another destructive one

    SPWI307 Lightning Bolt, overall great fun

    SPWI406/04/08 Monster Summoning I, II, III, conjure up aid in battle (Monster III is a powerful 5th circle spell)

    Other cheats, including an interesting teleport function, are available at the page indicated above. The ones listed in the article should suffice for some fun effects or items. Enjoy!