Alpha Protocol - Trainer Download & Information

Alpha Protocol - Trainer Download & Information
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Alpha Protocol Trainer Download & Details

The Alpha Protocol trainer is a program which can indelibly alter the gameplay experience of last year’s Obsidian developed RPG shooter. Trainer applications for games can change settings and effectively create cheats for the specified game. With things like invincibility, infinite ammo, health or armor as well as no clipping and many more exploits, the use of a trainer is often useful for players looking to test or run through the game for specific reasons. This article provides a link to and some information on the most stable Alpha Protocol trainer available on the internet.

Alpha Protocol - Trainer Options

There are multiple Alpha Protocol trainers for players to install and use, however it is best served to focus on the most widely available and easiest to navigate. This Alpha Protocol trainer is simply known as the Mega Trainer (found here) and comes in two separate varieties dependent on the inherent localisation or digital distribution of the game players own. Both a US & UK version of the Alpha Protocol trainer currently exist. Furthermore, given the games anti-cheat protection, other trainers are problematic and seem to cause multiple game breaking problems when used.

It is advised that a NO-DVD version of the game executable file is used when working the trainer, as problems can arise otherwise. If a normal executable – off the disc – is used while playing Alpha Protocol, the trainer may cause crashes during cutscenes or other parts of the game. To circumnavigate this, pressing the F1 button to turn the trainer both on and off will likely stop this from happening. For instance, if a particular cutscene is crashing repeatedly, switching the Alpha Protocol trainer off can prevent this from occurring. Basically, the trainer should be turned off unless you are actively using its features.

Alpha Protocol - Trainer Information

Alpha 011

Eighteen different options exist for the player when using the trainer. These include the standard god mode, unlimited ammo, super armor and no reloading abilities. In addition to this, the ability to teleport & save a specific position is available as well as the addition of both XP and money for the player to spend – on both skills & equipment. Some game specific options exist within the Alpha Protocol trainer, as players can freeze timers on the lockpicking or hacking mini-games. Furthermore, there is the option to freeze the amount of skill points (AP) you can spend when levelling Thorton, making for a super soldier with a maxed out skill tree.

The trainer uses the entire keypad to activate these cheats/exploits. Extra options for super skills, accuracy and invisibility are also turned on with the [,] and\ buttons. The Alpha Protocol trainer also allows for customisable keypad layouts, giving you the ability to set which cheat is mapped to a particular button. The default works fine however, as like most PC games, users will find an ergonomic key configuration already in place when playing the game. As Alpha Protocol is intended to be played with some near cheat-like skills – for example the “Chain Shot” skill – it fits the scope of the world that Thorton can acquire or use some of these cheats, if only for a limited period.