Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trainer Information

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trainer Information
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Cheats (PC)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first person shooter trying to circumnavigate the problems found in many modern day games of a similar nature; by creating a more realistic & punishing shooter experience. With missions centred around clean sniper kills instead of puerile slaughtering of many near-faceless enemies, Sniper: Ghost Warrior furthers the idea of risk/reward and continues the trend set by games like Operation Flashpoint and ARMA.

In this article, we will detail the Sniper: Ghost Warrior trainer for PC, describing the different cheats & exploits that can be used while playing the game. Given the nature of trainer’s as an external cheat device, for PC games, they often allow players to gain super human powers & alter physics etcetera in the gameworld.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trainer Information

This specific Sniper: Ghost Warrior trainer is compatible with the 1.1 version or build of the game, with retro-active compatibility not available. Released at the end of June this year, the Sniper: Ghost Warrior trainer (referred to as “+4”) let’s players alter things in the game that may have aggravated them while playing its unforgiving mechanics in their initial play time.

Using a game changing trainer application is always a cautionary activity. This is further enforced by the hyper-realism found in Sniper: Ghost Warrior. However, if the risks are acceptable & you’ve already completed the game as intended, continue reading below for the full list of exploits available to Sniper: Ghost Warrior cheats (PC version at least) enthusiasts.

List of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Cheats (PC Input)

  • “Super Health” - close to invincibility
  • Unlimited Ammunition
  • No Reloads
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Unlimited Medkits
  • “Super Stealth” - Pretty much invisibility against AI enemies
  • Steady Sniper Shot - No movement when zoomed in
  • Unlimited Zoom

In the same way that many PC game trainers work, those made by the website Cheat Happens being the most widespread and popular, “+4” requires the user to boot the application & press F1 in the game’s main menu after running it in order to activate the trainer properly. When this is done correctly, trainer first, then game, then F1, it is a simple case of inputting the different keys assigned to each exploit. Details on the different Sniper: Ghost Warrior cheats can then be found in the readme file attached to the Sniper: Ghost Warrior trainer download.

Is The Sniper: Ghost Warrior Trainer Any Good?

Sniper 002

As far as the actual cheats go, the majority are standard fare for exploits in PC games, with Super Health, Invisibility & Infinite Ammunition all making an appearance. Allowing users to have no movement during sniping makes the game far easier and could be defined as game breaking, given the focus on sniping in the game proper, although that is one of the main reasons people enjoy 3rd, 4th or 5th playthroughs of games while accessing cheats. The unlimited zoom function seems to alleviate the problem of distance while sniping. When “Super Stealth” is an exploitable option in the trainer, why not get close to the AI before de-commissioning them, instead of using the greatest Sniper Rifle yet to be invented?

Either way, the Sniper: Ghost Warrior trainer & subsequent cheats provide some licence for fun & enjoyment, taking away some of the elements that made the game methodical, even appreciated originally. For some extra longevity, a trainer is a great option, and this Sniper: Ghost Warrior cheats (PC version only) factory serves its purpose.