Alan Wake Radio Locations and Help Getting To The Radio Station

Alan Wake Radio Locations and Help Getting To The Radio Station
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Alan Wake - Radio Locations Guide & Information

There is a grouping of different collectables that players can find during the events of Alan Wake. Radio Shows are no exception, as eleven of them can be discovered and listened to by the player of the course of the six-chapter long story. Unlike the coffee thermos or beer can pyramids but akin to the TV shows, the Alan Wake radio locations are mostly pretty obvious as you move around the Bright Falls environment, with each of them either standing out on the main story path or being found with only slight diversions. This article chronicles the radio show locations in Alan Wake and provides help in getting to the Radio Station during episode three of the game.

The Spread of Radio Shows Within The Six Episodes

In the six separate episodes within Alan Wake, radio locations aren’t evenly spread between them, with a glut coming between the middle episodes and none being placed in the final two chapters of the game. Overall there are eleven radio locations to be found in Alan Wake. The first two episodes hold two apiece, while the third episode has an egregious four radio shows. The fourth episode has three different radios that can be discovered and will subsequently conclude the hunt, as chapters five & six have none. The next part of this article will look at the eleven radio show locations before moving on to providing the guide to reaching the radio station while being chased by local police.

During the first episode, Alan will find a radio at the back of the lakeside cabin, next to the stairs leading to the pier. The second one to be found is inside a shed next to a checkpoint after moving the lift. Episode two provides another two radio locations, the first of which is on the loading dock of the Sheriff’s Station parking lot. The second episode 2 radio is found inside a log cabin on the way down the hill in Elderwood National Park. The first two Episode 3 radios can be found when trying to reach the radio station. Firstly, the back entrance to a trailer and secondly at a safe haven or checkpoint replete with flashbangs.

How To Reach The Radio Station In Episode 3

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The other two radio shows found in Episode 3 are during the Mirror’s Peak sub-chapter. After driving under a broken bridge, take a right, there is a building up some wooden stairs with the radio inside. Secondly, and lastly for Episode 3, the Ranger lookout has a radio and plenty of ammo inside it. Episode 4 has another three radio locations in it, with the first being found in the office on the left as you gain control of Alan in Cauldron Lake Lodge. The other two are found at the Anderson Farm, as another Ranger lookout yields the first, while the second to last floor of the grain silo has the other.

Now, for a quick guide on how to evade capture by the police in Alan Wake and help getting to the radio station during Episode 3 of the game. Firstly, a quick left then right is followed by running under a bridge and being shot at by the police, moving fast through this part of the chapter is key. After picking up two manuscripts sandwiched between a near-miss with a police car, Alan needs to follow a ridge around the cliff until a helicopter tries to spot him. Ravens will attack the chopper however, giving Alan a moment as respite as he continues to ascend. After this, careful torch use against the now possessed gates, spools and other objects will get Alan to his location, the radio station.