Alan Wake Episode List

Alan Wake Episode List
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Alan Wake Episode List & Summary

In Alan Wake, episodes are the developer-imposed delivery format of the game, with six overall spanning the ten or so hours long experience. Within these six episodes, the tale of Alan Wake and his nightmarish trip to Bright Falls occurs. There are echoes of post-modern themes running through Alan Wake, with plenty of reality questioning and self-awareness from the cast of characters. This article will provide an Alan Wake episode list as well as detailing some of the key plot points players will witness during the faux-television presentation of the game’s story. Keep reading for more information on the six Alan Wake episodes.

Alan Wake Episode 1 - Nightmare

Nightmare is the title of the first Alan Wake episode. Being the opening of the game, it attempts to provide context to events the player will witness, showing a sweeping shot of Bright Falls, introducing both Alan and his wife Alice as well as a slew of other characters such as the aged rock star Anderson brothers, Sheriff Breaker and Alan’s biggest fan Rose. After the initial scenes at Cauldron Lake with his wife Alice, Alan awakes one full week later, in a car crash. From there he is introduced to the Taken and the nightmarish dark presence.

Alan Wake Episode 2 - Taken

Alan 004

The second of six Alan Wake episodes in the main game propels the narrative intrigue, by introducing the supposed kidnapper of Alice as well as the idea of a pre-written manuscript foreshadowing events that are about to take place. Alan meets the kidnapper and is told he has two days to recover the entire manuscript, otherwise Alice will die. With this ransom established, Alan meets up with Barry and travels to Rose’s trailer, as she claims to have the lost pages they both seek to find.

Alan Wake Episode 3 - Ransom

Alan 006

After being drugged by a possessed Rose, Alan awakes with only twelve hours until the kidnapper’s deadline left. Agent Nightingale, an FBI agent with an itchy trigger-finger, tries to shoot Alan, not only after he exits the trailer but later when Alan enters the radio station to find some respite. Upon escaping, Wake drives to the coal mine only to find it empty. The kidnapper calls Alan some hours later, arranging to meet him on Mirror’s Peak. After a standoff against the Taken, he reveals that Alice was never kidnapped, subsequently being swallowed by the dark presence.

Alan Wake Episode 4 - The Truth

Alan 014

Alan wakes in the Cauldron Lake Lodge mental institution, being told by Dr. Hartman that he is living out a fantasy. Fortunately, the Anderson brothers and Alan’s own persistence see through this facade and he escapes the Lodge as the dark presence decimates it. Barry & Alan find the complete manuscript and drive to the Anderson’s Farm in search of answers. They realise that Cynthia Weaver is key to fighting the dark presence and decide to find her in the morning. During his sleep, Alan remembers the missing week of his life.

Alan Wake Episode 5 - The Clicker

Alan 021

Arrested by Nightingale in the morning, Barry & Alan are released by Sheriff Breaker after witnessing the FBI agent’s death at the hands of the dark presence. With the goal of reaching Cynthia relayed to the Sheriff, they travel to the old power plant where she resides. After some turbulent battles against the Taken – including a helicopter assisted crescendo – they find Cynthia and learn the truth behind Thomas Zane. The revelation of using “the clicker” device Alan conjures to defeat the dark presence ends the fifth of six Alan Wake episodes.

Alan Wake Episode 6 - Departure

Alan 019

After battling through a succession of Taken, Alan reaches Cauldron Lake and enters the dark presence’s house. Using the clicker on her, he illuminates the presence and defeats it. Alan walks to the typewriter after this, still in the abnormal universe of the house, and begins to write his ending. It doesn’t end there however, as the ambiguous cutscenes of the ending begin to play after this. Alice appears to be fine, Alan is trapped in this alternate world, Nightingale has been possessed by the dark presence and the final three words are from Alice saying “Alan, wake up…”.