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Alan Wake - Guide To Coffee Thermos Locations Part One

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The coffeee thermos are collectable items the player can obtain over the course of Alan Wake's single player story. With 100 of them to collect, there is plenty of room for error. This article provides the first part of a guide to collecting them all.

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    Alan Wake - Thermos Guide Part One

    Pickups, collectable items or easter-eggs are strewn throughout gaming history, as time wasting completionist-centric tasks, aimed at infuriating many. Alan Wake coffee thermos can be likened to previous collectable items such as drug packages in Grand Theft Auto or the flags of Assassin’s Creed. With exactly one hundred to collect in the six episode long game, an Alan Wake thermos guide seems fitting. In this article and the first part of said Alan Wake thermos guide we will describe where to find the 51 collectable items that can be obtained by the player during the first three episodes of the main story -- or roughly half way through the game.

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    Episode #1 - Nightmare

    1. Beginning of the game, on the collapsed bridge.
    2. Inside bunker after flashlight tutorial.
    3. On a bench outside the lighthouse.
    4. Back of diner, right of kitchen window.
    5. Top of hill next to SUV near cabin.
    6. Kitchen in cabin after crossing bridge.
    7. Behind pickup truck at logging site.Alan 020 
    8. Small island to the left on river.
    9. On boulder near switch in timber yard.
    10. Edge of cliff above timber yard.
    11. Next to two barrels on cliff.
    12. Tracks of crane after Stucky battle.
    13. Next to gas station sign.
    14. End of road past gas station to the left.
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    Episode #2 - Taken

    1. Alice’s desk during flashback.
    2. Radio room of police station.
    3. Loading bay at the back of station outside.
    4. Kitchen of the visitor centre.
    5. Kitchen inside Rusty’s cabin.
    6. Steps of hot tub outside of Rusty’s cabin.
    7. On table in shed outside the visitor centre.
    8. Next to tree at back of Ranger’s office.
    9. Behind broken fence on rock face.
    10. Picnic table next to cross-sectioned trunk.
    11. Behind sign atop Lover’s Peak.
    12. Table inside hut near lamp checkpoint.
    13. Edge of cliff overlooking mill.
    14. Table inside of the mill.
    15. Picnic table to right of Campground sign.
    16. End of road to the right of Campground.
    17. Picnic table to right of visitor centre entrance.
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    Episode #3 - Ransom

    1. Picnic table by two trailers in trailer park.
    2. Kitchen in Rose’s trailer.
    3. Inside stove of the Ranger station.
    4. Behind a wooden ramp near searchlight.
    5. Base of a sign at the Radio station.Alan 018 
    6. Edge of a cliff near the radio tower.
    7. Spool near old barn before the train depot.
    8. Top of pallette in train yard.
    9. Right of the train depot exit, base of green formation.
    10. Red chair overlooking valley right before broken bridge.
    11. Blocked mine at museum entrance.
    12. On shelf inside coal mine museum.
    13. Red chair at top of second mine warehouse.
    14. Edge of collapsed bridge before the rope bridge.
    15. In red barn to the left of rope bridge.
    16. On a log inside a red barn at Ghost Town.
    17. Behind shack & next to a windmill fan after train.
    18. Collapsed shaft in cave, after battle with Taken.
    19. Behind big rock to left of rope bridge.
    20. Next to gate near an abandoned brick house.
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    Part One Complete - Now For Part Two of The Alan Wake Coffee Thermos Guide

    Now that we've listed the fifty-one coffee thermos players can find during the first half of the game (three of six episodes therein), it's time to either talk a short intermission from gaming or play on and obtain the other forty-nine thermos remaining in the game world and the next three levels of play. These remaining thermos will be listed in the second part and accompaniment article to this one (FOUND HERE). By the end of that second part -- written in the same style as this article -- players will hopefully have found all 100 coffee thermos and unlocked the arduous achievement for doing so. Anyways, if you're still in a mood to either read about or play Alan Wake, here are a couple of other articles related to the game you can peruse.