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Alan Wake - Unlocking Child of The Elder God Achievement Guide

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The Child of The Elder God achievement is one of the 50 obtainable unlocks players can work through during the events of Alan Wake. Surviving the Anderson Farm standoff nets the achievement, but only after a certain condition is met. This article guides players through unlocking this achievement.

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    Alan Wake - Child of The Elder God Achievement Information

    In Alan Wake, Child of The Elder God is an achievement that players can earn during the fourth of six in-game episodes that make up the single player story. In a similar vein to the majority of Xbox & Steam achievements or PlayStation trophies, this particular unlockable occurs when a condition is met that requires a certain modicum of skill, during one of the climactic battle sequences strewn throughout the game. This article focuses on providing a guide to the Alan Wake, Child of The Elder God achievement, which will net players a pithy but necessary 10 gamerscore points towards the customary 1000 for the game.

    There are fifty separate achievements to be unlocked in Alan Wake. Most of these include doing things during the game, such as watching a TV program or knocking over the pyramids of beer cans. In addition, achievements will likely come at a steady pace, as many will likely be unlocked without the need for a guide or second playthrough. However, Child of The Elder God is one such achievement, as it can be quite taxing to accomplish, especially at a higher difficulty level.

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    Child of The Elder God Achievement Guide

    Alan 009 Firstly, a little setup and premise building for those unaware of the situation Alan Wake finds himself in while this achievement can be unlocked. After waking up in the care of Dr. Hartman, Alan is confronted with the reality that he is making the series of events leading into episode four up. Aghast at the thought and possibility, he is led around the mental hospital known as Cauldron Lake, where he encounters the Anderson twins. Although years of drugs, booze and partying have left them “not-all-there”, Wake gleans that they know about the darkness and can help him to get his wife back, this leads to a breakout and subsequently both Alan and Barry end up in the Anderson’s farm.

    Now to the walkthrough on how to achieve the, in Alan Wake, Child of The Elder God achievement. The conditions for earning and unlocking the achievement are simple, survive the standoff at the Anderson’s Farm without your health dropping below 25%. This percentage of health depletion shows up generally around the time the screen starts vignetting with a red hue, showcasing the near death state of Alan. To avoid this, there are many different environmental advantages the player can use in the ensuing holdout scenario. On the concert stage the battle takes place upon, there is a heavy duty lantern that can be grabbed to the far right of the platform, allowing for more powerful & broader damage to darkness enemies.

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    Completing The Child of The Elder God Achievment

    Alan 004 Of the three difficulty levels in Alan Wake -- normal, hard and nightmare -- the easiest option is often the best for this practice, therefore choose the normal setting when aiming to earn the Child of The Elder God achievement. Furthermore, like many of the episodes in Alan Wake, usage of your weapons isn’t a taboo like most games, whereby hoarding efficiency and ammo conservation occur. This is due to the game’s imposed withdrawal of Alan’s built up arsenal throughout the game. With this in mind, being liberal with flares or rifle bullets can be the difference between unlocking the achievement or not. In addition to this, there is a cabinet with a large quantity of supplies to restock yourself with during the battle.

    Fortunately, the constant stream of Taken can be eradicated -- at least temporarily -- by stepping into the stage light when Barry fumbles his way into switching it on. This can afford you a brief respite to resupply ammo and position yourself in the middle or at the end of the stage. On top of this faux-checkpoint cleansing that the stage’s spotlight gives you, Barry will set off fireworks at regular intervals, taking out the shadowy enemies when they cross the stage’s threshold. With the help of Barry, some decent aiming skills and a bunch of flares, the standoff can be navigated and likely beaten without your health dropping below 25%. After this crescendo & subsequent cutscene in episode four of Alan Wake, Child of The Elder God will unlock.