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Alan Wake - Guide To Coffee Thermos Locations Part Two

by: Dabe ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In the second part of this coffee thermos guide, we look at the last three episodes and the 49 thermos that can be found during them. Read on for the final part of this guide to the coffee thermos locations in Alan Wake.

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    Alan Wake Thermos Guide Part Two

    There are 100 different Alan Wake thermos collectables throughout the six episode long game. Collecting 25 of these coffee thermos will net the “Damn Good Cup of Coffee” achievement and reward the player with 25 gamer points of the game’s 1000 overall. In the final part of this guide, we will offer details on the second portion of Alan Wake thermos locations found in the final three episodes of the game. While the other part of this guide is focused on the first fifty-one thermos the player could collect, there are forty-nine found in part two of this guide. With all Alan Wake thermos found, the “Hypercaffeinated” achievement and 30 gamerscore will be awarded to the player.

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    Episode 4 - Alan Wake Thermos Locations

    1. Desk of reception in Cauldron Lake Lodge.
    2. Edge of wooden balcony above main lounge area.
    3. Windowsill behind Barry & Alan Wake cutout.
    4. Behind sculpture outside lodge, on stone wall.
    5. On floor of Gazebo after killing Birch.Alan 003 
    6. Left of table with flare on it inside garden.
    7. On crate at end of bridge outside mine.
    8. On top of logs at makeshift campsite.
    9. Window of a ruined house near checkpoint lamp.
    10. Kitchen inside Walter’s cabin.
    11. Next to red tractor while driving from Walter’s cabin.
    12. Tree stump next to red tractor ahead of 62.
    13. Effects panel next to Barry on stage.
    14. First row of stand next to stage.
    15. Table in corner of big barn, near old car.
    16. Shelf on third floor of same barn.
    17. Chair inside toilet of Anderson’s house.
    18. Kitchen in Anderson’s house.
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    Episode 5 - Alan Wake Thermos Guide

    1. Reception of Police station, on desk.
    2. Kiosk with yellow arrow on it.
    3. Oh Deer Diner, behind middle island.
    4. End of road, next to portable toilet.
    5. Table underneath red parasol.
    6. Kitchen opposite Mayor’s conference room.Alan 012 
    7. Bookshelf inside book shop.
    8. Sandbox in park outside book shop.
    9. Wine cellar corner in church.
    10. On barrier to the left of helicopter at the fire station.
    11. On jersey barrier to right of fence.
    12. Concrete cylinder inside warehouse.
    13. Pallet at end of transformer yard.
    14. Grass near first control booth.
    15. Couch in second control booth.
    16. Corner opposite power plant entrance, next to fence.
    17. Back of Cynthia’s room, next to book shelf.
    18. Giant concrete cylinder, before the elevator.
    19. To the right of the elevator after exiting it.
    20. Shelf at bottom of last dam pylons.
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    Episode 6 - Alan Wake Thermos Achievement Completion

    1. Picnic table in parking area after cutscene.
    2. Behind crate to the left of a big barn.
    3. Restroom of the Majestic Hotel.
    4. Porch of a house near well-lit barn.
    5. Shelf at back of salvage yard.
    6. On a pallet near ramp to the crane graveyard.
    7. Shelf inside the Holloway and Company building. Before abandoned church.
    8. Far end of the mine cart bridge.
    9. Inside abandoned train carriage.
    10. Behind windmill in the grass.
    11. Ground next to sofa, where the word “thermos” is. Shine light on word for it to appear.