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Alan Wake Coffee Thermos Locations

by: Nighthand ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Alan Wake has a large number of collectables to find as you play, but most prominent among them are the thermoses of coffee. There are 100 thermoses scattered through the game, and finding them all can be tough. So here's a list of locations for you to use.

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    Episode 1 Thermoses - Alan Wake Thermos

    In Alan Wake, thermoses of coffee are the most numerous of the collectible items. This guide will list quick locations for each of them. One thing to note, if you collect a thermos, the game will save that piece of data, but not your character location. This means if you die without reaching a checkpoint, you still have obtained the thermos. In the game, the thermos will still be where you found it, but picking it up won't save the game again.

    1. Right as you start, to your left, near the bridge.
    2. After you get the flashlight, before you drop down the hill, in a bunker.
    3. Before you cross the bridge to the lighthouse, on the end of a bench.Alan Wake 1 
    4. In the diner. Should be fairly obvious.
    5. Once you make it to the cabin, turn back and go up the hill. It's near an SUV.
    6. In the kitchen of the cabin.
    7. Next to a pickup truck, at the first logging camp.
    8. When crossing the river, you pause at a small island. It's near the tip of the island.
    9. On top of a boulder in the second timber yard.
    10. On a ridge overlooking the third logging camp.
    11. Between the second and third logging camps, on some rocks in the woods to your right from a generator.
    12. After defeating Stucky, it's on the treads of a crane.
    13. The base of Stucky's gas station sign.
    14. Before using the phone in the gas station, follow the road to the tunnel.
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    Episode 2 Thermoses

    The deeper we get into Alan Wake, thermoses of coffee will grow harder to find and more dangerous to grab. Just remember, even if you die after grabbing one, you don't have to grab it again. Kamikaze runs are the order of the day when you're having trouble.

    1. In Alice's office, next to her computer.
    2. In the radio room of the police station.
    3. In the police station's back lot, near a radio.
    4. Behind the counter in the national park visitor center.Alan Wake 2 
    5. Next to the coffee maker in Rusty's cabin.
    6. Next to the hot tub outside of Rusty's cabin.
    7. Inside the storage shed by the visitor center.
    8. Behind the park ranger's office, near a tree.
    9. On a rock shelf overlooking the tree ring, near the generator and axed pay phone.
    10. On a picnic table near the tree ring.
    11. By Lover's Peak, behind a sign on the rocky cliff.
    12. After climbing a high angled tree, before dropping down the cliff. On the table in the generator hut.
    13. On a rocky cliff overlooking the water mill, after starting a generator.
    14. On the top floor of the old water mill building.
    15. On a picnic table in the campgrounds.
    16. Take a right, once you get the truck, until you reach a blocked tunnel and a jackknifed semi.
    17. Near a semi carrying logs, on a picnic table.
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    Episode 3 Thermoses

    At this point in the game, do not be surprised if the Taken are surrounding you while you grab a thermos. More often than not, unless it's in a well-lit building, once you grab it they will come. Be prepared to drop a flare and fight for your life if you see something suspicious.

    1. Near a grill, opposite of the hot dog shop.
    2. Next to the coffee maker in Rose's trailer.Alan Wake 3 
    3. On the stove inside the Ranger's Station.
    4. Near the searchlight, almost impossible to miss.
    5. BEFORE you enter the radio station, at the base of the radio sign.
    6. This one is really far away and out of your way. Follow the path to the radio broadcast tower. (Warning: there will be no Taken on the way up, but you'll be attacked by birds on the way down.)
    7. In a small pool, near the old barn, before the train station.
    8. Near a ramp and some canisters, on some pallets, in the train yard.
    9. On the right, leaving the area after the bulldozer.
    10. On a red chair overlooking the valley.
    11. Inside the small mine shaft, slightly out of your way.
    12. On the floor when you drop down, in the coal mine museum.
    13. In the same room as a manuscript page, on the second floor of the mine warehouse.
    14. Before the rope bridge, at the end of a partly collapsed wooden bridge.
    15. Head left after the rope bridge, it's in a red barn.
    16. In a red barn in the ghost town.
    17. Behind the shack that contains the house key you need to progress.
    18. After fighting Taken in the cave, check the alcoves.
    19. After a long rope bridge, to the left, behind a rock.
    20. Go through the partly destroyed house, then around the back left side of it.
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    Episode 4 Thermoses

    There are eleven thermoses in this episode, and each of them may or may not present you with a challenge, depending on how good you are at spotting them and fleeing from the Taken. Just remember; you don't have to fight every encounter. If you get a thermos and die, it's yours, you don't need to go grab it again.

    1. In Hartman's Lodge, on the reception desk.
    2. On the balcony overlooking the couches, in Hartman's Lodge
    3. On the windowsill of the room just before Hartman's office.
    4. To the right of the statue outside of Hartman's Lodge, along the stone path.Alan Wake 4 
    5. On the gazebo, after killing Birch, Hartman's henchman.
    6. Near a safe haven in the garden, on a stone wall.
    7. On a crate just outside the old mine.
    8. On top of some logs in a campground.
    9. Before Walter's cabin, near a safe haven, at a ruined house.
    10. In the kitchen of Walter's cabin.
    11. While driving from Walter's Cabin to the Anderson Farm, next to a rusted tractor.
    12. Near another rusting tractor, at a T-shaped intersection in the road.
    13. Next to Barry on the stage.
    14. On the bleachers in front of the stage.
    15. By the rusting car inside the barn.
    16. On the third floor of the silo, on a shelf.
    17. In the bathroom of the Anderson's house.
    18. In the Anderson's kitchen.
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    Episode 5 Thermoses

    Episode 5 is where things get hairy, and you know the conclusion is drawing near. That doesn't mean the Coffee Thermoses are any easier to find, however. Just keep in mind that these locations are just hints. If you need more detailed tips, check out this guide.

    1. On top of a filing cabinet in the police station.
    2. At an information kiosk, by the water.
    3. On the ground in the diner where the game began.
    4. At the end of the road, next to a porta-potty.
    5. Underneath a tent, on a table.Alan Wake 5 
    6. In the kitchen next to the mayor's office.
    7. On the top shelf in the bookstore.
    8. In the sandbox in the park, outside of the bookstore.
    9. In the cellar of the church.
    10. Sitting on a barrier at the fire station.
    11. On a concrete barrier after the cutscene.
    12. In a concrete pipe, in the warehouse.
    13. Near the exit of the transformer yard, on some pallets.
    14. On the ground in front of the first control booth.
    15. On the couch in the second control booth.
    16. Before entering the power plant, on the ground in front of the security station.
    17. In Cynthia's room in the power plant.
    18. In a concrete pipe before waiting for an elevator.
    19. After the elevator, near a cliff edge.
    20. On a shelf in the last bit of the dam.
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    Episode 6 Thermoses

    Here we have it, the final episode of the basic game in Alan Wake. While there will definitely be DLC (people who bought the game early got a free code, in fact,) it's not out yet, and who knows if it will have the same caffiene addiction as the first six episodes. Make sure you get the final set of thermoses before taking on the Dark Presence head on! If you missed some, or want more accurate ideas of where the thermoses are, you could try this video guide.

    1. After the flashback cutscene, on a picnic table.
    2. Daytime, before the tunnel, on the side of a barn.
    3. In the reception room of the Motel.
    4. On the porch of a cottage, near a well-lit barn.Alan Wake 6 
    5. On the ground floor of the junk yard office, on a shelf.
    6. On a stack of pallets near the base of the crane.
    7. Second to last house on the right, before the church.
    8. On top of the mine cart bridge.
    9. In an overturned train car, while you're being attacked by fast-moving Taken.
    10. In the grass behind the windmill.
    11. In the Dark Place. The words "Coffee Thermos." You cannot pick this up as is, but if you shine your flashlight on it, it will turn into a coffee thermos for you to pick up.

    Congratulations! If you followed this guide, by now you will have all 100 of the coffee thermoses in Alan Wake! Enjoy your achievement and gamer points!