Dracula Origin Walkthrough -- Part 1 -- Van Helsing's Loder and Mina's Apartment

Dracula Origin Walkthrough -- Part 1 -- Van Helsing's Loder and Mina's Apartment
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Dracula Origin Walkthrough - Van Helsing Goes Vampire Hunting

There are those who prefer vampires in fiction to play villaionous roles. Sympathetic portrayal treatment of these creatures of the night makes the traditionalists reach for a mallet and a wooden stake. Frogwares, the studio that gave us the Sherlock Holmes games, also gave us Drcaula Origin. Dracula Origin starts out when the well-known vampire Hunter Van Helsing receives a letter from Johnathan Harker.

Fans of the original Dracula novel know that the text focuses on Harker and minimizes the role Van Helsing plays in the hunt. This point and click horror game corrects this mistake and lets the reader take on the role of the distinguished vampire hunting professor.

Players will be greeted with a movie filled with melodramatic voice acting. The main character describes the ways of combating vampires. This narration reveals little that helps the player in his later investigations, unless he or she needs to review that garlic and crosses are used to ward off vampire attacks.

Two important things happen at the end of this sequence. Van Helsing receives a letter from J. Harker that tells him about Harker’s recent trip to Transvylaniva. The proferssor’s lodger comes and interrupts the professor in his work. At the end of the conversation, the lodger asks Helsing to check on her sister Mina. Mina has suffered from some form of unknown illness for the last several days.

Mina’s Apartment

Dracula Origin uses a feature that originated in Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper. Point-and-click games are not quite the same as hidden object games such as Mysteryville or Ravenhearst, but you still must find all the clues possible in any location. What the clues are is not always obvious.Press the space bar to find out what he can look at, examine or pick up.

Listen to the brief conversation with Mina’s sister. She will leave the apartment and the player will gain control of the main character. Dracula: Origin uses a first person view that can be distracting. Even odder in this case is that the player is placed in the center and must use the foot icon on the floor to turn around.

Pick up the items on the night stands. These items include a journal entry, newspaper clippings, and a few hand-written notes. Find the article that the reports already in your inventory refer to. The player will have a collection of articles that describe a series of gruesome attacks on unsuspecting women in the documents section of his inventory screen. Click on the framed picture of Johnathan Harker. When you get all of these clues turn around and face the other side of the apartment.

Connecting the Dots on the Map of London

The central area between the attacks gives the professor a clue about where to start his investigation. Draw the lines between the points shown on the picture here. They all intersect near St. George’s Cathedral. When the player determines where he needs to go, Van Helsing suggests heading out into the city of London.


Godalming Manor

Godalming Manor present the perfect image of a well-to-do English country house. The butler, if the term is stretched to cover the poor wretch, answers the door. The only information the butler Hendrik will give to you is that the master said that Hendrik could kill and eat the flies that disturb his maters sleep. The player can look around this area, but further investigation of the entrance to Godalming manor does not cause any progress in the game.

Bloomsbury Cemetery

No vampire horror game would be complete without a cemetery. A place of rest for the dead is conveniently located to the left of Godalming Manor.. Enter the graveyard to continue Van Helsing’s investigation. Click on the urn by a side that says rest in peace. Walk over to a lone figure digging a grave by hand. Talk to the gravedigger, Paul Long to find out that someone has locked the tool shed.

Unlocking the Tool Shed

The conversation with Paul Long reveals that the combination for the tool shed lock is the ages of Johnathan Lemon and his wife. The gravedigger also tells the player the he needs to flip the number when necessary. There is more than one puzzle in the cemetery however.

Pick up a nearby scraper. Go to the Mausoleum. When you get to the bottom, find the coffins there. Use the scraper to remove the dust from the coffins. The number get recorded in the reports section. Van Helsing states that something is perfect in this game to let the player know when he or she has successfully solved a puzzle. The number is 6968. Go back to the tool shed. Type in 9698 to open the combination lock.

Dracula Origin Walk through - Getting Items from the Toolshed

Enter the shed. Pick up the spade almost immediately. Lanterns are almost always universal in adventure games. Pick the lantern in the shed up as well. Get an iron bar before leaving. Exit the tool shed.

Talk to Paul Long again. He tells Van Helsing about an alternate entrance to Godalming manor. The watchman use the entrance. The alternate entrance is currently unguarded and a person who needs to get inside the mansion may find the information about an additional entrance useful. Long points out that the Watchman’s mausoleum contains a secret passage that leads to the old mansion. Watch Long point to the location of the second crypt.

The Watchman’s Mausoleum

The door to the crypt will not open easily. Select the iron bar from the inventory. Use it on the iron bar from the door. Using the iron bar knocks down a book of matches. Select the book of matches and use it on the lantern. The light provided will be useful, but the Van Helsing needs a stationary lamp to read the inscription here. Combine the shovel with the lantern in the inventory to get a sconce. Use the sconce on the opening in the grate. The sconce provides enough light to read the inscription. Place the inscription.

The player can open his inventory to find his poem:

But in order to move him, you must first sever the stone heart of the celestial henchmen right there Up high to down low you will go; The blood of the eyelids will flow.

The Four Angel Puzzles

First Angel – The first angel picture looks something like a clock. You will see the figure of a saint lying in the middle. Demons and the faithful surround it. The clue mentions about the saint sacrificing his blood for the sins of the faithful. Click the squares in front of the figures. If it is demon click drink. If it is anything else, click cry. When the player completes this puzzle, Van Helsing comments that it is perfect.

mourners angel

Second Angel – The second angel puzzle involves simple mathematical deduction. If the player wants to figure it out on his own, he must have a copy of St. Peter’s Judgment in the reports section of the inventory screen.

Here is the solution to figure out the weight of each demon:

Deduce the weight of the demons based on the inscription.

3 wrathful sinners = 300 years (100 each).

Conceited sinner = 300 years

Envious one (half of 300 + 300 of above sinners) = 300 years

Gluttonous (half of 300 + 300 of above sinners) = 300 years

Miser (2 times of the wrathful sinners 600 + 25) = 625 years

These totals = 1825 years.

Place 1825 total weights on the right pan: click on one 5, two 10s, one 100, 200, 500 and 1000.

purgatory angel

Third Angel – The third angel clue is that only the pious gain eternal salvation and have nothing to fear. The relief shows people in various poses. Click on the figures that are shown succumbing to one of the seven deadly sins. Select the woman beating a child, the man carrying a bag of gold, a woman being carried on a pallet, a fat man engaged in eating, and a woman with a raised skirt. Wait for the professor to say “perfect” and move on to the next angel carving.


Fourth Angel – T__he demon is everywhere in the eye of the spider, the serpent, the toad and the wolves. Click on the eyes of each creature mentioned.

animals angel

Getting into the Godalming Mansion

Click on the flies over the urn. Get a black veil form the cross. Use it on the flies to get a net with a few flies in it. Van Helsing has not found the lair of the creature who attacked the unsuspecting women of London. The professor suspects it might be a vampire, but he does not yet have proof. Go into the mausoleum where the watchmen are buried. Get a book from the inside. It describes the nature of the secret passage. Follow the passage until Van Helsing comes across a coffin with a cross on it. Use the iron bar picked up in the other crypt on the cover of the tomb. Watch as the lid gets thrown back and the secret passage is discovered.