The Incredible Hulk for PS2: Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks

The Incredible Hulk for PS2: Game Cheats, Tips and Tricks
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New York City: to Destroy or to Save?

The Incredible Hulk (PS2)

Wreak havoc or save the citizens, it’s your choice. That’s the dilemma you face when you play as Bruce Banner, otherwise known as the Hulk. You’re thrown into a fully-destructible New York City and given free reign to demolish or save as you please. That alone is a recipe for hours of fun, but sometimes the same old gameplay can grow a little stale. So, what happens if you throw in some cheat codes in the mix? Well, that’s just icing on the cake right there. Below is a guide of the latest cheats and tips for The Incredible Hulk on the PS2 system. Read on and you will find everything from secret characters to a massive library of upgrades and special features. There’s plenty to unlock in the game and plenty of fun to be had with these tips, tricks, and cheats for The Incredible Hulk on PS2.

Unlockable Characters in The Incredible Hulk

Secret Characters

Hulk Jump

If you complete the following tasks, the game will unlock some extra playable characters and skins.

  • Abomination: Defeat Abomination.
  • The Professor: Complete all of the jump challenges.
  • Maestro: Destroy a building in each one of the neighborhoods in the game.
  • Classic Hulk: Collect 5 comic books.
  • Gray Hulk: Smash 7500 objects.
  • Ironclad: Beat the U-Foes, trick a U-Foe into KOing their team mate, and beat the Abomination.

Special Abilities in The Incredible Hulk

Unlockable Special Abilities

These abilities are, for the most part, extensions of your natural powers as the Hulk. Feats of incredible strength allow you to use vehicles as boxing gloves, sprint for an extended period of time, jump to extreme heights, and so forth. Almost all of these abilities are unlocked through playing the game normally, but some of them you’ll have to go out of your way to locate. We tell you how below!

  • Improved Jump: Pick a fight and Hulk will increase his maximum jump distance.


  • Shield Use: Destroy Enclave base just for the initial time and Hulk will be able to perform fight combos with a shield.

  • Improved Thunderclap: Defeat 50 enemies, score 5000 points, and destroy an Enclave Kyklops just once. Hulk’s brand new massive attack will wreck everything surrounding him.

  • Sprint Use: Defeat 30 Enclave Legionaries, travel 5 miles (approximately 26,400 feet), and mobilize a strike team. Hulk will now be able to sprint.

  • Car Use: Destroy 10 vehicles, eliminate 50 Enclave units as well as all the army humvees at an army checkpoint. Hulk will now be able to do combos with cars and similar objects.

  • Gauntlets: Destroy 5 armored vehicles, stick 5 wrecked cars to buildings, and enlist Samuel Sterns in the search for a cure for Banner. Now Hulk can convert vehicles into massive gauntlets.

  • Superior Jump: Go through the air for about 10 minutes, chain jump 15,840 ft (3 miles), and complete the first jump challenge. Hulk’s jump will now reach maximum level.

  • Quick to Anger: Reach Threat Level 4, find 10 Fury canisters, and destroy 10 buildings. Hulk will garner his rage a lot quicker with less than 3 Rage cells.

  • Improved Ground Slam: Defeat 150 enemies, travel 52,800 ft (10 miles), use 5 Rage powers, and clean up the contaminated streets of New York City. Hulk will generate a shock-wave that goes a long way and that will damage all that is in front of him.

  • Superior Thunderclap: Smash 4000 things, defeat 10 enemies using Thunderclap attacks, defeat 3 Enclave Swarms, and get the Enclave off your back. Hulk’s Improved Thunderclap will increase in terms of damage and range.

    Car Lift

  • Superior Ground Slam: Land 1000 melee attacks, defeat 10 enemies using Ground Slam attacks, destroy an Army M1 tank, and destroy 25 buildings. Hulk’s Improved Ground Slam will increase in terms of damage and range.

  • Superior Healing Factor: Find 10 Gamma canisters, win a gold medal in a mini-game, use 15 Rage powers, and destroy 10 Army AH-64 choppers. Hulk’s Healing Factor and Health Regeneration rate will increase.

  • Fury Attacks: Climb 5280 ft (1 mile), score 75000 points, defeat 75 Army units, and protect the citizens of NY from the Minerva Sector’s mind control scheme. Now Hulk’s heavy attacks will double in damage and will not be blocked.

  • Pole Use: Fall 30000 ft, expose Major Talbot on TV, defeat the U-Foes, and destroy 25 Army vehicles. Now Hulk has the ability to do combos with poles.

  • Hostile Vehicle Use: Destroy 250 vehicles, stick 25 wrecked cars onto buildings, discover the secret of Minerva Sector’s mind control scheme, and defeat at least 1 enemy using every class of attack. This will allow Hulk to pick up any enemy vehicle that is weakened.

Powering Up in The Incredible Hulk

Even More Unlockable Special Abilities

These special abilities are extensions of your power and will allow you to wreak even more havoc on the city as you travel, fight, and generally mess around. For the most part these abilities are unlocked through normal gameplay, but some of them you’ll have to go out of your way to unlock. Good thing we tell you how! If that’s not enough for you, maybe the Hulk isn’t your type of superhero.

  • Incredible Jump: Complete 5 jump challenges, chain jump more than 13.4 miles, travel through the air for 60 minutes, destroy 5 enemies by knocking them off a skyscraper, and climb all the way up one of New York’s tallest buildings. This improves Hulk’s distance when he jumps.


  • Bottled Up Inside: Defeat 5 enemies by throwing a giant ice cream cone, defeat 5 enemies by throwing a giant donut, defeat 5 enemies by throwing a giant taco, score 1,000,000 points, and defeat 10 Army Special Armor Corps recon soldiers. Hulk’s Rage decreases at a turtle’s pace.

  • Explosive Fury: Ignite a flame, defeat 50 enemies with rage powers, defeat 250 Enclave units, knock an enemy back 436 feet with any attack combo, and seek out 5 Landmark Souveniers. Hulk’s attack combos will work much faster now.

  • Thin Skin: Defeat 500 enemies, complete “The Problem is the Hulk, Part 3” mission without getting struck by lightning, find a comic book cover, block 25 enemy attacks, and use the Subway 5 times. Each attack blocked by the Hulk will now garner Rage.

  • Mace Use: Travel 264,000 feet (50 miles) gain 25% of the upgrades, defeat 25 Enclave Centurions, defeat the Bi-Beast, and defeat 75 Enclave Barbaria. Hulk will be able to do combos with maces.

  • Incredible Thunderclap: Smash as much as possible in one trip to Brazil, defeat 75 enemies using Thunderclap attacks, land 2500 melee attacks, defeat 10 Enclave Assault Groups, and protect General Ross’s team as they attack the Enclave base. Hulk’s Superior Thunderclap will maximize in terms of range and damage.

  • Incredible Ground Slam: Smash 10,000 things, reach maximum Threat Level, find 15 landmark souvenirs, defeat 10 Army Special Armor Corps heavy soldiers, and defeat 50 enemies using your Ground Slam attacks. Hulk’s Superior Ground Slam will maximize in terms of range and damage.

  • Incredible Healing Factor: Complete a story mission without killing any enemies, use 75 Rage powers, get a power boost from Samuel Sterns, find 30 Gamma canisters, and defeat Enclave’s F-POD with slight help. Hulk’s Healing Factor will maximize in terms of health regeneration.

    Standing Hulk

  • Weaponize Tank: Destroy 2 Army APCs under 10 seconds, destroy 25 armored vehicles, test the cure developed by Samuel Stern, defeat 15 enemies with mace attacks, and defeat 500 Army units. Now Hulk will be able to turn tanks into maces.

  • Unleashed Fury: Defeat the Abomination, gain 50% of the upgrades, find 25 landmark souvenirs, and defeat 100 enemies with Rage powers. Hulk releases extra damage for limited time when filling 10 cells of rage.

  • Intense Regeneration: Find 10 comic book covers, defeat a Stark Industries Hulkbuster armored soldier, destroy 100 buildings, and score 1,000,000 points while Strike Teams are active. Hulk’s health level will regenerate very often whenever he has 5+ cells of rage.

  • Incredible Rampage: Find 60 Fury canisters, win 10 gold medals in mini-games, defeat 250 enemies with Rage powers, and survive for longer than 1 minute at Threat Level 9. Hulk’s combos and attacks will increase immensely whenever active.

  • Unstoppable Rage: Wipe out the Enclave’s Vulcan Sector, Jupiter Sector, Minerva Sector, and Ceres Sector. Whenever he has more than 10 cells of rage, Hulk’s health will regenerate quickly.

Unlockable Concept Art for The Incredible Hulk

Another thing to do in The Incredible Hulk is unlock all of the concept art. Each piece of art has a unique method to unlocking it, all of which are listed below. See if you can unlock ever piece of concept art the game has to offer!

  • Classic Hulk Art**:** Find 5 comic covers. As he appeared in _The Incredible Hulk_ _#2_.


  • Gray Hulk Art: Smash 10,000 things. As he appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1.

  • Maestro Art**:** Destroy a building in each NYC neighborhood. As he appeared in _Hulk: Future Imperfect #__1_.

  • Ironclad Art: Defeat the Abomination, Trick a U-Foe into taking down a teammate of his or her’s. As he appeared in The Incredible Hulk #254.

  • Abomination Art: Defeat the Abomination. As he appeared in Tales to Astonish #90.

  • Prologue Art: Escape the soldier’s ambush in the bottling factory. Concept art from the prologue of the game.

  • The Professor: Complete all the jump challenges. As he appeared in The Incredible Hulk #377.

  • Iron Man (Hulkbuster Armor): Requires Iron Man Save Data. As he appeared in Tales of Suspense #39.

  • Brazil Art**:** Encounter General Ross' Spec Ops team for the very first time.

  • New York City Art**:** Climb to the 5th tallest skyscraper in NYC, climb to the 4th tallest skyscraper in NYC, climb to the 3rd tallest skyscraper in NYC, climb to the 2nd tallest skyscraper in NYC, and climb to the tallest building in all of NYC. Concept art from the New York City level of the game.

  • Southeastern Tech Art: Ignite an old flame. Concept art of the Southeastern Tech.

  • Army Art: Spend 30 minutes fighting Army Strike Teams and defeat 250 Army Units. Concept art of the Army.

  • U-Foes Art: Trick a U-Foe into taking down any one of his/her teammates.

  • Enclave 1 Art: Defeat 10 Enclave Assault Groups and 500 Enclave Units.

  • Enclave 2 Art: Defeat Enclave’s F-POD (with some assistance) and 25 Enclave Assault Groups.

  • Enclave Leaders Art: Wipe out the Enclaves four sectors.

  • Hulk vs. Abomination Art: Defeat the Abomination.

  • Shellhead Art: Requires Iron Man Save Data.


  • Images from game screenshots
  • Information from game data and experience