PC Gamers Mirror's Edge Review

PC Gamers Mirror's Edge Review
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The Fun Parts (5 out of 5)

Mirror’s Edge jumps, dives, and rolls onto the PC with the grace that an athlete needs. You move through a wonderfully rendered city and live beyond the realms of normal society and gravity with parkour gameplay similar to Protoype and inFamous. Darting from skyscraper to skyscraper in an aerial ballet, the world of Mirror’s Edge almost feels believable and real, and fools the senses into believing this world is real.

Mirror’s Edge has a compelling and intriguing main protagonist, Faith, who made me desire more knowledge and information about the world, people, and events that have made her the person she has become.

The streamlined controls included with Mirror’s Edge are quick and responsive, the context-sensitive controls are well mapped-out, making the movements easy to learn, fluid, and smooth to witness. Dice also streamlined the combat down to one context-sensitive button, left-click for a punch, a stomp, a flying kick or a sliding tackle, all depending on when you press the button.

Dice designed the open-level design of Mirror’s Edge around large, sprawling rooftops, and detailed construction sites, while keeping the indoor areas for chases and puzzles, which works really well.

The PhysX kicks into high speed to produce wonderful scenes of blurred lights that create a fourth dimension, which makes Mirror’s Edge look amazing even with its limited ability to alter the game graphics.

The Bad Parts (4 out of 5)

Faith gets a little help from a fellow courier

You need a series 8x Nvidia card or higher to enable extra PhysX content in Mirror’s Edge, which is unfortunate for those without this ability because it adds tremendously to the visual presentation.

Mirror’s Edge will leave you wanting more and thinking this was a short adventure after you finish, since it only takes about six or seven hours to complete the adventure. Gamers looking for a thorough gameplay experience that extends beyond the typitcal eight hour platitude most companies employ will be sorely disappointed with Mirror’s Edge on that front. Red Dead Redemption this game is not.

The Graphical Story (4 out of 5)

A flashy image from Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge has the unique graphical style of glaring white buildings with starkly colored interiors and a visual presentation that’s a combination of form with function.

Mirror’s Edge does include the ability for you to change the game graphics but this ability is rather shallow in variety. There’s an AA slider for you to fiddle with, graphics quality settings, a textured resolution option, and a PhysX toggle to play with.

The environments look amazing at high speeds and are a truly artistic and creative use of Unreal Engine 3. At extreme speeds the detail and textures dip as they would in the real world, a nice effect that adds a sense of realism to the action.

Sounds in the game (4 out of 5)

Awesome music for an awesome game

The sound quality of Mirror’s Edge is good for a game that’s mainly a platforming experience developed for a new generation of gamer. The sound effects were sparse, but sharp, clear and distinctive enough to add elements of entertainment and satisfaction.

The voice acting include with Mirror’s Edge was engaging and emotional enough to occasionally get me engaged, especially with Faith, but many of the other characters you interact with have weak voices with no emotional content.

Story Line (4 out of 5)

Faith on the run

In Mirror’s Edge you play as Faith, a freelance courier who transports unregulated information and sensitive items for clients across the dangerous environments of the city. After your sister is framed for a murder she didn’t commit, you find yourself on the edge of sanity and searching for answers as you try to uncover the truth, and prove your sister’s innocence. You’ll use your ability and skills as a runner to help you move quickly and quietly around the city and discover the facts surrounding the conspiracy.

Playability (5 out of 5)

Kicking butt and taking names

Mirror’s Edge is one of the most playable adventure games around, with a truly unique platforming element and game play that will delight gamers of old and inspire the senses of gamers who love a FPS experience. Your first run-through will have you gripping your seat with your buttocks as tightly as a new born baby clings to its mother.

The kinetic energy provided by the action in Mirror’s Edge is addictive in nature and a new platforming experience that will thrill veteran gamers and inspire the newest generation of gamers to jump to greater heights.

Mirror’s Edge includes a nicely designed Single Player mode, a quick and fun Time Trial mode, and a Race mode for gamers just wanting to show off their moves and speed.

Mirror’s Edge does have a shooting element, but all the combat occurs during in a small portion of the story line, so the combat appears to be more of an afterthought. The combat system is simple, useful and functional, and allows you to do the job, but Mirror’s Edge is more of a platforming experience than a shooter.

The Last Word (4 out of 5)

Mirror’s Edge is the must have platforming adventure for the next generation of gamer and a new experience for veteran platformers used to a traditional experience. The PC version of Mirror’s Edge is a superior game to the console versions, with their control issues and stiff and awkward game play. Gamers who have matured past the 2D prime of the platforming era can look to Dice’s Mirror Edge as an evolutionary step in a new direction for interactive platforming titles, making Mirror’s Edge a must play for die-hard fans of the genre.


Mirror’s Edge entertains and engages your senses

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