inFamous Stunt Guide for the PS3: Tips for Performing the Flying Melee, Air Strike, Crowd Control and Other Stunts

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inFamous Stunts

In inFamous, there are 21 different stunts that you can do. Now, just like in any game, some are really easy to do, and some are almost impossible. But, they all can be done, and here the stunts and their descriptions to help you find out how to do them. I listed these in alphabetical order, not really in the order that they can be done in. So, you will simply have to read through them and see which can be done at your current area.

How to Do All 21 Stunts

Air Sticky Bomb: Simply attack a grenade to a flying enemy.

Air Strike: While you’re in the air, kill a mob with a lightning bolt. This one can be tricky, so just practice and you’ll get it pretty soon.

Blast & Bolt: Kill a flying enemy with a lightning bolt. Again, this one can be pretty tricky, but just practice and you’ll get it.

Crowd Control: Whack 5 mobs at one time. This can be hard sometimes, but when you find one of the fat conduits (special mobs), wait for them to spit out 5 or 6 of the robots that look like scorpions. Then, climb a building and wait for them to come to you and throw a grenade down.

Crush: Kill a monster by crushing them with something. This is actually a pretty easy stunt, and can be done anywhere.

Enviro Take Down: Kill a mob by creating an environmental explosion on or near them.

Flying Head Shot: This one is tricky - you have to kill a mob with a head shot while they are flying. You will have to just keep on working on this one all the time because it’s just a matter of luck.

Flying Melee: Kill a flying mob with a melee attack. Basically, kill a mob that’s airborn, and it’s actually pretty easy.

Have a Nice Fall: Kill 3 monsters at one time by making them fall off something high. This one can be harder to do because you might be able to find 3 mobs in one area.

Highfall: This one is really easy, just kill off a mob by pushing them off of a high place.

Insult to Injury: Just stick a grenade to a mob, but kill them before it explodes. Make sure that you don’t get whacked in the process!

Melee Finisher: Kill a mob on your last hit of a 5-hit melee combo. Self explanatory… pretty simple.

Premature Detonation: Kill a mob by making a Kamikaze explode by them. This is easy. Just watch for those mobs that are trying to ambush you and you’ll soon be able to find those mobs in the area that are trying to pull a Kamikaze on you - just let them blow up and kill other the other mobs.

Ride the Lightning: Kill a mob while you’re rail grinding with a precision shot. This one is kind of hard, as you have to get a head shot with this one. But, with practice, you’ll get it down.

Right Back At Ya: Make a mob kill themselves with a grenade. Now, you’ll have to wait til the mid levels of the game for this one, and it’s pretty easy when you hit the second island. Just take cover and wait for some of them to try to flush you out. They’ll throw a grenade and then you shockwave it back at them. This is funny to watch.

Splash and Crash: While you’re in the air, shockwave an enemy and then hit them with Thunder Drop right away.

Sticky Bomb: Kill a mob by attaching a shock grenade to it. Ah, self explanatory, and really easy.

Suspended Sentence: Kill an enemy that you’ve sent airborn with Thunder Storm.

Unquenchable Thirst: Without touching anything, transfer to four different grinds. This is easy to do on any train tracks as there are four different ones that count as four different grinds.

Up Close and Personal: Kill 3 mobs with melee attacks back to back.

Whack a Mole: Use your Thunder Drop to kill one of the special enemies called a conduit.