inFamous 2 Powers and How to Get Them

inFamous 2 Powers and How to Get Them
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‘R1’ Bolt Powers

Alpha Bolt: You receive this as the default basic attack power.

Power Level 1:

  • Pincer Bolt: This power is one that you get through your normal missions. During the correct mission, all you need to do is go to the selected location and defeat 6 enemies any way you choose. The Pincer Bolt is an attack that has 3 parts to it that travel in a mostly straight line towards the target to hit three separate times, doing greater damage.
  • Artillery Bolt: This attack is a normal attack that you get after you drop five enemies while hanging on a wall or pole. These bolts are a little different from the Alpha Bolt in that it can go an extra-long distance. This is not like your Precision Strike which you get later. It doesn’t fly in a straight line as gravity has an effect on this attack. Simply aim a little high however and you’ll hit your target. The further away the target, the higher you need to aim to compensate for the drop.

Power Level 2:

  • Magnum Bolt (Good): This is a Good Karma power that is unlocked by getting to the Champion karma rank and then getting 10 head shots with any of the Bolt powers. This power is a single burst of damage that hits your enemy and can knock them down with the force of the attack..
  • Skull Bolt (Evil): This is an Evil Karma power that is available when you get to Outlaw Status. Once you are at this level you need to get five Hit Clueless Enemy stunts. This power is like your normal bolt unless it gets a head shot. When it hits the head it causes an explosion around that individual.

Power Level 3:

  • Bolt Stream (Good): This is a Good Karma power that is unlocked by getting to Hero karma rank and then getting ten ‘Stick it to the Man’ stunts where you attach a sticky grenade directly to an enemy. This power acts like an electric machine gun when you hold down ‘R1’ in attacking, sending out a barrage of bolt attacks.
  • Scythe Bolt (Evil): This is an Evil Karma power that is unlocked by getting to the Infamous Rank and then getting a ‘4-in-1-Blow’ stunt where you defeat four enemies in a row in a short amount of time. This power acts like a line of energy with five charges along its length. That line flies towards your target, hitting not only it but anything that is close.

‘X’ Blast Powers

Alpha Blast: This is the default shockwave for the X button. This shockwave isn’t particularly strong, but it’s enough to toss enemies back when you’re close enough, or to move other types of objects for attack purposes.

Power Level 1:

  • Detonation Blast: This is an attack that’s a bit different from the normal blast. You send out a swirling ball of energy towards something and it sticks. It will eventually explode and act like a localized Alpha Blast around that location. In addition to the attack properties, if you stick this to the ground and jump when your close to it, it will go off immediately and give you an extra boost to your jump. This requires you to preform five Watch Your Step stunts where you defeat an enemy by blowing enemies off of rooftops.

Power Level 2:

Infamous 2 Screenshot 1

  • Graviton Blast (Good): This is a Good Karma attack that when it hits the enemies not only are they thrown back they begin to defy gravity as they spin and hang in the air for several moments. While enemies are in the air you can attack them further as they are helpless till the effect wears off.
  • Punch Blast (Evil): This is a much narrower version of your Alpha Blast. Due to its focused nature, it gives a harder push and can send objects and people much further. This power requires you to get a single Blast Party stunt to unlock.

Power Level 3:

  • Shatter Blast (Good): Shatter Blasts work by combining both your Electricity and your Ice powers. You form ice spikes in the air in front of you, then using a Denotation Blast you launch them at your enemies.
  • Nightmare Blast (Evil): This is a blast that doesn’t do a lot of damage to enemies, but instead surrounds them in a cloud of ash that both blinds and disorients them making them easy prey.

‘Square’ Grenade Powers

Alpha Grenade: This is the default grenade that you start off with. Toss this grenade near the enemy and it will explode sending the enemy flying. This is a good attack to use when the enemy is in an awkward position like firing a turret. Bounce it off of something or just toss it at the ground where the enemy is hiding.

Power Level 1:

  • Sticky Grenade (Good): The sticky grenade is exactly like the Alpha Grenade except that when it hits an enemy or breakable object, like a car for example, it will stick there until it explodes. If you have a good aim, hit an enemy directly and he might retreat into his buddies for a multiple hit explosion. If you want to bounce your grenade off a wall, hold the Square button after throwing.
  • Double Grenade (Evil): The Double Grenade is like a normal grenade except that not only does it explode on impact, it will bounce upwards and explode a second time immediately afterwards.

Power Level 2

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  • Ice Grenade (Good): The Ice Grenade is similar to your Alpha Grenade in that you aim and throw. This grenade however creates a cluster of large ice spikes to erupt from the ground. These spikes will both throw enemies away from their epicenter and provide a limited amount of cover at the same time.
  • Napalm Grenade (Evil): The Napalm Grenade will explode on contact and will violently throw all objects and enemies away from it as it explodes.

Power Level 3:

  • Cluster Grenade: This grenade is like the Sticky Grenade except with one huge difference. On the way towards where you’re throwing it the grenade splits apart into a bunch of smaller grenades, sticking to everything and blowing up a wide area at once. This is available after getting your fifth Blast Core and unlocked after getting ten head shots with your Precision Strike.

‘Triangle’ Rocket Powers

Alpha Rocket: Rockets are unlocked after you get your fifth Blast Core and this is the first type you receive. This attack launches a slower moving but powerful rocket blast that unleashes an explosion of kinetic energy when it hits.

Power Level 1:

  • Redirect Rocket (Good): After being fired this rocket can be redirected by aiming at an enemy or object and firing a bolt at it. Once the bolt hits, these rockets will quickly seek out the target. This requires you to get five additional Hit Flying Enemy stunts.
  • Tripwire Rocket (Evil): This rocket splits apart mid-flight and an electrical tether is connected between the two pieces. If any part of this projectile hits an enemy it explodes. This requires you to get a Rocket Party stunt, where you hit more than three enemies with a single rocket blast.

Power Level 2

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  • Sticky Rocket: This rocket will break apart when it gets near enemies and act like individual homing missiles. These projectiles will stick to enemies and then explode after a moment. This power is unlocked after getting three Dead Eye stunts, which is hitting three human sized enemies directly with a rocket.

Power Level 3:

  • Freeze Rocket (Good): This rocket goes in a straight line like the Alpha Rocket, but rather than causes electrical damage it instantly freezes any enemies in its radius.
  • Hellfire Rockets (Evil): This rocket attack causes five different rockets to stream towards your enemies and detonate in a stream of explosions that increases damage to targets.

‘R2’ Misc. Powers

Power Level 1:

  • Kinetic Pulse: This power you get through the normal course of your missions. This power ‘magnetically’ lifts an object off the ground and lets it hover in the air. You can either drop it, or aim your reticle at an enemy and press the ‘X’ button to launch it at them. Be careful though, don’t aim it high enough and you could have it ricochet and kill yourself with your own ballistic weapon.
  • Lightning Tether: This power you have access to after you find your sixth Blast Core. Aim at an object or an enemy and you will unleash a tether to pull yourself towards where you’re attached. Although it can pull you higher a great deal faster, be careful what you latch onto as you might fall from the tether if you hit something before you reach the destination.

Power Level 2

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  • Ice Launch (Good): This instantly summons a column of ice that will launch you higher up then what you could jump yourself. While it might seem like this is duplicated with other powers, this costs little power to use and launches yourself higher than the Detonation Blast or Car Jump creating an effective way to get you where you want to be quickly.
  • Firebird Strike (Evil): This power is more of a travel power then an attack power as it doesn’t do much damage, but when activated it propels you into a straight horizontal line for a moment. As it has a dual function, it takes more energy to use, but it can be chained several times enabling you to travel significant distances.

Power Level 3:

  • Frost Shield (Good): This power requires Ice Launch to be purchased first. Your Frost Shield is much like your Polarity Wall in the first game. You hold it before you and you can stop small projectiles with it. In addition to simply stopping projectiles, your shield generates energy for you for each projectile stopped enabling you to recharge in the middle of combat.
  • Spikers (Evil): This power requires Firebird Strike to be purchased first even if unlocked at the same time. This power allows you to summon a pack of three minions to fight for you, allowing you to both damage and distract enemies when there are a few too many to deal with. Only three may be summoned at a time as the previous batch will be destroyed when you use this power a second time.

‘Direction Pad’ Ionic Powers

  • Ionic Vortex: By using an Ionic Charge you can form a tornado that travels over the ground and creates a great deal of damage. It can dissipate if you use it against buildings, but if you have a good straight line it will go for a considerable distance as it causes its destruction.
  • Ionic Freeze (Good): This power is more of a closer range type then the Ionic Vortex, but it works in roughly a 180 degree cone in front of you creating an ice wave of spikes that completely freezes your enemies. Innocents and friendlies aren’t damaged by this power so feel free to use it while grouped up.
  • Ionic Drain (Evil): This power centers on you and extends to a significant radius around you. When you use this power you drain the life force from everyone in the area of effect and at the same time recharging both health and energy.
  • Ionic Storm: With this power you call down a bolt of lightning that lasts for several seconds and concentrating on the largest enemy in the area. This attack is even effective against enemies with protective plates like the Behemoth.

Amp Upgrades

Melee: You start off with the Amp and are able to use it in melee attacks. After hitting with it a couple of times with the normal ‘Square’ swings and you can then hit ‘Triangle’ and get a more powerful finishing move that can take down stronger enemies faster.

Power Level 1:

  • Finisher Attacks: This is a power upgrade for your ‘Triangle’ finishing moves for the Amp. It won’t do anything extra power wise, but it will give your finisher triple the damage.

Power Level 2

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  • Ultra Attacks: While using the Amp you’ll notice that there is a small meter that charges as you hit enemies with basic ‘Square’ attacks. As it reaches the higher level, that’s when you can perform your finisher attacks. With Ultra Attacks, the meter can go higher and when you hit ‘Triangle’ at those higher levels of charge you do even stronger finishing moves.

Power Level 3:

  • Ultra Drain: When you hit an enemy with an Ultra Attack you suddenly drain them of all electricity and replenish your meter completely. This has no Karma effect.
  • Quicker Combos: This power allows you to build your meter to Ultra status with fewer strikes to enemies allowing you to pull off your power moves more quickly.

Upgrades (Passive Enhancements)

Power Level 1:

  • Megawatt Drain: This power increases the rate of speed that you can drain power from objects enabling you to power up 50 percent faster then the basic drain. This is available after completing ten side missions.
  • Ionic Charge 2: Ionic powers require a charge to use. This power lets you carry a maximum of two charges at the same time. This is available after completing twenty side missions.

Power Level 2

Infamous 2 Screenshot 4


  • Gigawatt Drain: Much like the Megawatt Drain, this power further increases the speed at which you can drain electricity from objects. With this upgrade you drain at double the original speed. This is available after completing thirty side missions.
  • Ionic Charge 3: Like the other Ionic Charge power, this increases your available charges to the maximum of 3. This is available after completing forty side missions.

Power Level 3:

  • Precision (Enhanced): While you start without your Precision power from the first game, you get it back after getting a few Blast Cores. This power goes along with this power in extending the amount of time you can stay in the focused mode and fire off your precision shots. This is available after completing fifty side missions.
  • Blast Shard Sense: When you ping, by pressing ‘L3’ you send out a wave that shows you points of interest in the area, like blast shards. With this ability it will always show you the nearest blast shard on your mini-map making it much easier to track down any shards you might have overlooked. This is available after completing sixty side missions.

Karmic Boost

In order to get any of these powers you simply need to get your Karma to the correct level and you will get access to the ability. These will stack, so getting the highest karma level will let you get the reward of all three effects.

Karma Rank: Hero

  • Bolt Recharge: When you hit a human sized enemy with one of your bolt powers you will slightly recharge your energy supply. This is great for those powers like Bolt Stream which can drain you pretty quick if you’re not careful, but now can charge you up if your aim is good

Karma Rank: Champion

  • Group Heal: This power will expand the normal Pulse Heal that you can perform and let it heal additional people in a certain radius around the person your healing.

Karma Rank: Guardian

  • Civilian Safety: This is a passive ability that will nearly eliminate the damage that civilians take from your electrical attacks, letting you hit with your area of effect attacks without worrying so much about killing people.

Karma Rank: Thug

Infamous 2 Screenshot 5

  • Bystander Bonus: This power allows you to gain experience for killing a civilian, making it worth it to let loose with your most damaging powers wherever you are.

Karma Rank: Outlaw

  • Bolt Chain: This power will cause your bolt attacks to arc out to additional things around the target causing additional damage, allowing you to only need to be ‘close’ to be effective.

Karma Rank: Infamous

  • Bio Leech Overload: This ability will enable you to have unlimited electricity for a limited time after you’ve Bio Leeched a person allowing you to let loose with a quick burst of your higher energy attacks without worrying about energy constraints.

Blast Core Powers

While a lot of the powers you get in game easily fit in their own catagory above, some do not. This section not only lists those powers but gives an indication of what powers you get with each Blast Core.

Blast Core 1:

  • Your first Blast Core will expand your abilities and help build them up to new levels. Your first power is the Kinetic Pulse. As this is one of your regular powers it has been covered in the earlier sections.

Blast Core 2:

  • Your second blast core will allow you to access your first Ionic abilities. Test out your Ionic Vortex for the first time and watch things fly.

Blast Core 3:

Infamous 2 Wallpaper 3

  • Car Jump: This passive ability activates whenever you jump onto a car. Using the energy in the car you are able to give yourself an extra boost to your height when you jump, similar to the Detonation Blast
  • Precision Strike: This core powers you up enough to get your Precision Strike back. Working like it did in the original inFamous, if you press and hold the up keypad your aiming reticle will come up but smaller then before and time will slow. While in this mode you will be able to fire precise shots at long distances at your enemies.
  • Improved Hover: If you thought your hover wasn’t as good as it was in the first inFamous, this upgrade will change your mind. This power enhances both your hover speed and your hang time.

Blast Core 4:

  • When you get this Blast Core you are going to choose whether you get Evil powers or if you get Good ones. Depending on which you choose, you’ll now have either Fire or Ice abilities. Each of these powers are discussed in their own section. Keep in mind however that when you choose either Ice or Fire, the choice is permanent and the ‘Undiscovered Power’ tag will change to ‘Karma Locked’ indicating powers you will no longer have the option to obtain.

Blast Core 5:

  • When you get this Blast Core you get several of your Rocket powers. At the same time you will unlock the final Grenade and Amp Upgrades. As these are normal attacks they’ll be detailed in their individual sections.

Blast Core 6:

  • When you get your 6th blast core you will be able to use the Lightning Tether. This is detailed in its respective location.

Blast Core 7:

  • When you get this final core you unlock your last Ionic power, the Ionic Storm. This is detailed in its respective location.