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Nightmare Creatures: Weapons and Defense

by: Jake3176 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Behold some goodies to take on the nastier things of the dark!

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    Hey, where are you running off to? Oh relax, you didn’t think we were going to arm you with a rapier or a fighting staff and say, “have at it, kid." Did you? This is a complete list of all the powerups you can find throughout the game:

    Proximity mines are dropped on the floor and will explode and do severe damage to anything that gets too close.

    Repulsive smoke will keep monsters at bay.

    Freeze spell will deep freeze all monsters in sight.

    Dynamite will damage and create knockback to all monsters in sight.

    Flash will confuse and blind monsters for about 10 seconds or so.

    Firebombs will roast any nearby monsters

    The Gun allows you to pick off a single target from long range

    The Multi-gun can be used several times at several monsters

    Berserker allows you hack your monsters into pieces

    Healing gives back a bit of life to your character

    Super-Healing restores all health lost

    Chaos turns monsters against one another

    Heart gives you an extra life

    Bear in mind these powerups are spread through the levels and you may not be able to find everyone. I recommend for walkthroughs on this fairly difficult game. they are quite detailed and will assist you when you are stumped or confused.

    The most common one of these powerups is the Repulsive smoke and man o man does it come in handy when swarmed by more enemies than you are ready to handle. The pistol(or gun if you will) is effective but it is a one shot deal however the guns will stack up and allow you at least 5 single shots at a creature. For crying out loud be careful with the proximity mines. you just let several cannonballs with nitrogylcerine roll across the ground. Just messing with you but be out of the blast radius for your own sake.

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    Something to think about

    Adrenaline is the key to this game. To resist the transmogrification virus is based solely on your adrenaline level. If it is too low you can be infected and killed. Your survival and the continued existence of London means slaughtering as many of these monsters you can get your hands on. Your adrenaline level will decline when you are merely exploring areas rather than fighting but it is a slow rate so you can still manage to bring it back up.

    With each completed level you get a upgrade on your main weapon. The chances to hit are greater as is the damage, increasing the chances of amputation of your foe.