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Nightmare Creatures: Monsters cont'd

by: Jake3176 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Finishing the horror and delight of the monsters and mobs in this horror pc game that is perfect play this time of year.

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    Even More Monsters

    In the first article, I showed you some of the basic monsters that you'll encounter in Nightmare Creatures. This part will go through even more monsters and mobs that you will encounter in game:

    Pepys’ Monsters

    No true definition of these behemoths other than they stand about nine feet tall, have three heads as well as 3 arms, equipped with razor sharp talons and have more teeth than the entire Osmond family. By far, the ugliest creature you can encounter and one of the deadliest. Hope you have a freeze spell handy for this bugger.


    Strong as an ox and as bright as one, this creature prefers to bash the victim severely with its massive fists or pound hands into the ground creating a miniature quake. Not particularly fast so slash or strike as quickly as possible


    Bugs? Who is worried about a bug? Well mate this bug is armor plated, about 3 feet tall and lightning fast with its stinger. Put your can of Raid and fly swatter down, grab a pistol or better still a good blade.

    Thames’ Monsters

    These foul octopi would put Jacques Cousteau off his lunch. With a reach of almost 50 feet, razor sharp teeth and dwelling down by the docks. Late night swim could be one’s last. Dynamite or a proximity mine are about the best course of action here.


    Fast flying winged wenches with a shrilling voice so loud it could rival Mariah Carey. Using fly-by attacks or banshee like wail they are quite difficult to defeat. Aim carefully with a pistol.

    Faceless Men

    Shrouded in long coats and armed with knives, these men are whispered to being original members of the Brotherhood of Hecate mutated by the viral agent against their will. Standard beat down with punches and kicks will do the trick

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    In The Mood For More?


    Remember the bugs and do not judge it solely by its name. Approximately 9 feet tall and barely in the rear as ugliest creature of this game, the six-legged monsters dwell in tunnels and passageways but look around town. You will find more than one web or two. Fire is a pet peeve of theirs but use it sparingly. The webs are quite flammable.

    Giant Rats

    R.U.S.’s? In London? I don’t believe in their existence either. Just to be on the safe side you will spot one of these brutes rather easily. They are about the size of a mini-coop. Dislike fire a lot.


    Composed of living stone, pretending to be statues these monstrosities wait for the right moment to catch their prey unaware and swoop down and back killing very effectively. They are also pack hunters. Repulsive smoke is a handy one so you can get your bearings and take a few pot shots at them.


    Not meek little puppies that just need a hug. These fire-breathing demon dogs need a fire extinguisher and a serious neutering. Of course good luck finding suppressant foam that puts out hellfire, let alone a vet willing to clip them. Incredibly agile, vicious and just all around nasty, hellhounds are a force to be reckoned with. By some miracle you do not get slagged from a column of flame, mauled by claws or fangs you clearly just annoyed a Rottweiler and will have to explain yourself to the owner. Rumor has it, hell hounds are invulnerable to fire and ice.

    As you can see, there are more than a fair share of monsters and mobs to kill here in this horror flick.