Feral Druid Worgen Name Ideas for World of Warcraft (WoW) Cataclysm: Worgen Druid Naming Resource

Feral Druid Worgen Name Ideas for World of Warcraft (WoW) Cataclysm: Worgen Druid Naming Resource
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There was a lot of debate in the months preceding the release of the World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion Cataclysm about the new races, worgen and goblin. Besides minor considerations like racial abilities, players debated important aspects like naming: what would be some great names for the werewolf-inspired race the worgen?

If you’re making a worgen druid and looking for a name, especially one good for a feral druid, keep reading. There are three major angles you can take when naming your worgen — you can go with a British-sounding name, a wolfish name, or a feral druid-sounding name…or any combination of the three.

The British Angle

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One World of Warcraft forumgoer recommends taking advantage of the British flavor of the worgen starting area Gilneas and basing your worgen’s name on British towns. A name like Thornbury, Hatherleigh, or Ashbourne will fit right in with the Gilnean atmosphere. Or if you want to be really cheeky, allude to the worgen’s absolute best perk — the top hat, of course — with the Britsh town name Topsham.

Another option is British literature. For example, the very British book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is populated with all sorts of wonderfully-named characters who would be perfect for a Worgen. Utterson, Enfield, Lanyon…even Sir Danvers Carew provides two great name opportunities on his own, via Danvers and Carew. While none of these characters in particular exactly fits the mold of a nature-nurturing druid, they do reflect the thematic worgen town of Gilneas perfectly.

The Wolf Angle

A second way to go when looking for a feral druid worgen name is by using your name to reflect the worgen’s wolfish nature. References to violent fighting and to teeth, claws and fur are sources for inspiration. One forumgoer made compound names from Spanish words and prefixes: Malgarra, roughly meaning “evil claw,” and Diablogarra, meaning “devil claw.” Looking to languages other than your own can make the silly sound cool — until, of course, a native Spanish speaker reads your name Diablogarra and laughs at you.

But then again, you weren’t really interested in their opinion, were you?

Look to mythology for wolf-inspired names for your worgen feral druid. A very-common wolf mythological name is Fenris or Fenrir from Norse mythology. In Irish mythology, Conall means “strong as a wolf.” Norse mythology also gives us Freki, Odin’s wolf, and Sköll, a wolf who chased the sun. It’s impossible to underestimate the cachet of getting to use an umlaut properly for once, rather than forcing one where it doesn’t belong in order to obtain an already-in-use name (for shame!).

The Feral Druid Angle

There isn’t much new to say about druid naming itself, as feral druids existed long before the worgen race in World of Warcraft. It’s in this category where players get most, well, playful, merging druid shapeshifting forms with humorous treatments of the idea of a werewolf druid. This is reflected in silly names like Growlypants, Sparkleshift, Wolf/Woofenstein, Volksworgen (a worgen of the people!) and Negrow (“worgen” spelled backwards, original), culminating in the epic…

Wait for it…


In conclusion, try looking back at film, video games, or literature you identify with and enjoy for inspiration for names for your worgen druid. If it’s a joke character, by all means go with “Lolimafurry” if that’s your wish (I saw that just last night) but if it’s one you’re going to play to 85, pick something you’ll like for a long time.

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