World of Warcraft Night Elf Starting Characters.

World of Warcraft Night Elf Starting Characters.
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New to Night Elf-dom

The World of Warcraft Night Elf character race is a particularly good choice for any caliber of World of Warcraft player due to its interesting story line and multiple class possibilities. As with any character race in World of Warcraft, the Night Elf character race contains some difficulties, especially in the early stages of game play. In order to best understand how the character race can be optimized in these early stages, players must be able to stick with the early, albeit boring quests of the beginning stages of play. Venturing out of the World of Warcraft Night Elf starting zone too soon can result in frequently dying without gaining any experience points whatsoever. In order to prevent wasting time, stick to the World of Warcraft Night Elf starting zone for as long as it takes to complete all basic missions.

World of Warcraft Night Elf Starting Zone Missions

Athridas Bearmantle- Quest Giver of Night Elf Starting zone.

Even if players have been playing World of Warcraft for years, starting a new character means approaching the game with a new player attitude. No matter how good a player is at the game, with a starting character, any player is worth nothing more than a starting character. This being the case, any player of entering the starting zone for Night Elves should take the time to complete all missions for the Night Elf area. Many of them are tedious and repetitive, but at the starting zone, it is not about progress and variety, it is about doing the grunt work that comes along with starting a new character. Players shouldn’t even leave the starting zone until a mission takes them there. Even then, new Night Elves should approach the wilderness as a mighty foe. Hubris can cause even the most skilled World of Warcraft player to fall soon and fall often. Do not leave the Night Elf starting zone until there are no more exclamation points on your map for that area.

For Classes

Prepare to be ill-equipped in the beginning.

Night Elves can occupy the classes of Druid, Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Warrior, or Mage in the starting zone. Because each class is basic during the early levels of the starting zone, any of them can be used effectively in the basic starting missions for World of Warcraft Night Elf characters. Though, some special considerations should be taken for each.

  • Druid- The druid Night Elf starting character should focus on one individual role. Because the druid can fulfill tank, DPS, or healing as a role, players should pick on and stick with it rather than spreading skills out among the three. Players can always change your skills later, but when starting, to be most effective, stick with one.
  • Hunter- The hunter Night Elf starting character is a distanced DPS machine. Put this to good use. Hunter Night Elves should use their bows liberally and keep their melee weapon for only the most necessary situations. Hunters will not yet have pets to fall back on, but hammering from a distance is still the best option.
  • Priest- Possibly one of the most difficult solo classes for any character race is the Priest. For this particular character class, it is especially important that players do not try to prematurely leave the World of Warcraft Night Elf starting zone. Priests are especially fragile, so players should not be afraid to team up with other players, even in the early stages, and retreat whenever necessary.
  • Rogue- Night Elf Rogues are especially useful in the early stages of the game because they have the Shadowmeld ability to help with hiding from unwanted attention. World of Warcraft Night Elf rogues can use this ability instead of the standard invisibility ability that will become available well after you leave the starting zone.
  • Warrior- Night Elf Warrior starting characters are just like warriors in later levels of the game- juggernauts of destruction and chaos. For this character, even in the early stages, do not hold back, run in with your sword swinging for the best results.
  • Mage- Though it is only available with the new Cataclysm expansion, the Night Elf mage starting character is a valuable character class because it reduces the player’s need to purchase foods and potions due to their ability to materialize water and food. Mages are also perfect for generating large amounts of damage to groups of enemies; starting characters would be wise to keep this feature in check to prevent any unwanted aggression from mobs that early players cannot handle.

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