World of Warcraft Tauren Guide: Tips for the World of Warcraft Tauren Starting Zone

World of Warcraft Tauren Guide: Tips for the World of Warcraft Tauren Starting Zone
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Introduction to World of Warcraft Tauren

World of Warcraft provides many diverse races with different specializations as well as many opportunities for unique quests. World of Warcraft Tauren are one of these races which takes the form of large, bipedal bulls and cows. Like all races in the game, Tauren have their own special starting zone where beginning characters can get acclimated to the game as well as the specific race by completing mythos-specific quests and dealing with prominent NPCs in the storyline.

Tauren characters are given the following innate abilities at the beginning of the game:

  • War Stomp, which stuns up to five enemies surrounding the Tauren character for up to two seconds.
  • Endurance, which increases their health by 5%.
  • Natural Herbalism Skill Increase by 15 points.
  • Nature Reisistance, which reduces the chance of the Tauren being affected by nature magic by 2%.

The Tauren begin in an area known as Red Cloud Mesa, the World of Warcraft Tauren starting zone which, according to Tauren mythology is where the greatest of Tauren warriors cut their teeth on the fruits and perils of adventure. However, in the years preceding the original World of Warcraft game, the Tauren’s natural enemies, the Bristleback Boar tribes.

Though the Bristlebacks are the major threat in the early levels of Tauren adventuring, they should not be the first target of new players.

First Steps

When new players are just getting acclimated to the game, they should always do fetch-quests and hunt-quests first. These quests are given by several of the beginning quest-givers and usually involve doing one of the following:

  • Finding someone or something.
  • Hunting a particular kind of creature
  • Harvesting a particular item from monsters.

Doing these quests first will allow players to understand the mechanics of the game as well as get some substantial starting experience. Players will become accustomed to how battle works and how creatures relate to World of Warcraft Tauren players.

Next Step

Brambleblade Ravine- Home of Bristlebacks

Once players have reached level 4 by completing these fetch and hunt quests, players will then be prepared to spend some of their hard-earned money to purchase some items and skills to beef up their status. At this point, players can venture towards the Battleboar village and trim the Bristleback boars from the outskirts. This should be done until players reach level 6 as it will allow players a higher level of experience points as well as experience battling a more intelligent and aggressive opponents.

Ending Phase

Bloodhoof Village

In order to maximize quest rewards and experience, it is important for players to destroy as many monsters as possible. Even if the requirements of the quest are met, players should still fight all of the creatures that they see, as each felled monster equals a hefty portion of precious experience.

Once players have reached level 6 or above, the time will come to accept the Bristleback raid mission. In this mission, players are given certain specifications for what kinds of battleboars to kill in order to relieve Red Cloud Mesa from the Bristleback threat. As long as players are a high enough level, they will have no trouble defeating the higher-leveled opponents or the boss of the Bristleback town. Once this mission is completed, a World of Warcraft Tauren is ready to move onto the next stage of their quest in Bloodhoof Village.

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All references and screenshots from World of Warcraft.

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