World of Warcraft Night Elf History

World of Warcraft Night Elf History
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Night Elf Overview

Night Elves are among the oldest beings in the fictional world of Azeroth. They are also one of the primary characters in the Alliance of goodly entities of Azeroth. Understanding the World of Warcraft Night Elf history and the World of Warcraft Night Elf genealogy can help players better understand their characters and how best to play them in the world of Azeroth and in role playing situations.

Origins of the Night Elves

The Burning Legion

The World of Warcraft Night Elf history begins with the Night Elves, who were on the world when the titans created the Well of Eternity, which would eventually become the source of the Night Elves’ power and wisdom as well as their sustained immortality for many centuries. However, soon after the creation of the Well of Eternity, the dark titan, Sargeras took notice and begun to deceive the Highborn elves, the distant cousins of the Night Elves, into serving his forming army of the Burning Legion. His ambition towards claiming the Well of Eternity as his own drove Sargeras to lead a massive assault against the opposing forces of Azeroth.

In response to this, Malfurion Stormrage, reigning druid of the Night Elves lead a small force of loyal Night Elf soldiers to the portal that Sargeras created to bring his demonic legions to Azeroth. With help from a benevolent demi-god, Cenarius, Malfurion closed the portal, stifling the advance of the demonic legion. However, as a result of the power of the titan matching with the power of the demi-god, a destructive aura of flux was created, imploding the Well of Eternity and exiling the Night Elves from their lives of immortality.

The remaining Highborn elves, in their shame and tattered remains of allying with Sargeras fled Kalimdor, the home of all elves, forming the High Elves in the new nation of Quel’Thalas. They would eventually be driven by their lust for magic and power to join up with malevolent forces of the world in pursuit of new ways to gain strength.

Night Elf Genealogy

The Night Elves are ruled by the Druids and the Moon Priestesses. Malfurion Stormrage, the commanding Druid that defeated Sargeras, is often considered the father of Darnassus, the capital city of the Night Elves in World of Warcraft because it was his bloodline that inspired the union of the Night Elves, Tyrande Whisperwind and Fandral Staghelm, the current leaders of the Night Elves. Though Malfurion has been absent from the world since the defeat of Archimonde of the Burning Legion, his viewpoints and beliefs are still what govern the Night Elves, even after the loss of their immortality. Though Fandral and Tyrande often have petty squabbles about power, they are still lead by the genealogy of Malfurion and the legacy he left.

Night Elves After the War

After the defeat of Sargeras at the Well of Eternity, t

Night Elf Victory

he World of Warcraft Night Elf history states that they settled into a new culture near the base of the World Tree. The Night Elves would still face a struggle against Archimonde, a former leutenient of the Burning Legion who craved the life force of the World Tree. They also faced some discrimination against the Orcs, who had come to settle on Kalimdor after their fleeing of the Eastern Kingdoms. However, in working in conjunction with the Orcs and the Humans, the Night Elves prevented the destruction of the World Tree and begun relations with the humans, which would eventually lead to the creation of the Alliance, as the humans, gnomes and dwarves were currently already allied.

However, the Night Elves’ relations with the Orcs did not end nearly as amicably, as the Orcs did not respect their communion with nature. The Orcs joined forces with the Tauren and the Trolls as well as the Death Knights of the Lich King, forming the beginnings of the Hoard. Over time, the friction between these two factions would come to a head, resulting in the beginnings of the Fourth War. This begins the basis of World of Warcraft.

Relations with Other Races

Relations with Other Races

Because of the betrayal that the Orcs laid upon the Night Elves after the defeat of Archimonde at the World Tree, Night Elves are generally untrusting of all other races. Even though they are honorable and just, Night Elves are particularly mistrustful, even of their own allies, the Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves and Worgen.

When Archimonde was destroyed and the alliance between the Night Elves, Humans, and Orcs ended, the Orcs remained in Ashenvale Forest, harvesting precious trees for their lumber yards. Even though the Night Elf armies were able to suppress these camps and drive the Orcs back into the Barrens, the Warsong Lumber Camp remained as a bane to the countryside of the otherwise flawlessly beautiful Ashenvale Forest.

Because of the Orcs’ corruption of the forest, other races of a less than reputable nature began to take residence near the Ashenvale outpost near the Barrens border. This included the Saytrs, the tricky and malevolent demons that the Night Elves had otherwise driven from the woods. As a result of the Satyr presence in Ashenvale, Treants and goodly animals became corrupt and started to attack the Night Elf populace in Ashenvale and Darkshore. This further perpetuated the Night Elves’ ability to trust, as the Satyrs, prior to the Orcs’ appearance, had been respectful of the Night Elves’ territory and laws of nature.

Thought the World of Warcraft Night Elf History is a sad one filled with mistrust and betrayal, the Night Elves thrive and survive in Azeroth by being cunning, skilled, and wise in the ways of magic and the world.

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