An Overview Of The Troll Race for Character Classes in Blizzard’s World Of Warcraft MMORPG

They don’t always hang out under bridges.

The Trolls that are part of the Horde are the Darkspear Tribe, who lack a home of their own; instead settling in the Orcish capital city of Ogrimmar. As Troll culture is highly fragmented, with most Trolls hostile to outsiders, the Trolls that are part of the Horde are rather different from the ones outside of it. They chiefly reside there in Kalimdor, but they were originally from the Stranglethorn Vale, although they were chased out by invaders. They were rescued by Thrall during the events of Warcraft 3, which helps to explain why they are so well attached to the Horde right now.

Trolls are a blue or green skinned race with great big tusks, with a history of following voodoo magic and worshipping ancient gods. They have a long tradition of hunting, but have picked up the arcane arts as well.

Trolls can play choose to play as a Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Rogue Shaman or Priest. Their racial abilities are throwing weapon specialization, bow specialization, berzerking, regeneration and beast slaying. Both of their ranged weapon specializations add 1% to their critical chance using either weapon, making them good choices for Hunters, but not quite as powerful as the Orcish command ability.

Beast slaying increases the amount of damage they do to all beasts by 5%, which is slightly useful as they level up. No raid bosses are labeled as beasts, so it has little utility in raiding. Regeneration improves the Troll’s health regeneration by 10%, and allows 10% of that amount to regenerate in combat – making them the only class capable of doing so. It isn’t much, but every spare hit point counts in some situations. The Troll racial mount is the jungle raptor, a ferocious carnivorous bipedal dinosaur.

Berzerking can be a very powerful ability in certain situations. It increases attack and casting speed by an amount between 10-30% depending on how low the Troll’s health is for a full ten seconds – an impressive damage boost, especially for Mages, Rogues and Warriors. The only trick is making sure that your fellow group mates don’t heal you when you plan to use it, so that you can get the most out of the ability. It’s on a 3 minute cooldown, and costs 10 energy, 5 rage or 7% of the character’s base mana total.

This arguably makes Trolls one of the better Horde races for PvE damage dealing, so long as you get the hang of using it properly.

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