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Draenei Starting Area

All Draenei players will start on Azuremyst Isle and will do the same basic quests until you leave this area. You will have to have the Burning Crusade to start a Draenei toon.

1.Once your toon is created and the game begins, you’ll see a NPC right in front of you that will give you the quest “You Survived!”.

2.Head straight toward the ship and you’ll turn that quest in and get “Replenishing the Healing Crystals”.

3.Head out and kill Vale Moths for their blood. You should hit level two while you’re doing this, so go a bit south of the building and get “Volatile Mutations”.

4.Finish “Replenishing the Healing Crystals” and “Volatile Mutation” and turn them in.

5.Get “What Must Be Done…” and “Botanical Legwork” and “Urgent Delivery!”.

6.Then, go into the building and turn in “Urgent Delivery!” and get “Rescue the Survivors!”.

7.While you’re in the building, go to your class trainer and do your class quest (which is usually just talking to the person).

8.Then, head south out of the ship and get “Spare Parts” and “Inoculation”.

9.Head east, find a Draenei survivor and use your Gift of the Naaru on them to complete “Rescue the Survivors!”.

10.Now, head over to the purple area on your map, which is Ammen Fields, and start killing the mutated root lashers for samples. While you’re killing them, you’ll find the corrupted flowers for “Botanical Legwork”.

11.When you have both of them done, go turn in “What Must Be Done…” and “Botanicak Legwork”.

12.Accept “Healing the Lake”.

13.Now, head into the building again and turn in “Rescue the Survivors!”.

14.Now, head out the south exit again and go do “Healing the Lake”, “Inoculation” and “Spare Parts”. While you are doing these quests, make sure that you kill enough Owlbeasts so you hit at least level 4.

15.When you have those two done, head back to the building and turn in “Inoculation” and “Spare Parts”. Accept “The Missing Scout”.

16.Head to your class trainer and get any new spells and abilities you can.

17.Then, go turn in “Healing the Lake”.

18.Now, head south to the coordinates 71.40 and do “The Missing Scout”. Accept “The Blood Elves”.

19.Go do it and turn it in to get “Blood Elf Spy”.

20.Head back to the Blood Elf camp, and up on the top you’ll find Surveyor Candress for the quest “Blood Elf Spy”. Kill her and loot the blood elf plans off of her to start “Blood Elf Plans”.

21.Then, head back to the south entrance at the building and turn in “Blood Elf Spy” and “Blood Elf Plans”.

22.Get “The Emitter” and turn it in.

23.Then, get “Travel to Azure Watch”.

24.Now, you’ll run out of the starting area for the Draenei to the south and follow the road out of the hills.

25.You’ll find a Draenei sitting by the path named Aeun, and you’ll get “Word for Azure Watch” from him.

26.Head west across the river and get “Red Snapper – Very Tasty” and do it in the river.

27.Turn it in and get “Find Acteon!”.

28.Now, head down the road into Azure Watch and turn in “Find Acteon!” and get “The Great Moongraze Hunt”.

29.Then, get your first aid skills and get “Medicinal Purpose”.

30.Then, head to the Inn and make it your new home and turn in “Word from Azure Watch”.

31.Head north out of the inn and turn in “Travel to Azure Watch”.

32.Now, head south out of town and follow the road to Odesyus' Landing. Get “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo” and “A Small Start”.

33.Then, head south to the beach and do “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo” while you make your way east to the little camp, Geezle’s Camp, to do “A Small Start”.

34.When you get these two done, head back to Odesyus' Landing and turn in “A Small Start” and “Cookie’s Jumbo Gumbo”.

35.You should be level 7 by now, so you should be able to get two new quests: “Reclaiming the Ruins” and “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling”.

36.Head north and stay on the east side of the road so you can kill the stags when you come across them for “The Great Moongraze Hunt” and the root trappers for “Medicinal Purpose”. You can also get a hollowed out tree around the coordinates 48.62 and the leaves that are around it for the quest “I’ve Got a Plant”.

37.When you have those done, go turn in “Medicinal Purpose” and “The Great Moongraze Hunt”.

38.Get “An Alternative Alternative” and “The Great Moongraze Hunt”.

39.Head back out and watch for Azure Snapdragons for “An Alternative Alternative” which are usually at the bottom of the trees, but the root trappers eat them, so you have to be quick.

40.Go south on the road until it forks and then head southwest. You should pass some infected nightstalker runts, and you can kill them until you get a faintly glowing crystal which will start the quest “Strange Findings”.

41.Keep heading southwest and start killing the naga when you see them for “Reclaiming the Ruins” and for the relics for “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling”. While you’re here, the naga should also drop a rune covered tablet that starts the quest “Rune Covered Tablet”.

42.Now, head back to Odesyus' Landing and turn in “I’ve Got A Plant”, “Rune Covered Tablet”, “Reclaiming the Ruins”, and “Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling”.

43.Get “Tree’s Company” and “Warlord Sriss’tiz”.

44.Then, head back to Azure Watch and get “The Missing Fisherman” from the mining trainer, as well as “Learning the Language”.

45.Do “Learning the Language” and get “Totem of Coo”

46.Then, go to the west side of town and turn in “Strange Findings” and get “Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2…”

47.Get any new training/abilities/spells while you’re here.

48.Now, head out north and kill any of the Moongraze bucks for “The Great Moongraze Hunt” and look for the snapdragons while you’re at it. You’ll find a great concentration of the snapdragons around the coordinates 57.44.

49.Then, head to the coordinates 55.41 and turn in “Totem of Coo” and get “Totem of Tikti”.

50.You’ll also get some wings and he’ll point to the northwest. Jump off and run over the water to the coordinates 64.39 and turn in “Totem of Tikti” and get “Totem of Yor”.

51.Then, follow the river south to the coordinates 63.67 and head to the bottom of the river. Turn in “Totem of Yor” and get “Totem of Vark”.

52.Then, when you are in cat form, you’ll follow the NPC to the Totem of Vark and turn it in.

53.Get “The Prophecy of Akida”.

54.Now, start killing all the Bristlelimbs here for their keys and free the 8 prisoners.

55.When you have freed them all, head south east and start killing any Moongraze bucks that you see as well as the infected nightstalker runts.

56.Now, head to the south, to the cave called Tides' Hollow which is all the coordinates 26.77. When you’re in the cave, you’ll see a hole. In the hole, you’ll see a ring of candles. Fall down this hole and you’ll find Sriss’tiz straight ahead of you. He is a level 10, but really easy to kill.

57.Then, head out to the island in the far southwestern corner of the map and head to the east side of it at the coordinates 18.83 and you’ll find the flag for “Tree’s Company”.

58.Then, use the disguise and turn the flag into a tree and watch the conversation.

59.Then head to the dock at the coordinates 29.33 and turn in “The Missing Fisherman” and get “All That Remains”.

60.Now, head north and kill a couple of owlbeasts until you get the family remains, then turn it in.

61.You can either hearth or run back to Azure Watch, whichever you’d like.

62.Head out to the alchemist and turn in “An Alternative Alternative”, then by the center of town, turn in “The Prophecy of Akida” and get “Stillpine Hold”.

63.Head to your class trainer and turn in “The Great Moongraze Hunt”.

64.Then, head south to the landing and turn in “Tree’s Company” and get “Show Gnomercy”.

65.Then, turn in “Warlord Sriss’tiz”.

66.Now, somewhere areound the southeastern side of the landing, you’ll see a wandering gnome. Talk to him and he’ll attack you. Kill him and then loot the note. Then, go back and turn it in to get “Deliver Them From Evil…”/

67.Now, go back up to the Watch and on the western side of town, you’ll turn in “Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2..” and “Deliver Them From Evil”.

68.By this time, you should be at least level 10, so head to your class trainer and get your class quest. Head out and do your class quest and then turn it in.

69.Now, follow the road west until you hit Exodar.

70.When you get to Exodar, turn right and you will see the Elekk breeder where you will turn in “Coming of Age” and get “Elekks Are Serious Business”.

71.Then, head northeast to the coordinates 44.23, which is where Stillpine Hold is. (You can grab the skinning profession here if you like.) Get “Beasts of the Apocalypse!” and “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?”.

72.Now, head a bit northeast, where you will find the chief and turn in “Stillpine Hold”.

73.Now, go a bit more northeast to the coordinates 53.21 and kill the ravagers for their hides. Then, when you get done, go to Temper at the coordinates 59.18 and turn in “Call of Fire” and get “Call of Fire” again.

74.Now, go back to Stillpine Hold and turn in “Beasts of the Apocalypse!” and then stop by the chief and get “Chieftain Oomooroo” and “Search Stillpine Hold”.

75.Now, run up to the cave and start killing the crazed wildkin until you get the ritual torch and kill Oomooroo. Once you get that completed, go to the back of the cave, past the two-headed dog and you will see the red crystal for “Seach Stillpine Hold”. You click on the crystal to turn in the quest and then get “Blood Crystals”.

76.As soon as you accept the quest, 2 owlkin will spawn.

77.Now, go back outside to the chief and turn in “Blood Crystals” and “Chieftan Oomooroo”.

78.Then, the revelator will give you “The Kurken is Lurkin”, and you will head back to the cave, kill the kurken and turn it in.

79.Get “The Kurken’s Hide” and then take it to the leatherworker, who will give you a nice chestpiece.

80.Now, head back northeast to Temper at 59.18 and turn in “Call of Fire” and get “Call of Fire” again.

81.Now, go west to the short at the coordinates 34.18 and look for the grain bags that are at the huts for “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?”. Also, watch for a special murloc named Murgurgula, who will drop “Gurf’s Dignity”.

82.Now, head back east to the hold and turn in “Murlocs… Why Here? Why Now?” and “Gurf’s Dignity”.

83.By now, you should be very close to, or already, level 12.

84.So, head north around the mountain and enter Bloodmyst Isle.

85.Head to Kessel’s Crossing, which is straight ahead, and get “A Favorite Treat”.

86.Then, go turn in “Elekks Are Serious Business” and get “Alien Predators” and “The Kessel Run”. Then, you have 15 minutes to use the mount.

87.Head to High Chief Stillpine at the coordinates 46.20 and get “Warn Your People”, then follow the road sound to Azure Watch at the coordinates 47.50 and turn in “Warn Your People”.

88.Get any new training and then go back south to the landing at the coordinates 46.70 and warn Odesyus.

89.Now, head back to Bloodmyst Isle and turn it in to get “Declaration of Power”.

90.Now, if you did it fast enough, you should still have about 6 minutes left to ride the mount. So, ride all the way southwest on Azuremyst Isle.

91.At the coordinates 11.82, you will see a Wickerman Effigy, click on it to summon Hauteur and grab his ashed for “Call of Fire”. Now, use the orb of returning to get back to Temper and turn it in.

92.Then, get “Call of Fire” again, and hearth to Azure Watch.

93.Now, go turn in “Call of Fire” and get it once more. Then, head west to Exodar and go to the vault of lights at the coordinates 32.54 and turn in “Call of Fire”.

94.Now, go north into the Crystal Hall at the coordinates 31.27 and turn in “Call of Fire”.

95.Now, you have two different options depending on which class you chose. Shamans will need to keep following their totem quests, but non Shamans can either continue to quest until they hit 18 (which is the best way to go) and then go to Darkshore, or you can leave now and take the boat sound of Exodar at the coordinates 21.54. If you choose to keep questing to 18, then follow the rest of this leveling path, otherwise, you can skip on to the main leveling path now.

96.Go back north to Bloodmyst Isle and head just west of Kessel’s Crossing to the coordinates 59.86 and kill the Bloodmyst Hatchlings, which are ravagers, for “Alien Predators”. Kepp an eye out around the trees for sand pears for “A Favorite Treat”.

97.When you get these done, head back east to Kessel’s to Aonar and turn in “A Favorite Treat” and then “Alien Predators”.

98.Now, you should be level 13.

99.Head northeast to the Bristlelimb Enclave and you will see Princess Stillpine in a cage at the coordinates 68.81. Accept “Saving Princess Stillpine” and then go to the farthest camp, which is at the coordinates 64.77 and kill the mobs around the camp to summon Chief Bristlelimb. Kill him and get the key to go back to the princess and free her from the cage.

100.Head northeast to the Wrathscale Lair at the coordinates 67.77 and get up top. You should be 13 by the time you get here. You will see Lord Xiz. You will kill him for “Declaration of Power” and then put the banner on his body.

101.Now, go back southwest to Kessel’s and turn in “Declaration of Power” and get “Report to Exarch Admetius”.

102.Follow the road to the north until you get to Blood Watch at the coordinates 54.61 and get all the quests that are available to you: “Beds, Bandages, and Beyond”, “Know Thing Enemy”, “Catch and Release”.

103.Then, turn in “Report to Exarch Admetius” and get “What Argus Means to Me”.

104.Then, turn in “What Argus Means to Me” and get “Blood Watch” and “Irradiated Crystal Shards”.

105.Now, turn in “Saving Princess Stillpine”.

106.Just northeast of here is the forge and Nachlan, where you will get “Explorer’s League, Is That Something For Gnomes?”.

107.Now, go east of the center of town and get “Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie”.

108.Get the flight point here and turn in “Beds, Bandages, and Beyond” and get “On the Wings of A Hippogryph”, but don’t fly off yet.

109.Head northwest and kill bears, ravagers, flutterers, and treants for “Irradiated Crystal Shards”.

110.While you area heading to Bladewood at the coordinates 46.45, there are two different camps on the map. You will kill the Blood Elves for “Blood Watch”, and they also drop the shards.

111.Head back to Blood Watch and kill for shards along the way back as well, don’t worry if you are not done with this when you get back.

112.Head to the center of town and turn in “Blood Watch” and get a good weapon.

113.Then, follow the road southwest to Nazzivian and kill Tzerak while you’re there. (He is a fel guard that walks around and spawns at the purple summoning circle at the coordinates 38.81.) He will drop Tzerak’s Armor Plate, which will start the quest “Signs of the Legion”.

114.Then, kill 8 satyr and felsworn for the quest. When you get done, go touch the monument for the glyph at the coordinates 36.71 for the quest “Know Thine Enemy”.

115.You should also find a blood mushroom and fel cone fungus here for “Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie”.

116.Now, head west to the shore and then down to the coordinates 34.90 and use your murloc tagger for the quest “Catch and Release”. You will have to be within range to use the tagger, but don’t aggro the murlocs for combat. Just put the tagger on a hotkey and spam it as you run up to one.

117.If you see Curelfin, kill him. He will drop a red crystal pendant which will start the quest “Cruelfin’s Necklace”.

118.Now, head south across the river to the ravager zone where you were already at (at the coordinates 58.83) and you will see a bright red crystal. You can not target it, but use the pick from your backpack to mine it for “Learning from the Crystals”.

119.At the bottom of the red river here, you should find an Aquatic Stinkhorn Mushroom.

120.Now, run up northeast to the Ruins of Loreth’Aran and look for a Ruinous Polyspore.

121.Now, run west to Blood Watch and enter from the North. You should be at or close to level 14 now.

122.Turn in “Irradiated Crystal Shards” and get “Intercepting the Message”.

123.Then, head to Jessera and turn in “Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie” and get “Constrictor Vines” and “The Bear Necessities”.

124.Now, head south, and turn in “Know Thine Enemy” and “Signs of the Legion”. Get “Containing the Threat”.

125.On the sign outside the inn, get “WANTED: Deathclaw” and then head west to the herbalism trainer and turn in “Cruelfin’s Necklace” and “Catch and Release”. Get “Victims of Corrpution” and then head up into the building at the northwestern side of town and turn in “Learning from the Crystals” and get “The Missing Survey Team”.

126.Now, fly to Exodar and go to the center at the coordinates 56.47 and turn in “On The Wings of A Hippogryph”. Get “Hipporgyph Master Stephanos” and turn it in at the hipopograph master and get “Return to Topher Loaal”.

127.Now, fly to Blood Watch and turn it in.

128.Head to Middenvale at the coordinates 51.73 and start killing the treants around the pod for “Victims of Corrpution”.

129.Now, head northeast to the Ruins of Loreth’Aran and look for the Draenei Cartographer lying on the ground and turn in “The Missing Survey Team” and get “Salvaging the Data”. Then, start killing the naga until you get the data.

130.Head back to Blood Watch and turn in “Victims of Corruption”.

131.Then, go into the big tower and turn in “Salvaging the Data”.

132.You should be level 15 by now, but if not, head out and grind until you are so you can get new quests at Blood Watch.

133.When you are 15, get “The Second Sample” and then head south and get “Searching for Galaen” and “Urgent Delivery”.

134.Turn in “Urgent Delivery” and you should get a letter in your mailbox that will start “The Bloodcurse Legacy”.

135.Head to the first aid trainer and get “Newfound Allies” and “Ysera’s Tears”.

136.Then, head west to the Cryo-Core at the coordinates 37.61 and you will find the corpse for “Searching for Galaen”. Turn it in and get “Galaen’s Fate”. Next to him is his journal, and get “Galaen’s Journal – The Fate of Vindicator Saruan”.

137.Go kill Blood Elves for “Intercepting the Message” and “Galaen’s Fate”.

138.Now, run northeast to Bladewood at the coordinates 46.45 and kill bears and mutated lashers for “The Bear Necessities” and “Constrictor Vines”.

139.At the coordinates 45.47, you should see some more big red crystals. Mine one for “The Second Sample”.

140.Now, head back to Blood Hold and turn in “The Second Sample” and get “The Final Sample”.

141.Turn in “Galaen’s Journal…” and get “Matis the Cruel”.

142.Then, go turn in “Galaen’s Fate”.

143.Now, head north and continue to kill bears and lashers if you still need to complete those quests. By the time you get the bears and lashers done, you should be level 16.

144.Now, head north to the coordinates 41.32 and start killing the satyrs for “Containing the Threat” and look for the corrupted crystals on the ground. You should find Zevrax at the furthest part of the camp around the coordinates 41.29, near the big monument. To the left of him, you should see a red crystal for “The Final Sample”. Mine it for the quest.

145.When you are done with that, head north of the satyr camp and west to the waterfall, which is around the coordinates 37.31. You should find Deathclaw for the wanted quest. He is an undead bear like the ones that are in Felwood.

146.Continue to kill bears and lashers if you still need them while you head to the northeast at the coordinates 41.21. You may have to clear some murlocs around the turtle shell to get inside it for “Explorer’s League…”.

147.Get “Pilfered Equipment” and “Artifacts of the Blacksilt”.

148.Now, head out and kill seers for the idols and warriors and shorestrikers for the knives. You should also come across a box of Clopper’s Equipment around the camp at the coordinates 38.22. Once you have all of these things, you can head back and turn them in.

149.You should get a treasure map as a reward. Click on it and start “A Map to Where?”

150.Now, finish up killing bears and lashers if you still need to, and head east to Wyrmscar Island, which is the northeastern most island. Look for green mushrooms here for “Ysera’s Tears”.

151.Also, keep an eye out for a wandering night elf called Toreth. He circles around the center of the island and gives the quest “Restoring Sanctity”.

152.Head back west to the mainland and head to Ragefeather Ridge, which is just off the shore. Head to the coordinates 60.36 and start looking for dragon bones around the trees. They will look like spikes. There are two camps here so you should be able to get all the bones you need.

153.Now, head back to Wyrmscar Island and find Toreth to turn in “Restoring Sanctity” and get “Into the Dream”. Then, head out and start killing the whelps and broodlings. When you get them done, find Toreth again and turn it in. You can skip “Razormaw” if you want to, or find a group and do it.

154.Head to the east coast and you should see Captain Edward Hanes where you will turn in “The Bloodcurse Legacy” and get “The Bloodcursed Naga”.

155.Head out into the water and kill 10 naga for the quest. You should get a water breathing and water speed buff for this quest. When you are done with it, turn it in and get “The Hopeless Ones…”

156.You should be at, or close to, level 17 now. So, head out and do “The Hopeless Ones…” and turn it in to get “Ending the Bloodcurse”

157.You should still have some swim buff left, so you can swim south to the coordinates 82.48 to Bloodcurse Isle and run to the top. There is a big statue of Azshara which you will click on. This will summon Atoph the Bloodcursed. He is level 19, but pretty easy to kill. When you are done with him, jump down, but try not to die. Then, swim back to the Captain and turn in “Ending the Bloodcurse”.

158.Hearth to Blood Watch and turn in “Containing the Threat”, “The Bear Necessities”, and “Constrictor Vines”. Get “Culling the Flutterers”.

159.Then, go turn in “Ysera’s Tears”.

160.Then, turn in “Intercepting the Message” and get “Translations…” Turn in any 10 crystals that you have and “Translations…” to get “Audience With the Prophet”.

161.Then, head south and get “The Missing Expedition”.

162.Now, go into the building and turn in “The Final Sample” and “WANTED: Deathclaw”. And get “Talk to the Hand”.

163.Turn in “Audience With the Prophet”.

164.Then, head northeast to the Ruins of Loreth’Aman to the coordinates 61.41 and get the Battered Ancient Book for the quest “A Map To Where?”. This part is tricky, you have to either find the ramp in the front of the pillars, or you can find the broken piece of the pillars and jump off that to the crack on the big platform. Then, walk up and the book is in the middle. Get “Decipering the Book”.

165.Now, go to Blood Watch and turn it in. This should put you at level 18. Get “Nolkai’s Words” and “What We Know…”

166.Turn in “What We Know…” and get “What We Don’t Know…”. Then, head down to the prison cage and talk to the prisoner and turn it in to get “Vindicator’s Rest.

167.Now, head southeast to the coordinates 61.49 at the Ruins of Loreth’Aran and you should find a mound of dirt that you can open and complete the quest “Nolkai’s Words”. You should get an 8-slot bag and a good off-hand item for completing this quest.

168.Now, you can either die on purpose or run back to Blood Hold and then fly to Exodar.

169.Head to your class trainer and get new training, then go to the Vault of Lights at the coordinates 32.54 and turn in “Audience With the Prophet” and get “Truth or Fiction”.

170.Now, head up the path which will start at the coordinates 33.72 and follow it outside to the docks to turn in “Newfound Allies” and get “The Way to Auberdine”.

171.Now, fly back to Blood Hold and turn in “Truth or Fiction” and get “I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness”.

172.Now, head north to the Warp Piston at the coordinates 51.22 and kill the void anomalies for “I Shoot…”

173.Then, start killing royal blue flutterers for “Culling the Flutterers” while you head west to the “Vindicator’s Rest at the coordinates 30.46.

174.Then, turn in “Vindicator’s Rest”. You can skip “Clearing the Way”, unless you just want to do it and can find a group as this quest is pretty intense for this level.

175.Then, get “Fouled Water Spirits” and “Oh, the Tangled Webs They Weave”.

176.Go turn in “Talk to the Hand” and get “Cutting a Path” and “Critters of the Void”.

177.Head north to the lake at the coordinates 31.41 and kill water spirits for “Fouled Water Spirits”.

178.If you see Matis the Cruel on his mount, then fire your flare gun and let the summoned guy get some aggro. Then, help him kill Matis the Cruel.

179.Now, you can head south and find the mutated tanglers for “Oh, the Tangled Webs They Weave” and enraged ravagers for “Cutting a Path”. The ravagers should be all mixed together, so this goes pretty fast.

180.Now, head over to the southwest to the sun portal and the coordinates 19.61. Kill the little blobs there and then head north of the coil to Amberweb Pass.

181.Head to Researcher Cornelius on the mountain’s edge at the coordinates 24.34 and get “They’re Alive! Maybe…” and head to the coordinates 22.37 and attack the webbed creatures until you kill the myst leechers and spinners for “The Missing Expedition”. Zarakh can be found at the end of this path, around the coordinates 18.35.

182.When you are done, head back to Researcher Cornelius and turn in his quest. Then, head to Vindicator’s Rest and turn in “Oh, the Tangles Webs They Weave” and “Fouled Water Spirits” and “Cutting a Path”.

183.If you see Legoso beside Corin, get a group together and do “Ending Their World”. Also, get “Clearing the Way” if you get a group. If you can’t get a group, skip these.

184.Then head back to Vindicator’s Rest and turn in “Clearing the Way” and you should be around level 19 by now.

185.Hearth back to Blood Watch and turn in “I Shoot…”, “Critters of the Void”, and “Matis the Cruel”. Then, get “The Cryo-Core”.

186.Now, head east and turn in “Culling the Flutterers” and “The Missing Expedition”.

187.Go get “the Unwitten Prophecy” and turn it in.

188.Head west from here to the cryo core at the coordinates 40.58 and loot the medicine boxes on the ground. You can get it as a drop as well. Then, head back to Blood Watch when you have completed that quest.

189.Turn in “The Cryo-Core” and get “Don’t Drink the Water”.

190.Do that quest and turn it in.

191.From here, if you are not a Shaman, you can head to the next part (which is below the Shaman part below), which you get to from Exodar from the boat. If you are a Shaman, you will need to finish this next part.

Draenei Shaman Area

1.Head northwest to where you found Deathclaw at the coordinates 34.33 and you will see the waterfall. Use the vial while you are standing under it.

2.Hearth or run back to Blood Watch and turn in “Don’t Drink the Water” and get “Limits of Physical Exhaustion”.

3.Head west and start killing Sunhawk Pyromancers and Defenders outside of the vector core for “Limits of Physical Exhaustion”.

4.Then, head back to Blood Watch and turn in “Limits…” and get “The Sun Gate”.

5.Head back southwest of the vector coil to the sun gate. You will have to kill the controller crystals near the lake, then just get close enough to the portal and click on it. If you are close to level 20, you can wipe out the Blood Elf camp for the xp here.

6.Run back to town and turn in “The Sun Gate”.

7.Now, you should be level 20, so do the Shaman quest to get the last totem you need.

8.Now, head to Exodar and train. Shamans will now have ghost form after this training.

9.Then, head out and get “Call of Water” at the coordinates 33.25 and head to the trainer who is hidden on top. Turn it in and get “Call of Water” again.

10.Fly to Bloodmyst.

11.Head to the center, off the shore and under the water to the coordinates 32.16 to get to the water elementals. Talk to Aqueous and turn in “Call of Water” and get it again.

12.Now, you have to take a long trip to the southeast around Axxarien and go to the red river on the map that is above the vector coil. This is easy if you use your wolf form. You will want to get to the coordinates 31.41 and kill the fouled water spirits which are red. Then, head back to Aqueous and turn it in, to get “Call of Water” once more.

13.Go back to Exodar and go to the boat dock and go to Auberdine.

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Always wanted to start up an Alliance toon, but never did because the leveling guides were too expensive? Well, this series will take you through the noob starting areas for all of the Alliance races.

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