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The Trolls in World of Warcraft are close friends of the Orcs, and are one of the four starting races for the Orcish Horde. Trolls share their capital with the Orcs, and start life in Sen’jin Village.


Sample contents.Trolls in World of Warcraft don’t look like generic trolls. They are best described as voodoo tribal islanders with heavy Jamaican accents. Their hairstyles are almost as wild as their dance moves. The Troll racial mount is the raptor, a fast but very bumpy ride.


Sample contents.Trolls have a wide array of useful and potent passive racial abilities. One of the strongest in the game is the Regeneration ability. This ability permanently increases your regeneration by 10%. The next ability, Beast Slaying, increases damage dealt to beasts by 5%. This can be a big bonus in long fights.

Throwing Specialization increases the chance to score a critical hit with throwing weapons by 1%. Unless you choose Rogue as your class, this won’t apply. Bow specialization is a great skill, especially if you decide to go Hunter, as it increases the chance to critically strike with bows by 1%.

The next passive, a new addition, is Da Voodoo Shuffle. This ability reduces the duration of movement impairing effects by 15%. Next is Berserking. This ability increases your attack speed for ten seconds. The more damage you’ve taken, the higher the increase. At full health the bonus is 10% and ranges up to 30%.


HUNTER – Trolls make excellent Hunters. Bow specialization increases damage quite a bit. Berserking is a great ability that couples well with hunter talents and can really pump up attack speed. Regeneration stacks well with Spirit Bond improving Troll regeneration. Beast Slaying is great for grinding beasts, which Hunters can track. Da Voodoo Shuffle is used for kiting and player versus player.

MAGE – Mage is a poor choice for Trolls. Regeneration is useful for any class. Beast Slaying should be used to your advantage. Fight as many beasts as possible. Berserking is a good player versus player ability. Da Voodoo Special is used for kiting and getting away from Warriors and Rogues.

PRIEST – There’s not much potential for Troll Priests. Regeneration is a nice bonus for Shadow Priests. Priests primarily heal and Troll abilities don’t augment this well. Berserking is good for crunch healing.

ROGUE – Rogue is a powerful Troll class. Throwing Specialization can help with throwing critical strikes. Beast Slaying comes in handy again for grinding beasts. Regeneration is beneficial as Rogues don’t have any healing abilities. Da Voodoo Shuffle is helpful for Rogues. They require proximity to the target and the less they’re slowed, the better. Berserking coupled with Slice and Dice can make for a huge attack speed bonus and increases normal damage.

SHAMAN – Trolls make decent Shamans. Regeneration reduces self-healing. Berserking is a useful ability for melee and casting Shamans. Da Voodoo Shuffle is of greatest use while fleeing. Beast Slaying helps when grinding beasts, once again.

WARRIOR – Troll Warriors are an excellent combination. Use Berserking when wielding a slow weapon to increase damage. Tanks can benefit from Regeneration to decrease the need for heals. Warriors use Da Voodoo Shuffle most commonly for player versus player. Like Rogues, Warriors also need proximity to the target.

Tips and Suggestions

Trolls are more prone to melee. Hunter takes advantage of the Troll racial abilities. Warrior is also a good class, along with Rogue. Use a Bow if you get the option, unless you’re a Rogue. Berserking raises damage per second and shouldn’t be forgotten.

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