World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Tauren

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The Tauren are one of the four original races that make up the Orcish Horde. The Tauren live high on Thunder Bluff. The Tauren have strong friendship with the Orcs. They are ruled over by Cairn Bloodhoof.


Tauren are minotaur like beasts. With long horns and great manes, Tauren are huge and fearsome warriors. Tauren have tamed the plains Kodo and turned them into great mounts.


Tauren have a number of great racial abilities. They have the powerful War Stomp ability. This ability has a half second cast time and is a point black area of effect stun. The range is eight yards and the stun lasts two seconds. Endurance is a passive ability that increases maximum health by 5%. Natural Resistance reduces the chance nature spells will hit you by 2%. Cultivation increases the herbalism gathering skill by fifteen.


DRUID – Tauren are the only race on the Horde able to be Druids. They make great Druids too. Alchemy is a very common Druid tradeskill and the increase to herbalism, which accompanies alchemy, makes gathering a lot easier. The increased health is great for any Druid, especially when tanking. War Stomp is a quick cast stun that lasts long enough to get a fast heal off, or a quick escape.

HUNTER – Tauren make decent Hunters. War Stomp is great to let you get an Ice Trap down to freeze the target. The health increase is good on all counts. Nature Resistance isn’t especially practical. Cultivation is good if you are an herbalist, but it’s not common for Hunters.

SHAMAN – Shaman is a good class for Tauren. War Stomp lasts long enough for an extra heal without interruption. Alchemy and Herbalism are great Shaman tradeskills, and Cultivation helps. Nature Resistance is minuscule. Maximum health increase is always a powerful ability.

WARRIOR – Tauren is a great race for Warriors. Extra health helps all the time, especially for Warriors. War Stomp can interrupt healing enemies and put the nail in their casket. Alchemy is a fairly common tradeskill for Warriors, who get no real buffs.

Tips and Suggestions

If you’re going to make a Tauren, you’ll probably want to take use of the Cultivation. Fifteen points to Herbalism is a huge boost. War Stomp is not something you’ll want to take for granted. I recommend leaving the Continent at level 10 by zeppelin to get to Ghostlands.

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