World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Orcs

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Orcs are one of the original four races that make up the Orcish Horde. They hail from the Horde Capital of Orgrimmar. Orgrimmar is located on the continent of Durotar, and is shared with the Trolls.


Orcs are your typical green, stupid fierce humanoids. They aren’t as evil as the Alliance thinks, just misunderstood. Orcs have a large amount of Demon blood flowing through them. This is the reason for their ferocious nature. The Orcs have a variety of different colored war wolf mounts.


Orcs have a very powerful set of racial abilities. They have a passive 15% stun resistant. In addition, all Orc pets deal 5% extra damage. Orcs also have a bonus five expertise to axe skill. Blood Fury is their activated racial ability. It increases attack power for melee classes and spell damage for caster classes.


HUNTER – Hunter is a great class for Orcs. Orc pets do an additional 5% damage due to their Command Racial. The extra axe expertise is nice, as most hunters use axes. The stun resistance always helps, but is especially nice for hunters. Blood Fury makes their damage output downright amazing.

ROGUE – Orcs make pretty good rogues. The stun resistance is great for rogue versus rogue fights. The Blood Fury is always nice for a damage burst also.

SHAMAN – Orc shamans are a classic Warcraft character. Orc Shamans draw from every Orc racial ability. Stun resistance keeps heals flowing. Blood Fury can create a great damage boost, especially for axe wielding Shamans. The pet damage doesn’t come into play until later. The expertise is amazing and really helps damage for melee Shamans.

WARLOCK – A great combination for one reason. Stun resistance. The only way most classes can kill a Warlock is with stun. The 15% is a substantial amount and can turn the tide of any battle. The pet damage is a nice bonus, especially for Demonology Warlocks. Blood Fury helps with Affliction and Destruction warlocks and can pump up their damage.

WARRIOR – Orcs Warriors are real beasts. A two-handed axe, coupled with Blood Fury and axe expertise can lay out heavy damage. The stun resistance really takes steps to make Orc Warriors true tanks.

Suggestions and Tips

Orcs have great class options. Their racial abilities are really diverse and adaptable. Be sure to utilize Blood Fury at every possible moment. It’s a great ability and can raise your damage. If you have the option to use an axe, always go for it. The extra expertise is nothing to waste.

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