World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Blood Elf

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The Blood Elves are a new playable race introduced with the Burning Crusade expansion. They are the newest members of the Orcish Horde. Blood Elves hail from their home of Silvermoon City, which is constantly under Scourge attack.


Blood Elves are distant relatives to the Night Elves. They have bright, white skin, long ears and equally long eye brows. They are the most attractive race on the Horde. Blood Elves have Chocobo like mounts called Hawkstriders, and start in the Eversong Woods.


Blood Elves have a diverse and effective set of racial abilities. They have a ten point passive bonus to the Enchanting tradeskill and a Magic Resistance passive that increases chance to resist spells by 2%. Their most powerful racial ability is Arcane Torrent. This ability is an eight yard point blank area of effect Silence for two seconds. It also regenerates mana, energy or runic power depending on class.


HUNTER – Blood Elves make mediocre Hunters. None of their racial abilities affect a hunter much, because of the range a Hunter must maintain. The silence effect is more suitable for melee oriented Survival hunters, but that isn’t great either.

MAGE – Mage is a well suited class for Blood Elves. Enchanting is a great tradeskill for Mages and the ten point bonus helps. Arcane torrent not only regenerates mana, but can silence any casters near you. This can easily turn a battle.

PALADIN – Blood Elves make great Paladins. Arcane Torrent helps with a Paladins limited mana and the Magic Resistance fortifies their defense even more. The Silence is also great for fighting escaping Mages and fear casting Warlocks.

PRIEST – Blood Elves make great Priests for the same reason as Mages. The Enchanting bonus is a great tradeskill help. Priests need all the mana they can get, and Arcane Torrent really helps them last. The Silence along with their other Silence spell can be used consecutively to stop casters flat.

ROGUE – Rogue is possibly my favorite Blood Elf class. Arcane Torrent is an amazing ability. Two seconds of silence can be the difference between life and death. Coupled with the energy regeneration, this results in a huge increase in damage.

WARLOCK – This is a very dangerous combination. Warlocks are a very powerful class and Blood Elf racial abilities augment it perfectly. A second silence for Warlocks can change fights instantly. The two percent spell resist, along with Warlocks already high resists make them almost impervious to magic. The Enchanting passive is another great bonus.

Tips and Suggestions

Blood Elves are able to do all classes well. Remember to always use Arcane Torrent. This powerful ability can easily save your life. As a Rogue, using this ability immediately after using Cheap Shot will stop a Mage from Blinking and regenerate your energy for another attack. The possibilities are endless. If you plan to be an Enchanter, the ten point bonus is great and can save you lots of gold.

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