Exalting A Draenei Toon

Exalting A Draenei Toon
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Reputation Guides On The Web

There seems to be a multitude of game guides, for free, and for purchase. Jame’s Guide is an excellent online free Alliance leveling guide. The best purchased Alliance leveling guide is by Killer Guides. I just found this guid, and it guide incorporates thottbot, in a readable manner. Both game guides are for leveling. Neither skips anything, and if it does, then there is an explained reason.

In a Google search for reputation guides, there are at least 7. Are they real walk through guides, like the above? Not necessarily. Some just highlight where to get reputation, and how much.

It is interesting to make a toon, and bring them to quest in an unfamiliar capital city. They can become exalted, and purchase another race’s mounts. It is fascinating seeing gnomes on draenei elks, or dwarves on night elf cats purchased in Darnassus.

Airias, Level 7, in Dolanaar

Creating Airias

Airias began life as a normal draenei. At the time Airias was created, the boat in Auberdine still went to Menethill Harbor. The wall in Stormwind was still standing, with NPC’s working construction. Airias has been around for a while, sitting at the same level, waiting to be played.

The draenei character was the easiest and safest race to bring to Darnassus, without a friendly mage’s assistance. It would have been a death walk for a gnome or dwarf if taken from Iron Forge to Menethill Harbor at level 2. With no flight paths obtained, the trip would have been difficult, but not unheard of.

Ahehl Gets Her Cat

Ahehl on her cat


The above picture displays Ahehl, now a level 62 paladin dwarf, who was brought to Darnassus at level 5. She refused to be assisted by a mage. She had major aggro problems from level 12 croccadiles, among others, but was motivated enough to continue. Ahehl finally arrived in Menethill Harbour with entirely red armor. She was repaired and rested. Then she grabbed the boat to Auberdine. Every quest was done that involved Darnasus rep. as noted on Quest-helper. She became exalted in Darnassus at level 47. She now lives in Shattrath, and is moving quickly towards level 80.

Realizing that Ahehl’s rep was never noted, it was then discovered that night elves in Darnassus get 10-20% more rep on Darnassus quests than other races. Rather than having another toon take the death walk from Iron forge to Menethill Harbour, Airias was born. Airias was leveled to two. She easily walked from Azuremyst Isle to Exodar, with little aggro that she couldn’t handle. Draenei can heal themselves similar to paladins. Airias is a hunter, due to this ability. Her professions are leatherworking and skinning. To have a hunter who can also heal is invaluable. Airias leveled to 7, and every amount of Darnassus rep per quest was noted.

While Airias was questing in Shadowglen, Stormwind Harbour was imploded by the NPC’s. The expansion pack was due to be released. Work was done on other toons to level them appropriately. Airias remained parked in Dolanaar.

The only ad-on’s used were/are Titan Panel, Quest-Helper, Light-headed and Guild Calendar. They can be found, and also updated daily with www.wowmatrix.com. Quest-helper allows for notes to be read that are posted on wowhead.com. Light-headed allows for the quest log to be read in a larger format across the screen. Titan panel is World of Warcraft’s Garmin GPS. Every noted quest, if possible will be cross referenced with thottbot, and the Darnassus rep that Airias receives will be noted.

These will be a series of articles, and as much as possible, will only be five to ten quests each. This will make it much easier to follow. At the beginning, Airias’s steps will have to be recreated because she is level 7, not level 2, and has already started towards her journey. Hopefully patience will be placed in the palm of Airias, as there are others before her and they are busy reaching their goals as well. The end product, Airias will be exalted in Darnassus, riding a cat, and working her way up to level 80. Enjoy!

This post is part of the series: How To Reach Exalted with Darnassus

A series of articles based on every quest with Darnassus rep, for a toon who was created outside of Darnassus. Airias is a Draenei hunter placed in Shadowglenn at level 2 on a mission to be exalted in Darnassus. Rep amount will be followed and noted.

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