WoW Quest Guide - Alliance Zone: Northshire Abby

WoW Quest Guide - Alliance Zone: Northshire Abby
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The Humans of Elwynn

The starting quests at Northshire Abby will get you from levels 1-5 for sure, and possibly level 6. To ensure you reach level 6 by the time you reach Goldshire (a very convenient thing to do) just kill a few extra monsters on every quest you do. By the time you finish these quests you will equipped with a mostly complete set of Common quality equipment appropriate to your class. Keep in mind that, if you’re not Human, these quests are not available to you.

A lot has changed at Northshire Abby in Elwynn Forest over the past six years. The Defias threat - Version 1.0 - has been obliterated and there are new horrors harassing the locals, and the innocent Vineyard, once more. With the Cataclysm a path has opened up to the Burning Steppes allowing the Blackrock Orcs to come through and terrorize the level one citizens of Northshire. But, as a level one adventurer intent on joining the ranks of Azeroth’s greatest heroes, you’re up to the task of solving this whole problem alone…. right?

Battle Worgs

The first thing you need to do is speak with Marshall McBride at the entrance to the Abby - directly in front of you. He’ll give you the quest, “Beating Them Back”, sending you off to test your mettle against the Orc’s pets - Blackrock Battle Worgs. Slay six Blackrock Battle Worgs, located northwest of the Abby, a few paces from where you’re standing. Be sure to loot all of your kills in this area. It won’t completely fill your bags up with junk like it used to, and you are likely to find at least one additional bag. Turn this quest in back to Marshall McBride.

Tactless Orc Spies

Your next quest, “Lions for Lambs”, is to go back to the exact same area and kill 8 Blackrock Spies - apparently the good Marshall hadn’t yet decided what to do with his green skinned neighbors. The spies are hovering around trees and patrolling between them. It is easier to kill the Orcs that are kneeling by the trees, as they are considered prone and your first attack is guaranteed to crit. Good thing for you they can’t focus on what is two feet away from them while looking through that spyglass! When finished return again to Marshall McBride.

It Takes Class

At this point you will have reached level two, and Marshall McBride hands you a letter from a {your class here} like yourself. This is a quest to go visit your trainer for the first time. Turn in the quest and pick up the class specific quest from your trainer. This quest is to speak to your trainer and learn a specific ability, then go outside and practice using it as instructed. This is the only time your trainer will force you to practice a skill, but it is a very good habit to get into. When done practicing, turn the quest back in to your trainer. Make sure to visit your trainer whenever you level up and you are told you can now learn a new ability.

Praying Over Dead Goblins

They Sent Assassins

Your trainer will now give you a quest called “Join the Battle” - Go outside and around to the back of the Abby, by the tent, and speak to Sergeant Willem, an underpaid soldier with a big problem. Willem informs you that “They Sent Assassins”, and that you need to venture directly north about 20 yards and kill the Goblin mercenary assassins that have been picking off the poor Alliance soldiers in the field.

Nearby the good Brother Paxton is healing the wounded and also has something to ask of you. Even though you may not be particularly religious, or skilled for that matter, apparently all you have to do is read from a Prayerbook to heal people. If only we could keep this prayer book through to level 85. You’d never be missing a healer for a dungeon or raid ever again. The quest, “Fear No Evil”, has you take the Prayer Book along on your Goblin Assassin killing quest. In between assassinating the assassins, right-click on a wounded soldier to pray over him and heal his wounds.

Once finished killing 8 Goblin Assassins and healing Injured Stormwind Soldiers turn both of these quests in at their respective givers.

Orcs in the Wine Country

Now that the “Rear is Clear”, Sergeant Willem sends you back to Marshall McBride. Despite your overwhelming success thus far you tasks are not near complete. You see, there is a “Blackrock Invasions” going on in the Vineyard to the east, across the river, and Marshall McBride needs you to single handedly stop the Orcs and steal all of their weapons. You’re probably level four by now and can go visit your trainer before heading off, if necessary.

Extinguishing Hope

Near Marshall McBride is another familiar face - Milly Osworth. Poor Milly’s vineyard is once again being ravaged and now it is your job to save her livelihood. In the quest, “Extinguishing Hope” Milly gives you a fire extinguisher to put out the fires consuming her vineyard. Even though it looks like the extinguisher is on your back it doesn’t occupy a gear space. Take it from your bag and put it on your hot bar for easy use.

Head North, across the river, and start slaying orcs and taking their weapons. The orcs are all over Milly’s Vineyard, so you can put out fires by using your Extinguisher hot key when near the flames in between killing orcs. You’ll quickly accomplish both quests, which you return to McBride and Milly to turn in.

Cutting off the Head

You can’t halt an Orc invasion without taking out the leader, right? Marshall McBride agrees, and sends you on your final starting zone quest to kill Kurtok the Slayer - the orc leader camped just north of the Vineyard. The quest is called “Ending the Invasion”. He isn’t very difficult to fight, but does deal a decent amount of damage. Utilize all of the skills you’ve learned up to this point and you’ll be able to take him out without much trouble. Be sure to kill any nearby enemies so that they don’t aggro onto you while you’re fighting Kurtok.

Once you’ve killed Kurtok return to Marshall McBride and turn the quest in. Your days here in Northshire are over, and now you must travel to the nearby Goldshire to continue your adventures. As you head past the wall directly south of Northshire another quest - this one available to anyone regardless of character race - is available from Falkhann Isenstrider. This quest, “Rest and Relaxation”, also sends you to Goldshire.

Follow the road southwest and you’ll arrive in Goldshire. If you’ve fluffed your quests by killing more monsters than necessary then by the time you turn both of these quests in in Goldshire you’ll have reached level six.

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