How to Improve Your Reputation With Therazane in World of Warcraft: "Glop, Son of Glop" and "Through Persistence" Quest Guides

How to Improve Your Reputation With Therazane in World of Warcraft: "Glop, Son of Glop" and "Through Persistence" Quest Guides
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Doing various daily tasks for the giant stone behemoths at Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm is the fastest way to build up your reputation with the faction and gain access to the exclusive shoulder enchants sold by the Therazane Quartermaster.

The throne, located in extreme Northern Deepholm, houses several of these titans who will ask you to perform a series of daily quests. Smallest among these is Ruberick, the little stone giant that could, who will happily give you both the “Through Persistence” and “Glop, Son of Glop” daily quests.

Our guide to the quests given by Ruberick will walk you through both missions, with advice on completing them as quickly and smoothly as possible.

To get started, first locate Ruberick.


Ruberick hangs out on the Eastern edge of the area, keeping watch over one potential approach to The Stonemother. You’ll either find him standing by himself out there or engaged in conversation with Gorsik the Tumultuous.

To accept the daily quests “Through Persistence” and “Glop, Son of Glop,” speak to Ruberick. He’ll be happy to assign you the tasks.

“Through Persistence”

Verlok Stand

If you’ve previously completed the daily quests “Fungal Fury” and “Soft Rock” then you’re already familiar with the Crimson Expanse. If you haven’t, then head out to Eastern Deepholm and look for a massive crimson tower of stone. In the near vicinity, you’ll find a field of enormous mushrooms, this is your destination.

An alternate, and perhaps easier, place to do this quest is Verlok Stand, just north of the Crimson Expanse. Atop the plateau you’ll find a ton of Verlok, but watch out for adds in this area.

Your goal is to acquire five sprinkles of Miracle Grow and combine them into a bag of Verlok Miracle Grow to turn in to Ruberick. The Verlok are using this formula to accelerate the growth of the mushrooms in the area and Therazane is none too happy about it.

Kill any Verlok you see, as all have a chance to drop a sprinkle. There is some debate about whether or not you can still acquire a full bag from a single Shroomtender, so target them first and you may have a shot at shortening your quest somewhat.

Once you’ve picked up five sprinkles and combined them into a single bag, you’re ready to move forward and complete the other task Ruberick has set before you: “Glop, Son of Glop.”

“Glop, Son of Glop”

Glop’s Cavern

In order to unlock the ability to take daily quests from Ruberick, you first had to complete the “Wrath of the Fungalmancer” quest. For those who remember it, the “Glop, Son of Glop” daily quest will seem like deja vu.

To get started, head to a cave near the Verlok Stand (Coordinates: 68, 28). Inside, you’ll find Earthmender Norsala, a friendly Troll Shaman who offers to help you. If you don’t see her, it likely means someone ahead of you is working on the quest. Just wait a minute or two and she should reappear.

Your objective is simple: take down the new Glop as you took down his father before him. Completing the task is a little more complicated, though.

You’ll find Glop just down the tunnel from Norsala. You’ll need to speak to Norsala to start the quest. Once you have, follow her down to where Glop is hanging out. She’ll issue a challenge, and Glop will take off running. Follow him.

Fighting Glop

As you follow Glop, avoid any mushrooms you see in your path as they’ll explode when you come close. Glop will stop to fight you several times, and you should take advantage of these opportunities to do as much damage as possible to him.

Don’t worry about his huge number of hit points. Norsala will heal you and it should be enough to keep you alive long enough to kill him. As you fight him, he’ll toss out Boomshrooms which grow and explode. You should avoid standing near these as much as possible.

After several stops and starts, Glop will make his final stand on a cliffside overlooking the lower levels of the cavern. Use your cooldowns and burn him down quickly here.

Once he’s defeated, he and Norsala disappear. It’s time to head back to Ruberick at Therazane’s Throne.

Return to Ruberick

Hop on your flying mount and head back to Ruberick. He should be standing right where you left him, just East of The Earthmother.

The reward for each quest is just over 10 gold and 250 reputation points.

I hope you had fun, because if you want to reach Exalted you’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…


All references and screenshots from World of Warcraft.

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