WoW Quest Guide - Alliance Gnome Starting Zone

WoW Quest Guide - Alliance Gnome Starting Zone
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For Gnomeregan!

The starting quests for Gnomes, in and around Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh, will take your miniature character from levels one to five, and even level six if you play it correctly. The easiest way to ensure that you are level six by the time you reach the next leveling hub in Kharanos is to kill extra monsters whenever you see them. There are very few “kill” style quests in the Gnome starting area so when you do come across a monster don’t hesitate to punch it full of holes. Through questing in this area your Gnome will be equipped with a near complete set of class-appropriate Common quality gear. The quests in this area are only available to Gnomes.

It’s been six years since the Gnomes used bio-weapons in their own city in a desperate attempt to halt the Trogg invasion. This move not only failed to destroy the Troggs but killed or exiled most of the city’s inhabitants. An insane traitorous Leper-gnome, Mekgineer Thermaplug, has been exercising dominion over the addled irradiated remnants of the gnome populous since that time.

However, it seems that some perfectly sane (arguable description, they’re still Gnomes after all) have been living in the outer reaches of the city all this time, suffering only minor irradiation but maintaining their senses. As a level one Gnome you are one of these hardy heroes. Now, you must escape Gnomeregan, regain your health, and assist the Gnomish army in retaking their beloved home once and for all! …. eventually.

Getting to S.A.F.E.ty

You begin play with a debuff, Irradiated, which puts you in danger of turning into a leper-gnome. You must complete a few quests inside Gnomeregan to help the S.A.F.E team with their exodus. S.A.F.E. (Survivor Assistance Facilitation Expedition) is a Gnome team that ventures into Gnomeregan to rescue Gnomes such as yourself. Pinned down by leper-gnomes, you must assist the force in clearing a path and helping other sick Gnomes escape.

Directly ahead of you, accept the first quest, “Pinned Down” from Nevin Twistwrench. You must clear some of the insane leper-gnomes from the area. Head west a few yards to the line of S.A.F.E. defenders. Leper-gnomes will run in and engage the NPCs. All you have to do is help kill six of them for this quest, then turn it in to Nevin.

Nevin then sends you to speak to Carvo Blastbolt in the next room over. Head past the defender’s lines, killing or ignoring leper-gnomes as you see fit. Head straight up onto the platform in the middle and turn in the quest, “Report to Carvo Blastbolt”.

It Won’t Hurt…. That Bad

Carvo needs you to assist some of the other survivors who won’t be able to escape on their own. He gives you a Teleport Beacon to use in the quest, “See to Survivors”. The Gnome survivors are all around the central platform you’re standing on. Make a loop, targeting a survivor and using the Beacon to teleport them to safety, then turn the quest back in to Carvo.

It’s time to leave this room, too. Carvo gives you the quest, “Withdraw to the Loading Room”. Follow the hall out of this large room and continue straight until you reach Gaffer Coilspring, and turn in the quest.

Now it is time for you to undergo “Decontamination”. Take the quest from Gaffer Coilspring and proceed into the next room, where you need to surrender yourself to the Sanitron 500 - a floating robot with helecopter blades and claws that will assist you in your decontamination. Right click on the Sanitron 500 to board it, and let it hold you in this room while you get hosed down with you-don’t-want-to-know-what. Afterwards, turn the quest in to Technician Braggle.

Braggle is ready to send you “To the Surface”. Accept the quest, then speak to Torben Zapblast nearby to teleport to the surface, outside of Gnomeregan. Once you’re there, you’ll encounter the familiar face of Nevin Twistwrench, there to welcome you to your new, radiation-free life.

Planning Your Future

Nevin immediately sends you to meet your class trainer, just outside. Your class trainer may or many not have something for you to learn at this point, depending on level. They will then send you to “Meet the High Tinker” - Mekkatorque, King of Gnomes. Mekkatorque is standing only a few feet away. He gives the quest, “The Fight Continues”. All you have to do is stand near the projection table and watch/listen to his tale about Operation: Gnomeregan. When the story is finished speak to him again to complete the quest.

Mekkatorque then gives the quest, “A Triumph of Gnomish Ingenuity”. Venture north a little bit and speak to Engineer Grindspark. Grindspark has a project he needs help on, and sends you off to collect seven Spare Parts. The parts are located all around New Tinkertown, the area you’re in. It isn’t hard to find seven of them. Bring them back to Grindspark so that he can assemble his Multi-bot and send you on yet another quest.

Soylent Green is Gnomes

Engineer Grindspark sends you on the quest “A Job for the Multibot”. Just north of Grindspark is another quest giver, Tock Sprysprocket. He wants you to retrieve six Recovered Possessions from Toxic Sludges at the Toxic Airfield.

Toxic Airfield

With the Multibot following you you need to head south of New Tinkertown to the Toxic Airfield - a patch of earth completely consumed by green slime. On the edge of the green area pick up the quest “Dealing with the Fallout” from Corporal Fizzwhistle. For this quest you must kill six Living Contamination. Nearby are also the Toxic Slimes you need to kill, as well as the funk-spewing Geysers Multibot is supposed to clean up. You can run through slime pools without taking damage, so run straight up to the Geysers and let Multibot do his thing. Kill whatever Toxic Sludges and Living Contaminations you see as you’re doing this. It is unclear whether the slime evolved from the nasty spewage and took a liking to Gnomish helmets, or if the slimes were once Gnomes that devolved into primordial ooze - Either way, its a bit unnerving to see a slime running around with a dive helmet on. Complete the three quests in this area, then turn them in. First “Dealing with the Fallout”, then “A Job for the Multibot”, then “What’s Left Behind”.

An Explosive Situation

In the heart of New Tinkertown will be the quest giver Tread Sparknozzle. He wants you to find out “What’s Keeping Jessup?”. Apparently the Cataclysm opened up caves inside Frostmane hold, allowing Troggs to pour in, forcing the Frostmane Trolls out. The Troggs threaten to overrun New Tinkertown if left to their own devices, so Jessup McCree of McCree’s Mountain Movers was sent west to use explosives to seal up the caves. Head east to Frostmane hold and turn in the quest.

Now you find out just what’s been keeping him. The Troggs stole all of his blasting powder and put all of his lackeys in cages. Guess who has to fix this problem? Yeah, you do.

Accept the quests, “Get Me Explosives Back” and “Missing in Action”. All around outside Frostmane Hold kill Troggs for the powder kegs, and attack cages to release McCree’s crew. Turn in both quests back with Jessup McCree.

Accept the quest, “Finishin' the Job”. Venture into Frostmane hold, following the only path all the way to the bottom. In the bottom chamber you’ll find Boss Brugar roaming right next to the detonator. Kill Brugar, then use the Detonator and make a hasty retreat. Turn the quest in to Jessup, who sends you back to Mekkatorque in New Tinkertown on the quest, “One More Thing”.

Obliterating Crushcog’s Minions

Crushcog’s Minions

Head back up the road and turn in “One More Thing” to High Tinker Mekkatorque, who then gives you the quest “Crushcog’s Minions”. Nearby Hinkles Fastblast has the quest “No Tanks!” which will be completed in the same area. Head Northeast to an area that looks an awful lot like a giant airfield and hangar, but is full of enemy leper-gnomes and their mechanical devices. Kill eight Irradiated Technicians to complete “Crushcog’s Minions”, and use the Techno-Grenades Hinkles gave you to take out five Repaired Mechano-Tanks.

After you’ve completed both of these quests return to the High Tinker and Hinkles and turn in both quests.

Crushing Crushcog

You and your gnomish comrades are about to strike a mighty blow to Crushcog and the leper gnomes, but first you need to move out to the staging area for the attack. Take the quest “Staging in Brewnall” from Kelsey Steelspark, which sends you southeast to Jarvi Shadowstep at what was once the humble Brewnall Village.

Jarvi gives you the quest, “Paint it Black”, and gives you a Paintinator which you will use to blind Sentry Bots. Go a little bit northeast to Iceflow Lake. Target a Sentry Bot and use the Paintinator to blind them. You’ll have to do this five times.

Taking Down Crushcog

Turn “Paint it Black” in to Jarvi, who gives you the final quest in this line, “Down with Crushcog”. After you’ve accepted the quest, just speak to High Tinker Mekkatorque standing nearby to begin the epic battle. You’ll have an Orbital Targeting Device to use in assisting in the battle. Use it to help Mekkatorque hit with devastating attacks, which I highly doubt are actually being fired from orbit, but when it comes to Gnomes you never really know. Don’t bother trying to kill Crushcog, but battle the additional enemies that spawn along with him. Once Crushcog has been defeated turn the quest back in to Jarvi.

Graduating to Kharanos

You’ve done your part for the Gnome race, at least for now, and its time to continue your adventures in more Dwarven lands. Accept the quest “On to Kharanos” from Jarvi. Take the road East until you encounter a massive cog over the road, sort of like a gate, or maybe a Stargate if you’re into that. Nearby is Ciara Deepstone, who will give you the quest “Bound for Kharanos”. Continue to follow the road East and then South into Kharanos. Turn in “On to Kharanos” with Captain Tharran outside the inn, and “Bound for Kharanos” inside the inn. Congratulations, you’ve officially completed the gnomish starting area (finally)!

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