WoW Alliance Quest Guide - Dwarf Starting Zone

WoW Alliance Quest Guide - Dwarf Starting Zone
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The Coldridge Dwarves

The Dwarves living in the Coldridge Valley of Dun Morogh lived a fairly quiet life up until the Cataclysm that interrupted the balance in their little valley. Instead of battling the occasional Trogg or Troll both groups have increased in activity, and the Troggs are besieging the hub of Anvilmar. As a new Dwarf character it is up to you to help the citizens of Coldridge survive and supress the growing threats in the area.

The quests in this area will easily take you from levels 1-5, and mostly the way to level six. To ensure that you reach level six by the time you reach the next main quest area in Kharanos kill a few extra monsters on each quest you do. There are more than enough enemies in this area to go around! Upon leaving this area you should also be equipped with a new set of Common quality gear, upgrades from what you started with, as well as at least one extra bag.

Repelling the Trogg Invasion

The main hub of Anvilmar in Coldridge Valley is under siege by a particularly aggressive group of Troggs, and it’s your job to push them back. When you begin play, directly in front of you is the quest giver Joren Ironstock, who gives you the quest, “Hold the Line”. To complete this quest you must kill six Rockjaw Invaders, which are battling the other Dwarven soldiers all around this area. Take them out quickly, then return to Joren and turn in the quest.

He next sends you to take out a few higher ranking Troggs, not that Troggs are known to have a very sophisticated hierarchy. Nearby Sten Stoutarm also has a request - Take his First Aid Kit and use it to bandage up a few of the Wounded Coldridge Mountaineers. Head directly south until you see the very large Trogg Goons. Kill three Rockjaw Goons to complete the quest, “Give ‘em What-For”. In this very same area you will see a bunch of the Wounded Coldridge Mountaineers. Use the First Aid Kit on four of them to complete the quest, “Aid for the Wounded”.

Return to Joren and Sten and turn in both quests.

Anvilmar on Lockdown

Joren sends you up to Anvilmar to see his wife, Jona Ironstock on the quest, “Lockdown in Anvilmar”. Apparently the Coldridge residents are all holed up inside Anvilmar to escape the Troggs and are running low on supplies. From Joren, take the road north to Anvilmar and turn the quest in to Jona.

Jona sends you straight to work gathering the most essential item first - Beer. Nearby the archeologist Grundel Harkin is anxious to recover artifacts unearthed by a recent earthquake, but apparently believes that, as a level two Dwarf, you are in a better position to retrieve them.

We’re Gonna Need Some Beer

Accept these quests, “First Things First: We’re Gonna Need Some Beer”, and “Dwarven Artifacts”, and head outside Anvilmar. Hugging the building, head west where you’ll find your first beer: Stormhammer Stout. Run South a very short ways until you are on the road, then continue heading West. A little further along the road you’ll find your second beer: Theremore Pale Ale. Return to Anvilmar, this time hugging the outside of the building as you head East. Near the graveyard you’ll find the third beer: Gnomenbrau.

Conveniently this is also the area that you’re supposed to gather Forgotten Dwarven Artifacts. All around the graveyard and south and east of it are what appear to be small snowpiles in the ground. Loot five of these to complete the quest, then turn in both quests back inside Anvilmar.

Artifacts and Supplies

After she’s drank a sufficient amount of beer Jona sends you back out to gather “All the Other Stuff”, including boar haunches and ragged wolf hides. Apparently in addition to beer Dwarves also require food and clothing to survive. Grundel also has another quest, this time to obtain Trogg artifacts from Trogg Scavengers in the quest, “Make Hay While the Sun Shines”. You’ll find the Trogg Scavengers just Southwest of Anvilmar in a small camp. Kill them to obtain five Priceless Rockjaw Artifacts.

On the way to the Trogg camp, and also all around this whole area there are plenty of Boars and Wolves from which to obtain the other supplies. There is a heavy concentration of Wolves to the south, but boars wander more scarcely all throughout the area. Kill boards for 3 Boar Haunches and Wolves for 4 Ragged Wolf Hides, then turn both quests in back in Anvilmar.

The Frostmane Trolls

At this point you should be at least level three, and receive your class quest from Jona. The quest is slightly varied for every class, but involves visiting your trainer inside Anvilmar, learning a new skill, and using it in some way. If your quest involves hitting practice dummies, you can find them just outside the door to Anvilmar.

Jona next sends you to go see Grelin Whitebeard on the quest “Whitebeard Needs Ye”. Follow the road best until it winds into Grelin’s camp. Here, turn in the quest and accept the next three from Grelin and his friends: “The Troll Menace”, “Trolling for Information”, and “A Refugee’s Quandry”.

Frostmane Troll Whelp

Two of these three quests require you to visit each camp of Frostmane Trolls, so we’ll go in the simplest order. Head directly west to the first camp where you’ll find Felix Whindlebolt’s Box. Inside the tend you can listen to the first Soothsayer for the “Trolling for Information” quest. There are also plenty of Frostmane Troll Whelps here for you to slay.

South of that camp is the second, where you’ll find another Soothsayer, as well as Felix’s Chest and many more Whelps.

East of this point is the third camp, where you’ll find the final Soothsayer and Felix’s Bucket of Bolts. This camp is near a cave, and you’ll be returning here soon.

Once you’ve listened to all of the Soothsayers, gathered Felix’s items, and killed 10 Troll Whelps head Northwest from the third camp to turn in all three quests.

Elemental Trouble

After turning in all three quests Grelin has another to offer you, “Fire and Ice”. Apparently the Dwarves would rather that the Frostmane Trolls and their new fire elemental friend not invade all of Coldridge vallery, so you’re going to have to go nip that in the bud. Return to the cave at the third troll camp and go inside. The Trolls here are non-aggressive, so you only have to kill the 10 you need if you so choose.

Upon entering the cave hug the left wall and follow it down into the heart of the cave. Here you’ll find both Grik’nir the Cold and the Wayward Fire Elemental. Kill both, along with ten of Grik’nir’s Servants to complete the quest, before exiting the cave and returning to Grelin.

Journey Towards Ironforge

Leftover Boar Meat

After turning in the quest, “Fire and Ice”, Grelin feels it is urgent that you head for Ironforge, the capital of the Dwarven kingdom. He sends you to speak with Hands Springsprocket who tends the tunnel connecting Coldridge to the rest of Dun Morogh. The tunnel is in the Northeast corner of the zone, and Hands is right outside. After turning in the quest to Hands, however, the tunnel collapses trapping you on the other side of your destination.

Fortunately Hands decides to hail you a Gyro-Copter for the ride over the mountains, so accept the quest “Follow that Gyro-Copter!” and turn it in with the pilot on the way back to Anvilmar. Now all you have to do is “Pack Your Bags”. Return to Anvilmar to gather a few supplies - Leftover Boar Meat, a Coldridge Beer Flagon, and a Ragged Wolf-Hide Cloak. The meat is on the table in the main area, the beer is in a corner in the back room, and the cloak is inside a crate up the steps in the back room.

While you’re at Anvilmar you’ll also want to pick up the quest, “Don’t Forget About Us” from Jona Ironstock, which sends you to report the events that transpired to her friend in Kharanos - hey, that’s where you’re headed anyhow.

Return to the Gyro-Copter pilot and turn in the quest, “Pack Your Bags”. Once you have you’ll get inside the gyro-copter and fly off, enjoying a guided tour of current events along the short trip. When you arrive at Kharanos turn in the quest “Don’t Forget About Us” with Tharek Blackstone right outside the forge area.

That’s it - You’ve very quickly completed the entire Dwarf starting area!

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