World of Warcraft "Soft Rock" and "Fungal Fury" Quest Guides: Increase Your Reputation With These Therazane Dailies

World of Warcraft "Soft Rock" and "Fungal Fury" Quest Guides: Increase Your Reputation With These Therazane Dailies
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Don’t you wish reputation building was as simple in real life as it is in World of Warcraft? Repeat the same menial task, day after day, slowly building up points to fill a visible reputation bar and earn that promotion or raise you so truly deserve?

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work this way, but WoW does. One of the best factions for level 85 players to build up their reputation with is Therazane, exclusive home of useful shoulder enchants and very useful jewelery.

The fastest way to build this faction standing is by completing the daily quests offered at Therazane’s Throne in Northern Deepholm, and our guide to two of them: “Soft Rock” and “Fungal Fury,” will show you how to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Gorsik the Tumultuous

The guy, er, rock-thing, you need to speak to is Gorsik the Tumultuous. Gorsik hangs out at Therazane’s Throne, wandering back and forth between the Queen’s side and little Ruberick to the Southeast.

Fly up and talk to him to grab the quests. Gorsik is concerned about conditions in the Crimson Expanse, on the far Eastern edge of the zone. He’s decided to send you (and anyone else who wants to complete some daily quests) out to investigate.

The Crimson Expanse

The Crimson Expanse

First thing’s first. You’re going to have to get to the Crimson Expanse before you can start investigating anything. Hop on your flying mount (or transform into a bird, if that’s more your style) and fly Southeast until you see a large tower of crimson rock surrounded by giant mushrooms and wandering behemoths.

Congratulations, this is the place. Inviting, isn’t it?

“Soft Rock”

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Both the Fungal Behemoths you need to eliminate for this quest and the fresh mushrooms you need to eliminate for “Fungal Fury” are found in this area, so the best strategy is to work on both quests simultaneously. Keep an eye out for sparkling mushrooms while you’re making your way around killing big mushroom men.

These behemoths are not the only game in town, however. As you move around, keep an eye out for aggressive Shroomtenders. Make sure the area is clear of these guys before engaging a Behemoth or you’ll have to angry enemies to fight at once.

Incidentially, if you also have the “Through Persistance” quest, you’ll want to kill the Verlok Shroomtenders to have a shot at the Miracle Grow packet you’re searching for.

Kill the behemoths quickly, or you’ll have to endure their “Shroom Stomp” attack, which infects you with Fungal Decay and spawns several volatile mushrooms nearby. Defeat the behemoth quickly before the mushrooms explode and release an unstable cloud, afflicting you with yet another DOT.

Take down eight of these bad boys and you’ll complete the “Soft Rock” quest. Now, to find the remaining mushrooms.

“Fungal Fury”

The objective of this quest is to find and destroy the sparkling freshly-sprouted mushrooms you’ll find all over the Crimson Expanse. They’re on the ground, and usually near a larger mushroom.

It’s worth noting that you are not looking for the giant “Doomshrooms” that populate the area. These attackable fungi are for another quest, and will not help you complete “Fungal

Freshly-Sprouted Mushroom

Fury.” The freshly-sprouted mushrooms are much smaller and closer to the ground.

Unfortunately, these are not ordinary mushrooms. Each one has a particularly nasty side effect when you destroy it. Depending on the shroom, you may find yourself launched into the air, shrunk to a tiny size, or receiving a simultaneous increase to your movement speed and decrease to your attack speed.

Watch out for nearby yellow NPCs when you destroy the mushrooms. If you get a detonating one, the damage will aggro the mob and you’ll have to fight.

Once you’ve destroyed ten of these unusual fungi, your quest is complete and you’re free to head back to Therazane’s Throne and Gorsik the Tumultuous

Return to Gorsik

You’ll find Gorsik where you left him, wandering between The Stonemother herself and Ruberick. When you turn in your quests, he’ll reward you with ten gold and 250+ reputation points for each.

Considering all you did was risk your life, get infected with an unknown number of disgusting fungi, and get blown up repeatedly, it seems like 20 gold and some appreciation is the least he could do.

Fortunately, you get to do it all again tomorrow, and for many days after that if you hope to reach the highest levels of reputation with Therazane.

For more Therazane daily quest guides, check out the rest of the articles in this series.


All references and screenshots from World of Warcraft.

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