World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quest "The Arts of a Hunter" Guide and Walkthrough

World of Warcraft Troll Starting Area Quest "The Arts of a Hunter" Guide and Walkthrough
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You’ve proven yourself capable by taking down some vicious local predators and emerging victorious (and alive) from the Darkspear Proving Pit, and now the time has come to enhance your basic understanding of the skills of your class.

“The Arts of a…” quest is class-specific, but the basic premise is the same: train in a new skill and then demonstrate it for your class trainer. This guide follows the Hunter version, but the basic information applies to any class, just substitute the name of your level 3 skill for “Steady Shot” in this walkthrough.

“The Arts of a Hunter”

Your class trainer has decided you’re worthy of training in a new skill. Congratulations, your combat rotation just got a lot more complicated.

Once you’ve turned in the “Proving Pit” quest, your trainer will give you the follow up, “The Arts of a (class).” For Hunters, you’ll be asked to train in the “Steady Shot” skill then demonstrate it five times on a nearby Tiki Target.

First order of business is to acquire said new skill. Doing so is easy, you’ll just need to speak to your trainer again. You’ll see two options, the first is to turn in the incomplete “The Arts of a…” quest, which you can’t do yet. The second is the “I seek training in the arts of a (class)” option. Select this and you’ll open up the training window which shows all the skills you can learn from this particular trainer.

The selection is limited, and there should be only one option currently available at your level. Your questing should have given you just enough money to afford to train, so choose the top option and click the “Train” button to continue.

You’ll be bathed in the golden light of new knowledge, and your new ability will be added to the “2” slot of your hotbar. You can move it around later, but for now it makes sense to just leave it where it is.

Show off Your Skills

Show that Tiki Target who’s boss

Now that you’re trained and ready, target one of the nearby Tiki Targets and let that new found ability fly. Make sure you’re in melee range for melee abilities and that you step back a bit for ranged abilities.

Tiki Targets are all over the place here, so you should have little trouble finding a recipient for your attacks.

Once you’ve demonstrated your competency five times, head back to your trainer for a bit of praise and some copper. You’ll also receive the follow-up quest, “More than Expected,” which will send you on an errand to meet with the leader of the Darkspear Trolls himself.

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